Armanen Light

Rune AR, Or, Er, Rae

Letter: A

Numerical value: 10

A tenth one I find, when witches fly high in the air

I cause it that they are confused and stop all violence and destructive intent.


AR is the Sun Rune: Ar-aar eagle, Aryan, noblemen, Arr master, H-ar = the High one, Har-istos the Highest one. Or, Ar in all languages is still Sun and gold, the golden heir of the gold-hair Sun, the Aryan. Even in Hebrew it is still jehi-or! = there is light, AR! Ar is the Ar-Ur-fire of the Sun, and since all God worship since ancient times was worship of the light, of the Sun, in the name of the Arr, the Har, Harr, the Herr (the lord), this way also the herd (kitchen stove), in dialect “hard”, was everywhere in all languages the Ara, this way above all else in the old Nordic language. The stove was the altar, the light creator and therefore also became the sanctuary of the giver of creation of light, of the gibor-altar (gilbraltar). The Ar-man, the Arman is the Sun priest man. In the shadow image of this Rune we could see the side of the Ar-ganger, Ar-walker striding to the right side, towards the right (law), the right law of the Sun, who follows the solar circle (arc — arch, circle-Latin arcus). He wanders, strides symbolically the fate, the sent sal, which is the wellbeing that was sent to man, who, coming from the father house returns again to God, the house of the father. Thus, every man who returns again to his origin, coming from the Ar, from the sun, going to the Aar, to the earth, is an Ar-man, a sun and earth man, a bearer of light, as is the Sun itself, which in eternal cycles goes from rise over radiation to the setting. Circling the globe, I am following the rising sun thus my path to light is eternal as is the Sun!

From the Sun and the Ar-man who follows its orbit, the Armanen, the Hermanen, the Irmine, man receives the law of the times and with this the first and only law there is. The world is a place of eternal change and wandering of a will that works according to a plan and timing. The Ar Rune is the Aar, the eagle, that flies in circles, and which is the Sun above the stones of cromlech that are arranged in circles, and the priest who wanders in the circle following the Ar yearly orbit of the sun is the armane, the mirror image of the circling universe. The Aar eagle is the Sun, therefore also the arc, the circle, the yearly orbit, the ring of the year that the Sun defines in space and time. The Aar therefore is still in our days in our language the word for the year. The cosmic man who has the name of Adam Kadmon, had also received the name of Jahrman from our ancestors, which is the Johr-man, the Ir-man, the Arman, the Har-man. But from the Har-man, the High man evolves naturally the harmane, the harmony of the world. Here belongs also the Hiram, the builder of the world of the Masonic tradition, who builds the temples of the world, which is the Hermann, the Hirmen, the Irmin column. If the double Hagall Rune, split male and female, represents the universe, if it is the sign of Christ, the Christall, the scaf-fold, the scryst-al, then from this results that Christ necessarily is the Asus, the Armann, the Sun man, the son man, when seen from a spiritual point of view.

“Behold I am with you always to the end of the world.” What else should that mean than that the son is the Sun itself, even more, he is the universe, the flesh and blood of which we are ourselves, the flesh and blood of which we eat and drink ourselves. Now does that have a symbolic meaning or should we take the word literally and thus change meaning into nonsense?

The only correct description and term for the Aryan is Aryan. The base word is found in the Vedic writings as well as in the Edda. Applied in a figurative sense to the aristocratic person, the word gained the meaning of master. Arjamanen therefore means not “society tied together by the Hearth”, but Sun-man. Ara the hearth therefore is a location of fire and therefore a source of light, and is fashioned after the word for the Sun, Ar. The Arjaman in the Zend correlates on the realm of the Germanic people with the ermen, irmin, jormen. The Hermions too are derived from this name, as is the name Hermann and Armann. The Hermundurians are nothing other than the erman, hermen, Irmin-durians. In which case, they can be connected with the hard ones, dur, the strong ones, the Thor.

All Greek names with “ari” such as Aristophanes, Aristoteles, refer to the master, the Hari, the High one, the Ari in contrast to the originally non-Aryan habitants of Greece. This, so to say, was the description of the Aristocracy of the Aryan, aristocracy (adel) really means eagle, Aar Sun, Aryan = Sun man. The German is also connected with Aar. The syllable Ga is the term for birth, dynasty, and the descent. Ga-irman, Garman, German therefore can also be derived from the root “Aar”. That it is in this form is also contained in the word for Germannating-germinare also can be stated without any doubt. As usual, all the meanings and concepts are very close to one another, even when in the space that the “things” push hard against each other. The Germans are the karma, the garma-men, the bearers of the fate of mankind. The karma is the basic sprout of fate, which we created for ourselves. One forgets that the Aryan name has been preserved very well in Germany, as said in the word Herr (master), Harr in dialect, and Aar for eagle and in its pursense for the sun. Therefore, we are the masters, the AR, the high ones.

In the traditional God of war, Er is contained. He also takes the place of Tyr, of the God of Heaven, to which Tue-, Ziu-, Diensday was sacred, and still in many other dialects is called zischtig, the day of Ziu, of Zeus, but also of the trek (Zugtag), on which day the treck to court was taken. According to old customs the court of law is still held on this day in many rural communities. To the Ziustag (day of Ziu, Tuesday) correlates the “Erdi” in the bavarin realm. Also in the very old addressing of another person “Er” we should notice just the pronoun, but we should see expressed, the thought, the idea, of the other, of the other Ar, of the other Aryan.

The Ar Rune is, astrologically speaking, the Sun, which represents the Ur-fire, the spiritual as well as the physical light, which dispels all darkness, all doubts and all uncertainty. Under the symbol of the Ar the Aryans, suns of the light, erected their Rita, the Aryan Ur law, and their symbol, the Aar, the eagle, is the heraldic animal of Germany, which is the chosen home land of the Aryans still today. If Aar is the Sun and light, the the turning away from the Sun means darkness and shadow. The Rune calls upon us:

Take heed of the Ur law, take heed of the Ur fire and do not allow to be pulled away and to turn away from the doctrine of the light and from the knowledge of the light of your physical ancestors, otherwise you will irreversibly go into the darkness of all physical and spiritual meaness.

In the face of the magic power of the Sun Rune and its light rays all dogmatic spook dissolves like the fog infront of the Sun. The words, sentences and images of the traditional Christian and non-Christian dogmas contain, when correctly read and interpreted the same Aryan Ur wisdom as we profess it here, in a symbolic language, which was kept from mankind for a long time because of meaness and ignorance. The Christian myth is one of the many possible arrangements of the Ur shape of the eternal Aryan, because sun rooted and sun Connected Ur myth, which is and will be a common good of the ones who know, of the wise ones and initiates of all folk and times, where Aryan blood and spiritual treasures are and will be alive. If we succeed to shape a new creation and inlivening, of this Ur myth out of German spirit and German word, meaning out of Aryan spirit and Aryan word, then we gain with this the possibility and the power to take again defining influence upon the fate of all mankind, provided that we don’t follow egotistical goals. The spiritual conquests are naturally followed by political ones, which then gain cosmic value and historical permanence…

The Rune Ar has still another basic meaning, which expresses in its essence a sound combination A and R = AR, which expresses movement, water, that which runs away, that which flows in general. Ache (creek) Aa, Ar, Aar are names for springs and rivers that are found everywhere. The B-ach is a R-ar-ach, B A, the birth of an Ar of a stretch of water. Bar, Bir, Ber are also names of rivers and springs in semetic languages, where also the girl, the woman carries the name of a spring, Bir.

Ar in all languages means master: master of the earth, the Aar = master of the Ar the earth is the Ar-yan, the Ar master out of the Ar the Sun. He sacrifices on the “Ara”, the hearth, the Al-tar, All-tar, the All procreator, because the hearth-Ara, the Al-tar, is concecrated to the All-Tar, to the All-Tyr, to the All-Zeus.

Ar is a piece of land, measure after the hammer throw of Thor.

Because from the Ar, the Sun, everything evolves and comes, the Ar Rune has become the Ur image for the letter A, and so we find it at the beginning of almost every late letter row but originated in the rune row…

Ar-beit (work) means Ar-beute (Ar-prey), prey of the Sun, in the meaning of honey being a prey, that which is being preyed from the sun that which it is being offered by the sun, and is asked from it. In the mill song of king Frode in the Edda the father of the maids that were force to labor prey and Ar, therefore Ar-preY work. Therefore only the Sun connected Aryans know what “Ar/beien” (to pray to the Ar) means, as the word Arbeiten (to work) is still pronounced in some dialects. He knows that to work is to pray to the Sun, and that it is the prey taken from the Sun, and not as understood by work in our days, which has nothing to do with Ar-prey, with Ar-prayer, this is the solar right of the Aar. Arbeten truly means, to ask the Aar, the Sun, the master for the Ar, Ahre, grain, as N-ah-ung, food. Ask and it will be received to you said Jesus!

This is the whole truth, which is always ahr-heit, which means a sun-kl-ar-heit (clarity of the Sun), but man has erred on their own Ar earth to the extent that they cannot find their way back home to the Ar, to the soil, which nourishes all in a g-ar-den, a midgarden (Midgard), Eden. The ascent of mankind is dependent on the ascent of the Aar, of the Aryan, of the Harian, of the high man.

In the coat of arms, the rune Ar appears no longer in its pure form. In all cases, the outline of the Rune is determined by the edges of the colors on the coat of arms, not by means of lines on a uniform background as we may assume. If Runes are represented this way, without them touching the edge of the coat of arms, then we have to do with younger coat of arms or with combined Runes, the so-called house brands, which were in use later as heraldic symbols.

In the place of the Ar Rune is the Sun or the eagle, the Aar, and in this shape the Aar Rune, the Sun Rune, was a Kings flag since time immemorial over the people of the Germans. The Roman field symbols in the shape of eagles have their origin in Runes, although the Romans were no longer conscious of this, and thus far they have removed themselves from the ARARITA, the Sun ritual, the Law of the Sun.






Harvest Rain – Blood Hymns, 2017 New Edition


The classic Ariosophic Audiodrug album by Harvest Rain has been released in a beautiful new edition. “Blood Hymns” quickly became an underground classic in the movement. It is a ritual album recorded during the 12 nights of Yule starting December 21, 2001. This album coincided with the ritual publication of the first Julius Evola book by Thompkins&Cariou, which set the standard for other publishing outfits to soon mimic and copy by publishing their books in ritual format. Both Blood Hymns and the Julius Evola book were released side by side. Not many folks know this. Blood Hymns is the journey to Hyperborea. To the furthest most midnight. To icy Thule where the Green Ray of Polar Midnight shines in our blood. Unlifting the veil of Maya and sailing on the Ghost Ship under the Antarctic ice towards the Morning Star.


Contact me at to receive a copy of this limited edition.

The Golden Cord, Esoteric Hitlerism by Miguel Serrano



Quotes from the book

This Opus is for the “Ancestral House”, an Opus which is not meant to
be read, but drank, like the Blue Blood contained in the Stone Chalice of the
Gral, the Blood of the Blue Beings of Hyperborea, of the Siddhas of the
Golden Cord. This Chalice made of the Philosopher’s Stone is for the Heroes
to drink, the Heroes who will be transmuted into Supermen, and saved in the
Golden Bird, a few moments before the sinking of the new Atlantis, that will
put an end to Kali Yuga. They will be able to travel to the Other, Inner Earth,
where the King of the Gral and the Amada, who hands them the Gral and
helps them to understand it, awaits.
“This Opus is not a book. It is the Song of the Minnesänger, of the

Before entering into the arguments and theories of those who believe
in the ‘Hollow Earth’, it is important to know that in this I see only the
repetition, the ‘reincarnation’, of an ancient idea, which we see in humanity’s
most important myths and legends, as we will come to understand and
confirm in the course of this work. The ‘scientific arguments’ reproduced
here are of no great importance, even though it may be of interest to make
them known as a matter of curiosity. I see the truth of this all in the
reincarnation of an Archetype, in the Platonic more than in the Jungian sense,
where something of a much stranger and ‘autonomous’ origin came to be
‘psychologised’. As if pushed and directed by an irresistible force, myths
always adopt the ‘Hyperborean’ direction; they move towards the Poles and
towards the resurrection, of Apollonian ‘rejuvenation’, there, of the solar
hero. Hitler’s resurrection takes this Polar and subterranean direction. The
Antarctic oases come to incarnate the Mandala Archetype and also the
Archetype of the ideal Centre of Totality, of divinity, of ‘warmth amidst the
ice’ – the Centre that is nowhere. The U.F.O.s are symbols and signs of this
same truth.

The openings at the Poles are not only openings into the interior of the
Earth, but they are also a window to other invisible and parallel worlds, the
fourth and the fifth dimension. Through these dimensions one can enter and
exit analog worlds. From these dimensions come beings from other planets,
the Hyperboreans, and from distant stars. Through these portals disappear the
Masters. Through these portals U.F.O.s and Flying Saucers travel to distant
galaxies. This window to other dimensions can also be found in Kenya,
Africa and in the ʻBermuda Triangleʼ. Is perhaps the Northern Column the
location where this is eliminated, the place where the sky and the ground
meet, about which speaks the legend, the enormous Tree, the Mother Ceiba
of the America Antigua? High up on the Pole there is a ‘vacuum’ where the
electrical fields and magnetism of the ground does not exist. This is the
Astral Tube of the occultists, where the psychics, the Magicians, the Siddhas
and some yogis go with their astral bodies towards another dimension,
escaping towards the world of antimatter. Through these portals my Master
communicated with Hitler. Through these portals the U.F.O.s do not
disintegrate. Through these portals miracles happen and it is where the
greatest discoveries have been made. Through these portals one can travel
astronomical distances.

Beneath the waters, or perhaps up where the surface of the planet
resides, El Cordon Dorado moves, the Catena Aurea, which connects to all
the beings of the same racial Spirit, the same Star, through all continents of
the external and internal land and it creates comrades within a war which
began with Creation. Here, there can be no defections and surrenders. Do not
switch sides in this conflict. There is only a short break in death, because the
warriors are eternal, immortal. This book refers to El Cordon Dorado, the
Golden Cord. (If immense things like this happen, it is because he loves his
Star and the depths of her green light.)

The oldest sacred texts are always nostalgic. It is also said in the Popol
Vuh: The Hyperboreans, the White Gods, will one day leave the inner earth,
or return from the stars in a Winged Serpent, in a Golden Eagle, in the Age of
the Condor, in a White Horse, they will come to judge us when the time of
the Kali Yuga is fulfilled, in the return of the Golden Age, when the Axis of
the earth returns to its right position, after the catastrophe that will close the
Manvantara. The Poles will be One again, reunited in an exact axis, as in the
Satya Yuga, first Age of the World, when man lived more than a thousand

The initiation of the Golden Cord reveals that the Hyperboreans came
from the sky. They were gods or demigods. Apollo-Lucifer was a
Hyperborean. Every nineteen years, he left Greece to reside in Hyperborea,
returning rejuvenated. Then, in the Age of Pisces, we are informed that
Lucifer-Apollo has been chained in the ice of the North Pole. The sun has
left the world, the extraterrestrial wisdom has submerged.

It is Lucifer-Apollo who initiates us into the secret of the Golden
Apples in the Garden of Atlantis, in his knowledge, in his Gnosis. Lucifer is
the Bearer of the Light of Knowledge. He has also been called Shiva,
Abraxas and Quetzalcóatl. And he is a Winged Serpent, the Serpent of
Paradise. In the Piscean Age, the world falls into the pit of profane
knowledge, without contact with the transcendent world, descending into the
sink of rationalistic ‘illuminism’, a technology without soul, in the deepest
portion of Kali Yuga that still awaits, in our time of the Iron, of the atom to
which we shall be reduced – and all of this because Lucifer-Apollo has been
tortured and slandered.

There’s a book of stone that is open to the initiated in the megalithic
monuments. It is there which is written ancient alchemy, Atlantis, and with it
the esoteric history of man. The Menhir represents the first polar mountain,
the polar axis – also, the spine of man. Then the Stupas of Buddha, every
temple also notes the Mountain of Revelation, in the farthest Midnight. All
are built promontory and primitively, all are ‘central stones’ or omphalos.
They have been discovered on omphalos swastikas carved, the sign of the
Central Pole. Clearly, the polar axis of the earth. All are the Temple
Mountain and also, they symbolize the body of man. By the same token, the
Tree of Life, Axis, Menhir, the Lingam, the Backbone.

The number four is the number of the Druid, it is Celtic. The Druids give
the Celts their social organization, which is divided into four castes or trades:
farmer, merchant, builder and warrior. They instruct them and direct. The
Druids symbol is a four-leaf clover, considered up to the present day as a
sign of good luck and happiness. It is a non-existent flower already. The
four-leaf clover is a swastika that turns, forming a double eight, sign of
eternity, the twice-born, of immortality conquered in hard combat. It is also a
Carbuncle fallen from heaven. It is the Gral. It symbolizes, in addition, the
division into four levels of the society and the harmonious organization of
the world of those times. The Druid was sitting in the center of the flower.

The Hyperborean initiation, that of the transcendental mutation, is the
synchronistic one of the Walkers of Alchemy, of the Pilgrims who search in
two worlds, in the outer and inner one, simultaneously, in a way that all
limits are lost, in a sort of total symbolism and magical realism, of
transfiguration of the inner and outer landscape. It is in this sense and
direction that all of my work and all of my life, here on this Earth, must be
analyzed and understood, from beginning to end, forming a unit, from Ni por
mar, ni por tierra to ELELLA: Book of Magic Love. The last part of ELELLA
falls within the alchemical initiation of the Path of the Star, and was finished
precisely in Santiago de Compostela and Pontevedra (‘Horse’s Bridge’, from
the Celtic, Orphic Cabbala).

Solar Initiates also adore the mountains, the highest peaks, because from
there it is believed one can see the hidden North, where the Paradise of
Amitabha and Mujavat was. Paradesha, the upper region, the Morning Star.
Light, for the Hyperboreans does not come from the East, but comes
from the deepest Midnight, sacred North, The Hyperborean song says: “You
want to dwell alone on the Mount of Revelation in the farthest Midnight …”
I have also traveled through the Andes, the Himalayas, the Pyrenees, the
Alps, in search of Paradise, Amitava, the City of the Caesars, the Antarctic
Oasis of Agarthi, of the Order of the secret Supreme Hiperbóreon Guides.
For the solar initiates of the Order of the Morning Star, for the Walkers of
the Dawn, the Alba Walkers, Soul Walkers, for the Watchers of the Aurora,
for the followers of Apollo-Lucifer, his blood is true, astral and blue,
Hyperborean, carrying an ice-sun, a boreal sun, that of the deepest Midnight.
The blood runs through the veins of the Ancestral Order that sometimes
coincides with the Earth family. It happened in the past when families were
initiated, such as the Eumolpidae, in Greece, of the Brahmins in India, and
the Druids in ancient Gaul. The ‘Ancestral House’ is then the Order, the
Initiatic Gleisa.

The future SS were preferably selected from amongst the members of
the Hitler Youth. These boys had a dagger with the Leftward Swastika and an
inscription upon its steel blade: Blut und Ehre (Blood and Honor). When the
SS aspirant, after ordeals and services, effectively proceeded forward to form
part of the Black Order, he would receive – and not always – another dagger
consecrated with the Runic sign of the SS, a Leftward Swastika, and the
following inscription in the steel: Meine Ehre heißt Treue (My Honor is
called Loyalty). Thus, commenced his ascent by degrees.

In the Kali Yuga, the heavy Iron Age, the Hitlerian initiates, those of El
Cordon Dorado, are only half materialised, because they feel the infinite
nostalgia of the Urmensch, the Total-Man. Therefore, they elect LuciferApollo-Abraxas, the God of the Losers in the Kali Yuga, he of the Return to
the Golden Age.

Symbols that fall down upon other symbols, incarnated archetypes,
autonomously superimposed to stories, or to History, by the Collective
Unconscious, or, better said, by the El Cordon Dorado. By the Aryan
Collective Unconscious, as Jung would say. Here there is a whole different
Christianity: solar, esoteric, initiatory. The Cathar Christianity, perhaps
Cathar Tantrism. Jesus has not complied with the Jewish law, he has not married, he only has yoginis, disciples who follow him, because he has come to destroy
the works of the woman, as was said (“riding the tiger” Julius Evola would
add), to disintegrate the externalized Eve and recover Lilith, the Interior
Beloved, as is clear from his answer to the question about when the reign of
Death will end: When the two are again one.

‘The (Gnostic) Gospel of Thomas’, in its esoteric sense, should be taken
as the Gospel of the Double, of the Astral Body, of the Taoma. In the
esotericism of Israel, the Messiah is not a material being, but an inner body, a
being who will come within, a Taoma, precisely. Gustav Meyrink utilizes this
ancient Hebrew idea and applies it to the Golem, in his novel of the same

At the end of the Age of Aries, the sacrificed one is Rama, Belenus,
Apollo, Lucifer. Ancient mystery will permit the Archetype to resurrect in
Pisces, as Jung would say, on the Third Day and in Spring, with a new guise,
that of the Fish that dies when the waters recede (that is, when the cataclysm
that comes to submerge Atlantis comes forth). It is what Jung feared for the
beginnings of the Age of Aquarius.

The etymology of Thule, the capital of Hyperborea, would be Celtic,
deriving from Thu-al, North, the endpoint of expedition of which all traces
have been lost. But those Thules would be no more than a misleading
reflection of the polar Hyper-Thule (Ultima Thule), dreamed of by the
ancients, missing and forever inaccessible. The initiation of El Cordon
Dorado teaches us that the Hyperborean Thule was the sacred Center of
Revelation, in the Deep Midnight, the first initiatic sanctuary, the Image of
the Pole of the Light, abode of the Divine Siddhas.

When the very distant descendants of the divine Hyperboreans had to
abandon the conquered lands of Egypt, not all could go. Some remained as
prisoners, certain Habiru tribes, Hebrews. Furthermore, they did not manage
to carry all of their treasure with them, their Gral, with which the wanderers
came pilgrimaging from their mythic North. The escape of the Hebrews from
Egypt takes place with the remaining part of the Gral of the Aryans, stolen
for them by Moses, the Egyptian.

The man to come would be an allusion to reincarnation in its Polar,
Hyperborean conception, of Eternal Return: his own reincarnation or return,
within the Hyperborean Circle, like a note that returns to reach its purest
sound and presence in a resurrected body of ‘red flesh’ (Rubedo) made of
immortal Vajra.

The Druid and Templar conception corresponds to the Solar,
Hyperborean Initiation which attempts to restore hierarchical and divinised
order on earth, where the power is a service, which always keeps in contact
with the extraterrestrial hierarchies, with the Divine Guides, in the furthest
symbolic North, in the deep Midnight. An attempt to regain this power was
also made seven hundred years ago to help the earth out of its state of
involution, to mutate and be transfigured.

Caba, or Kaba, means ʻstone fallen from heavenʼ – a black stone, like
that of Mecca; a meteorite. The Gral, according to Von Eschenbach, is a
stone fallen from from heaven, detached from the Crown of Lucifer in his
extraterrestrial combat. The Cabala teaches us the wisdom of the beyond.
Cabala furthermore has to do with the horse (caballo), a solar animal like the
lion. The horse carries Parsifal to find the Gral. Pegasus flies like the Plumed
Serpent; he transports the dreamers and poets. The Cabala is the horse
(caballo) of the Magician. We recall that the Mongols said that the Stone that
stopped the waters of the Flood, the Yedeh-tash, was found in the head of a
horse. According to Charpentier and other authors, caballo and cabala do not
come from the Arabic, Hebrew, nor Latin. They come from the Celtic.
Cabala and caballo signify, in some way, stone. Man penetrates the secret of
stone and works it in the Age of Aries. The Celts receive this knowledge
from the Druids. Carbel, Carbal, Carmel, Cabala, Cabal, Carmen, signify
the Stone of God, the science, the wisdom of nature, that of the Basque
Maxa Jaun, of the jaunes or juanes, that of the authentic Gospel of Saint
John. It is also the Divine Mare and the White Horse that Santiago mounts in
the Battle of Clavijo, and Vishnu rides at the end of time, when he will come
to judge, making the leap to the New Earth. For the basques, the
constellation of Leo is that of the Horse.

The plan is included and is consequent with the fifth Protocol of the
Elders of Zion: ‘If there were a genius in the enemy camp, he could fight us,
but a newcomer cannot compete with old fighters like us and the battle will
take on an aspect that the world has never seen before.’ They would obtain
the maximum benefit from that defeat. We have to agree with Julius Evola
that ‘if the Protocols of the Elders of Zion were not authentic, they are true.’

The God of the Losers has always had the extraordinary possibility of
becoming the God of the Victors. In this Eon, he has not yet succeeded in
this; however, one day he will, because he is the strongest, the purest and the
most beautiful.

We have already said that, just like man, the Earth possesses a subtle
Astral Form that must be made conscious, eternalising itself before the
destruction of its physical sphere. Only in relation with man,
‘synchronistically’ will this be achieved. Professor Jung knew the profound
relation between man and the Earth when he wrote to me, years ago, about
the great earthquakes in Chile: ‘The land sets itself in tune with man in his
destructive passion.’

By penetrating the secret code of the atomic seed and by manipulating
molecular biology in the way different from how it could be done with the
external science of the Kali-Yuga and based on Orphic Phonetic Cabala
(Stula Cabda), that of the Siddhas Hyperborean Kampala, artificial men have
been created. Their bodies are eternal because they have been created with
immortal Vajra, incorruptible matter. They can not be defeated because they
regenerate automatically and simultaneously in each one of their parts. Only
a few can destroy entire armies. All of this is now taking place in the delicate
region near the South Pole.

Black Sun Eclipse Invocation

During the total eclipse of the sun that takes place on August 21 era 128 of the Hitlerian Age we will be invoking a massive worldwide ritual which will consist of all esoteric Hitlerists and Hitlerists worldwide to perform the Invocation to the Black Sun.

Those interested in joining in this effort or need a copy of the Invocation need to contact me at jason13thompkins&

Father, Son and Heilige Geist

The Archetypes are that which can not be changed. Man and nature act accordingly to the Archetypes even if they try to disband them. One can not help but to obey whichever God (Archetype) they are predestined to represent. That is why we proclaim that Divinity is plural. For there are many Gods. One will never be able to go against their peculiar ancestral genetic God that they are genetically and ancestrally born into because even to do so is a representation of the Archetype or “God.” Wotan or Odin is the archetypal God of poetry and wisdom. The ‘Old Man.’ The wise man who ‘can do everything and anything’ and ‘who knows all things.’ Kristos-Baldur is the Son. The Archetypal crucified God-King who crucifies his lower ego to retrieve the runes and Resurrection. To recover his ‘Astral Body’, his ‘Second-Born Body of Spirit.’ Lucifer is the Spirit, the ‘Geist’, the ‘wind’ and the word, Logos. The OS rune. LAF-OS. Initiatic wisdom of knowing the ‘Word’, the ‘breath of the Gods’. The green astral realm of fierce still wind. Father, Son and Holy Ghost. The Triune God, the Three as One. 
Aquarius is the era of the Holy Ghost which is the ‘Geist’ or spirit inside each One of Us who proclaim this worldview. It is the One out of the many. The Eucharist of Esoteric Polar Kristianity. It is the Re-Turn of Unam which is the opposite end of the Manu. It is NOS. The era of the God-man who has retraced his steps and put an end to his own involution by way of magical realism and poetry. Because a flower that has to be created will be created and will become more real than all the blossoms of the earth. This is the Path of Esoteric Hitlerism. The Path of the Armanen Sun-King. The Fire-Adorator. The Mountain Man.