The UFO, Venus and Eternal A-Mor

There is nothing higher in this Satanic Martyred Earth than authentic true Divine A-Mor that is only felt and engaged in by a Man and a Lady who have transcended all uncertainty, all doubt, all restlessness and have found complete tranquility, peace, comfort and Divine Magic in One Another. They now live in a Higher World, right among You, but with Higher Frequencies and Vibrations permeating through their various ‘bodies.’ Once it has been established, once the Gods have spoken, once the Pre-Destined have struggled through the Dark Night of Uncertainty, once the Oath is solidified in this Universe, it shakes the Demiurge to his core. This Satanic Prince of Slavery is now afraid of the Rounded Unity, the UFO-Orb, the Vimana, that these two Souls have manifested through the Window of Venus. For now and forevermore, They will be Vigilant, watching One another’s Souls and through Extra-Sensory Love, through Hardships which are now laughable as they have the complete Certainty that the Morning Star will be there just as the Evening Star will be there (the White Window of Venus), nothing can render them to their former loneliness which the Dark Prince of Slavery once took advantage of.

To those who decide to tread this Path of Tears, perhaps at times not knowing what You got Yourself into, it is my sworn duty to warn You that unless You are willing to give up everything, including Your very Life, then You need to turn back. It is not a game. It is not another Facebook Group of Psychopaths trying to show how clever and smart they are by finding words within words. Those of A-Mor know Modesty, Eloquence, Silence, Beauty. Their words are written with care and are not sloppy and loud. Do You even realize who and what You represent? You think it is clever and it feeds Your pedestrian level ego to write wORds that lIFe Wept, YOUr EARNest elITe wisdom.

Templi Unam will always accept those who want to learn Esoteric Hitlerism, the Divine Path of A-Mor, the teachings of Miguel Serrano in general, those precious few who hear the Memory of the Blood. However, arrogance born of ignorance will not work. Arrogance is expected, for We are the Beautiful Proud Elite Warriors and Priestesses of the Avatara. Divine Arrogance, not childish know-it-all loud mouths. It simply will not be tolerated. Also, there is no battle between men and women. That is the antithesis of Elella and Ellael. We have had enough of this. Take Your war somewhere else. We do not need nor want You here. It is not Our Garma that You chose little boys as Your partners and now You think men need to be ruled by a Matriarchy. You are laughable and make this Temple look like a freak show. You can either learn the Divine Timeless Teachings of Miguel Serrano, stay firm with it, stop with the conspiracy nonsense, or We will simply do what must be done. National Socialism does not know Class Warfare. Nor do We see man and woman as being in competition. You are a sad victim of Your choices and of the current Jewish trend to fight all and anything except the Jew. I will give one more warning. Straighten Yourself up.

When the Two become One in constant Thought, they must now put everything at stake. Nothing matters but the Exit from this Satanic Universe of constant circling through Divine Loveless Love, through Eterno AMor. She will surrender completely to Him and He must bring Her back to Life with a “Kiss.” He must Awaken Her from Her Sleep.

Together, they will form a Light that will seep in from a wound that they have sliced, together, with the Sword that He gave to Her made from His very Heart. A Sword of Blue Starlight. The Light of Venus-Lucifer. Of Lucifer-Lucibella. This Light will gradually grow, consuming them as they Love One another with All that they Are. The very Mountains will shake from their embraces. Because it has been 700 Long Years of Longing and Nostalgia. But now, as if in a Dream, the Star of Morning and Evening will detach itself from the Sky, and it will appear before them, pulsating, wet with dew, like a moist petal from a sky of Autumn. They will ask a Question. And they will disappear forever with their Star of Origin.

Heil! Sieg Heil!

The Krist-Elektron versus the Dead-Elektron

Miguel Serrano had written and warned Us about the eventual encounter with Cybernetics and the ‘Elektron without Life,’ which We will call the Dead-Elektron from here on out. It is the Polar Opposite to Lanz Von Liebenfels Krist-Elektron or Divine-Elektron which We, Templi Unam, preserve and protect. We are a part of the ONT. More on this later. But Serrano is referring, exactly, to what We are witnessing everyday now. In fact, there is no escaping it. We are using it right now as We write this very message to You. We are very alert and mindful of every Word that We desire to permeate in Your Minds. However, for Templi Unam and/or any Esoteric Hitlerists, any follower of Miguel Serrano, or anybody on the Path of A-Mor: At first Serrano told and warned Us to stay away from cybernetics. But We eventually decided on a different approach. Just as the very Hyperboreans entered this Satanic Second Earth of the Demiurge, We shall enter this Dead-Elektron and commence to use it as a weapon against itself. It is like taking a bomb from the camp of the enemy and then using the enemies bomb on the very enemy themself!

We have to be very mindful and aware when We are engaging in this Satanic area of the Eternal Enemy, the very Pasu, the Untouchables. We are Aryans, We are Beings of the Antique Light of the Morning Star, We are the True Acolytes of Lucifer-Kristos-Wotan, Lucibel-Sophia-Freyja. The Virgin Sisters of Unam are Awake and keep the Etermal Flame burning under the Ice of Antarctica, where Our Great Guide departed this Second Earth in 1956 in a Chariot of Fire.

Our Battle was laid out clearly by Don Miguel Serrano. We are to engage in Battle everyday of Our Life. We are to redeem Nature as She screams out in horror because She has also been taken prisoner by this Satanic Prince of Slavery. Our battle is an Inner Battle because as Above, So Below and As Within, So Without. We use Our ‘Astral Body’, Our ‘Mental Body’, We engage in Psychic Warfare. The enemy that is Outside of You is also Inside and when You demolish the enemy within, then in a synchronistic green flash of Clarity and Comfort Overtakes You and the Outer Enemy is slain and also perishes. Read and re-read his books. This Battle is for the REAL, the TRUE, the authentic Warriors who KNOW that there is no death for Us. The Elite Few who will fight to the end to redeem Nature, punish the Pasu, and Ride the RU Rune of the Avatar til WE literally Manifest that Green SIEG Rune of the Magial Vth Re-Ich, Salvation. We, the Walkers of the Dawn, the Watchers of the Aurora, the Initiated Priest-Warriors of the Eternal Ice. WE, the last remnants of Hyperborean ancestry. WE, the Final Battalion. Keep an eye on the sky at night. You will be very surprised. Open Your Mind and Anahtha Chakra and watch the Disk of Light swirl around You. The Promise of Re-Turn! Together, Unified in the Absolute Personality, We can do anything We wish. It is All right there, Within.

The First Earth awaits Us. Hyperborea never was destroyed, it only disappeared when Poseidon put a Golden Cord around it to save it, a Golden Cord made from everything that does not exist, but is more real than all things that ever existed and do exist. Those who reach their Totality and defeat the Demiurge shall be able to see and reside in Hyperborea. You will walk among mere men, but ‘everything has changed, everything has changed….’.


“Let Us now go into Battle, Swords in Hand.”

~ The Masters of my Master

Meaning, let Us now sit still in silent observation of the flames, and destroy Our enemies from Within. Because what is Within is also Without. And what is Inside is also Outside.

Venus, the Pilgrim of Great Longing

Venus, only recently, speaking in terms of how old this particular Universe is, entered Our Solar System like a God blazing from another Universe (Lucifer?). It showed humanity the Secret Path to Our Origins, Our UR-Star, the First Spiritual Earth. Underneath this Copy of the current Earth there is a more pristine Spiritual Earth which dwells right here, “underneath” this one. The ancient Priest-Kings brought Heaven down to Earth with their Grand Architecture, Pyramids, impossible structures that clearly show Us that the Ancients had a completely different science which allowed them to raise these structures all over the Earth with ease after the Deluge.

555, the Hyperborean Number of Destiny

During the ancient Post-Hyperborean Exodus, the Armanen Priest-Kings paid full attention to the Stars and followed the God-Planets nightly. Lucifer-Venus shows Us, by it’s Orbit and it’s Archetypal Divinity, the Path of the Hero, the Exiled Pilgrim of Longing and Nostalgia, longing for Our Hyperborean Origins, which is felt in it’s most intense ‘Secret Message’ at the moments right before Dawn and within Dawn itself. When ‘He’, the Morning Star, paints the Sky with Non-existent colours, announces the Light of Day and secretly disappears, waiting for the Antique Light of the Ancient Ur-Sun to Re-Turn. Also, the tranquil moments right before Night, when ‘She’, the Evening Star, is painting the Sunset with Inexistent colours, colours that do not yet exist, except for those brief moments at Dawn and Dusk. Like the painting of the Mona Lisa by the Good Noble God, being plagiarized and copied over by an inferior Godlet with decadent, Satanic “paint-colours”, so to speak. Our job is to “peel the Satanic paint off” of Our perception and Inner Gnosis. When this happens, the Pristine Universe is seen, felt and lived by the Godman, the Divya, Siddha. And although things will continue on and You are still in this world, it is only so through the senses of All things Outside of You, which have now been brought back Inside of You, brought back to a Whole, a Totality, a Separation from this Second Earth of the Kali Yuga. For You have now transfigured Nature and Your Self.

The Nostalgia of the Green Ray behind the Black Sun

Venus is the Morning and Evening Star. Therefore, the Morning Star at Dawn and the Evening Star at Dusk, are One and the Same. Within this planetary positioning, which We know is not a so-called ‘Coincidence’, One can intuit the ‘Path of the Star’ as written about in Don Miguel’s ‘The Golden Cord’.

Serrano Books, Harvest Rain Albums for Sale

We have some copies of THE RESURRECTION OF THE HERO by MIGUEL SERRANO, which was translated by me and Fr. SIG.

Product description

The Resurrection of the Hero by Miguel Serrano is the newest English translation made available of his works by the 55 Club. This book, probably more than any of his others, delves deeply into the origins of ‘religion’ and it’s true meaning. Serrano takes the reader through religion’s inner, esoteric, alchemical and astrological meanings. Beginning with the most ancient Mithraism to Zarathustra, Kristianism and beyond (the Age of Aquarius, the Age of the Ultimate Avatar); you will come to see that all dying and resurrected Gods are zodiacal weapons for the Heroes to fight with. The new Futhark has been revealed, the reader will enter the world of the Archetype, the Avatar, and perhaps even find an exit, a window, a strategic departure from the Eternal Return. This edition also includes photos that have been translated into English from the original Spanish work. The Resurrection of the Hero will quickly become a ‘must have’ for the esoteric National Socialist.

“Invocation to the Black Sun” invoked by Jason Thompkins and Soundscapes performed by Jason and Medea.


We also have copies of BLOOD HYMNS by HARVEST RAIN.

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The Seal of the Black Sun

Finally, a video is presented concerning the accurate interpretation of Der Schwartz Sonne and the Green Ray. As some of You may have noticed, YouTube and Facebook have taken most of my material off their platforms for “Inciting violence towards other ethnic groups” etc, etc. I’ve never done such a thing because I do not believe nor condone in such ignorance and they know that. It does not matter, Harvest Rain has already done more than I ever expected. The Final Battalion is alive and ready.  These goals and dreams of winning minds and souls that are lost “Im Nebel” (In the Fog), are shared with a few other men out there and they know who they are. We’ve had hard times seeing eye to eye on everything because We are all Leaders. Regardless, We now have Our Myth and Legend intact and getting to Our Folk. The lies are crumbling in front of Us more so everyday and it is such a beautiful time to be Alive and bursting with the Aquarian Waters cleaning that which needs cleaning. The Earth, Gerda, She is healing Herself by all these earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, tornadoes and wildfires.