The Aquarian/Hitlerian Age

The Age of Aquarius runs parralell, paranormal and pulsates purely beside the Hitlerian Age. Also, and for a brief moment to ‘Exit’ this Satanic world, the Heroic Age began. This very brief Age manifested when the Fuhrer-Avatara, by using the mundane worldly guise of a ‘Political Party’, raised Occult forces from other stars that exist in other Universes, swirled an Absolute Essential Movement which is retrograde and against the current movement of the Earth, of the clock, of space and time, of the heavy dense Iron Age, Dark Age, the Kali Yuga. National Socialism is defined as the following by the God of Aquarius, Adolf Hitler:

“Whoever sees in National Socialism as being just another Political Party has understood nothing. National Socialism is the Will to recreate the Godman.”

This quote alone speaks a dialogue that can not be ignored or passed on as if it were never said. The Will to Recreate the Godman and Godwoman. That is to say, to end the Satanic Kali Yuga or Dark Age and bring in the fresh Golden Dewy Dawn of the Total Man and the Total Woman. To redeem nature and see it blossom into its pristine purity. Purity, Absolute. Essential, undiluted Sacredness and Holy Life from which glistens the Emerald Soft Light of the most Ancient Antique Black Sun. A Golden Age which would be the beginning of a whole Manvatara according to We, the Esoteric Hitlerists.

Yet it still must be. Cycles have to play themselves out. The Dark Age of Kali is like Winter, which can not be stopped, because of the Prison of the Eternal Return. All things move in cycles, in circles, in spirals. There is nothing, not one thing, in this Enslaved Universe that does not spin around in entropy and gravity. Only the Godman, the Godwoman, have awoken to the veil of Maya and Samsara. But even so, they are here for only a brief time in the flesh, in the body they themselves chose to ‘Enter’ this world to fight the enemy, the Satanic Demiurge and his Robotic servants. Together they live in the First Earth whilst walking around in the Second Earth. They are the Hyperborean Guardians of the Dawn and Watchers of the Aurora Borealis.

The Vindication of the Holy God of the Losers of the Kaliyuga, of Lucifer-Kristos-Wotan, of the Avatar has happened. WE alone have clearly written it in the Akasha Records, stamped it in Blood and Soil, within the very SOUL of Souls. The Eternal Flame is kept burning on the High Altar, the All-Tyr, which is a Sacred Sacrifice for the Salvation of Our Brothers and Sisters and those most Beautiful Few who are left and scattered around this martyred Earth. But hold tight:

He is Near. At the Door.



Beyond the Gods

The Archetypes are Influential Instincts going to work and doing their job in this world while covering themselves in matter. This happens in nature just as much as man who, for the most part, is a part of nature. However, some of Us are fortunate to be bestowed with a Power that transcends nature and goes by many various names according to it’s cultural influence and history. This Power, or Glory, is the evolutionary Ascent of man into Superman or the Overman. The Ubermensch, Sonnenmensch. The next step in the Ascent Beyond the Stars. In the East it is called Kundalini. In the West, We mostly refer to it as Vril in the Occult Tradition of Esoteric National Socialism. In Esoteric Hitlerism We call it the Gral. Because it is the “Electrical Stone” according to the great Minnesanger Wolfram von Eshenbach. The ‘Lapis Elektrikos’. The missing Emerald of the Crown of Lucifer which fell to Earth from His extraterrestrial battle. The ‘Divine Elektron’ or ‘Krist-Elektron’ according to the Great Grandmaster Lanz von Liebenfelds of Our most sacred ONT.

The Archetypes are therefore the very Gods which never disappear, but only die to be reborn in new disguises. Man can not but follow the stars and their influence and their silent secret messages. Therefore clothing the all powerful Archetype in the celestial influence that it was born in. The Seer, Rishi, Druid, Magi or ‘One Who Can See’ will bring in the new God by opening the ‘Window’ to it’s Zodiacal (Zoo-Diac, Circle of Animals) birthplace. Most of Our lives We follow certain Archetypes. That is to say, We worship various Gods or God according to Our geographic location, cultural influence and racial origins. Since We consider Ourselves an ever peculiar pluralistic paganism, We know many Gods because We know there are many Archetypes.

Aryan man has many names, sounds that come from the mouth, of the very same God. That is to say, Archetype. We, the Esoteric Hitlerists, know that We stand in Unity with Our Higher SELF. Wotan, or Odin, is Kristos, Lucifer, Quetzalcoatl, Mithras and a host of other Hyperborean Archetypes. We are beyond the petty quarreling whether or not One is a this or a that. In fact, the ultimate goal of the Vira, the Hero and the Valkyrie, is to GO BEYOND THE ARCHETYPES. To go beyond God. To walk hand in hand with Your Beloved, as a Godman and Godwoman. Now dwelling in their own Self-Created Universe. NOS!

It takes patience and time to reach this Ultimate Degree of Magical Reality. The enduring certainty of AMor, Eternal Love Without Death. To BE the Ultimate Rune. The 8 pointed Star-Rune of the Morning and Evening Star. VENERIS. The Sign and Symbol of the Pilgrims of the Deepest Longing, of the Most Beautiful Nostalgia. The beautiful few who walk through the Dawn and Dusk like a Hyperborean Wind from the Purest Ice of the Arctic white glistening sheets of virginal snow. The final few that can see the White Disks of Light dancing in the skies, winking and blinking their silent telepathic message to Us.

Magical Lights and Magical Weapons

When I was younger and my Soul, my ‘Wind’, my Spirit, Geist, Ghost, was closer to the Source, the “First Breath”, I knew beyond any shadow of any doubt that what humans call Fireflies were Magical Flying Fairies from that place We now call the First Earth. I soon lost my connection to that magical place for listening to the ever so rational, ever so logical adults. Now, as I have completely turned this world into whatever I need it to be, as I have found the Inner Child, as I let my Self BE and soar through the First Earth, I see those Magical Lights again. A Language of Light that flickers green light in the soothing night.

Through vigorous meditation and constant protection against “people” and their dead Ideals, I unlearned all the lies and Black Magic that has been aimed at ALL OF US since Our First Breath. The Churches, the School Systems, the Democratic Falsehood and all the other propaganda tools used to create the Robot-Men, it all had to be erased from my Body, my Blood and my Heart and Soul. With authentic A-MOR, One has a chance to sail on bliss as they are not alone anymore, not All-One, as they go through this Initiation of the Leftwards Swastika.

For Our kind Is awakening all over the place and they are strong. They are Young and they know what you evil materialists have done. They are Ready to bring Love, Magic and Sacredness back into this Earth. To make things meaningful again. To carry this Flame that the Far and Few have dedicated their only Life to.

The Untouched Center, A Blue Hue

All things on this side of the light has a Center with objects that circle it, whether it be a planet with moons, a sun with planets and other things like comets, or all of the Suns circling the Black Hole in the precise Center of Our Galaxy, a Central Downtown that is circled by various highways and bridges, all leading into it, and even certain people are circled by others without the process even being recognized. Leaders, Presidents, Our Fuhrer.

The Soul of Man and Woman have a Deep Center where the Purist Trust, a Selfless Love and Devotion, the Essential Adoration of Hyperborean Holiness, the various Emotions and Energetic Vibrations of Our Starlight Subtle Bodies circle around.

Constantly looking for that Midnight Mountain which is connected to the Subterranean River of the chilled damp Cave. So the question is: What do HE and SHE circle around? They spin around A-Mor, Love without Death, Eternal Love. Some do it for the Ideal whilst others have been given that most rare chance to stop the Eternal Re-Turn (and Turn and Turn and Turn without ever changing anything). One must Remember. Do not ever Forget. Even when We do not feel good, or feel Magical, the Magic that took place must never be forgotten. The Minne of the Blood Memory must be drank.

Microcosm-Macrocosm, Eucharist, as Grades of the Intensity of the Center of the Essential Absolute.

This is probably the best one out there for those studying and practicing Kundalini Yoga, Tantra or Jungian Individuation (Elella and Ellael as NOS), the Chakras and the Phonetic Orphic Cabala (All Senses in Harmony ~ Colour, Sound, Scent, Taste, Emotion, Spiritus or Geist), which can be incorporated into any Yoga by a Magician. What One must keep in mind is that We are attempting to “Activate” a portion of the Central Nervous System that man, as a collective, has lost. Through many thousand of years of hardening Our Souls.

We must aim to turn Our Bodies into less dense objects, ultimately Light, Plasma. As You come to understand the Circles within Circles, the Micros within the Macros and how they are nothing but ever DEEPER Experiences (Initiations) of the “Same Thing”, the “Same Colour”, so to speak, but each time You PERCEIVE it, it becomes more and more INTENSE til that MOMENT breaks wide open, the Lightbulb ‘clicks’ On in Your Mind, the Light is Beared, and the most vibrant, lucid Synchronicity throws You a wind that has the scent of the most Safest Place You’ve ever felt, the most happiest place You’ve ever known, and the Certainty that You are Loved and are a part of something more beautiful than You could ever know.

It’s been added to the Templi Unam Archives.

The Obsessive Melody


I, or We, know with a Certainty, that some are merely ‘born’ into this world and then there are a few whom ‘Enter’ this Earth carrying a certain Melody. That nostalgic Melody is heard, felt and intuited ‘through’ the evening wind of October, the falling leaves sailing through the crisp chilled air. We feel, at an early age, that there has to be Some-One out there, somewhere, who feels the same Melody. It becomes an obsessive Melody until that Other One glances at You, sails by the window like a beautiful apparition from a completely other world. And the Two who hear the same Melody come together to Solidify that Eternal Melody, to turn it into a new Light, from a new Universe. A Universe they have now created together, beyond this place, beyond two hearts separated, but One.


Terrestrial love is precisely that, love ignited from this Earth. So, where does this unique otherworldly Love come from? It comes from a place inside those with Hyperborean ancestry, meaning it comes from what We call the Green Ray. It comes from the Memory within Our Sacred Blood. From Inexistence, which is more real than all that exists. It is so beautiful that only heretics of this Satanic Earth, although calling itself a Christian Earth, can partake in it. Only those who have died a trillion times and still remain firm on their Path. Why? Because they know it is the Right thing. “Do Right and Fear Nothing or No one.” It is the formula that saves Souls. So simple in it’s audacity, so powerful in it’s action. At each moment We have a choice. 

The sad thing about this most cherished Love is how fast it can disappear if One does not constantly keep guard. There are things One knows they should not do. And they FEEL it so utterly DEEP in their core Being. They try to forget, to keep going as if nothing was done. But they realize that they must come clean. He and She are more fragile than the finest Japanese Crystal. If One forgets, just for a moment, then that is when the Demiurge will attack. Not in an ugly manner, but in a suave sensual manner. This Love they share, it will never happen again in this life nor the next hundred lives. For every 700 years the Laurel blooms. 

Something as beautiful, as utterly sacred, should not be treated like a Novel. For the Magic that has happened between the two should be Proof of what kind of future they can build. In Our Religion, Forgetfulness is a Crime. And We must be Vigilant, Aware and MINDFUL, so that the most Holy Flame known to Humankind is Protected and Kept Burning Bright.



The Fuhrer and the Third Reich is the Second Coming. He is 5, the Pole in the Center of the Four Arms of the Swastika. And 5 is the Second Coming or Appearance of ONE. The Omega and Alpha as a Complete Circle. Manu,the UR-Man from the Origins and Unam, the RU-Man from the distant Future meeting within Time and Space to bring about the end of Kali Yuga as the Collective SIEG Rune. The Serpent Swallowing it’s Tail, the Ouroborous. 


Perched at the top of Gralsburg, forever guarding the Dawn and in dialogue with the Morning and Evening Star. From there, everything else moves around HE. And HE keeps SHE inside and out. He is the Black Sun. The faint echo of the Blood Memory is the Event Horizon. You are now spinning towards Hyperborea. The God of Aquarius. The Archetype (which is God) of the Hero against all adversity and now transmutated into something more than a God. Something never dreamt of even by the Greatest Poets and Pilgrims of the Deepest Longing and Greatest Nostalgia.

Now is the twilight, time for a Rapture. A collective Spirit which We feel as The Memory of the Blood, the Nostalgia for Hyperborea. The Deep Longing for the Golden Age and even Beyond. The Deepest Nostalgia for the Green Ray. This Spirit will manifest into a Chariot of Lightning. Because it is Skuld, the Ancient Norn, the feminine Holy Ghost. Holy Spirit. She is the Rapturous SIEG Rune. The Virgin Argo of Templi Unam, the UFO-Vimana, Our Inexistent Flower which We Alone have kept Sailing, slowly manifesting into an Ideo-Plasma, the SIEG Rune precisely. The Ultimate Lightning Flash that take the Faithful of A-Mor away from the Eternal Circling of Satan, while redeeming Nature and freeing Her from the grotesque prison of the Demiurge. The Green Ray will blossom within and without. 


There is no other thing I can Intuit, but UFOs, literal Cities in the Sky. Something so beautiful We dare not utter it. It is literally beyond Our Senses.

Notman Isar Lafos Hagalru

Emerald SIEG!

Mudra of the Inner Earth and the True Operation Barbarosa

The Rapturous SIEG Rune

This is Esoteric Hitlerism


The Exoteric SS, which ended in 1945, stood for Protection Squade. After 1945 it went Inward, forming the Red ODAL Rune of RESURRECTION, which then meant Schwartze Sohne, Stein (Black Sun, Black Stone), which is US, the Fourth Reich, coming together like those Ice particles to form that ULTIMATE EMERALD GREEN SIEG RUNE, THE ULTIMATE AVATAR, MORE LIGHTNING THAN SUN, KALKI AVATARA. Which will be Nirvana, Christ-Consciousness, the MAGICAL V OR 5TH RE-ICH, THE RE~TURN INTO THE TOTAL ICH, TOTAL MAN AND TOTAL WOMAN. Two HAGAL Runes, One Vertical-Male, One Horizontal-Female, overlaid on top of One another in Magical Coitus, in the Mysterium Conjunctionus, the Heiros-Gamos, Tantric Union, forming the 8-Pointed Rune called VENERIS. VENERIS is the Star of TOTALITY, OF NOS!, OF COMPLETION. Because each HAGAL Rune is a MAN rune (El – He) and a YR Rune (Ella – She), Life and Death, Him and Her. But when We lay Elella in the Masculine Vertical position, and Ellael in the Feminine Horizontal, We get NOS!


And to think, each HAGAL Rune is also the Morning and Evening Star, in the harmonious chord of A, at 110 Hertz.

This is the Window of Venus. The Exit from the Demiurge’s Universe which is right here behind Our Senses. Actually, on the Other-side of Our Senses, just painted over the Perfect Ur-Urge, beyond the Demi-Urge. The URiginal Universe of the Gods. Hyperborea, Beyond the North, Beyond any known Limits. It never disappeared. Poseidon simply put a Golden Cord around it to make it invisible Within. BleSSed are they who can hear and see…..

This is Esoteric Hitlerism.




The UFO, Venus and Eternal A-Mor

There is nothing higher in this Satanic Martyred Earth than authentic true Divine A-Mor that is only felt and engaged in by a Man and a Lady who have transcended all uncertainty, all doubt, all restlessness and have found complete tranquility, peace, comfort and Divine Magic in One Another. They now live in a Higher World, right among You, but with Higher Frequencies and Vibrations permeating through their various ‘bodies.’ Once it has been established, once the Gods have spoken, once the Pre-Destined have struggled through the Dark Night of Uncertainty, once the Oath is solidified in this Universe, it shakes the Demiurge to his core. This Satanic Prince of Slavery is now afraid of the Rounded Unity, the UFO-Orb, the Vimana, that these two Souls have manifested through the Window of Venus. For now and forevermore, They will be Vigilant, watching One another’s Souls and through Extra-Sensory Love, through Hardships which are now laughable as they have the complete Certainty that the Morning Star will be there just as the Evening Star will be there (the White Window of Venus), nothing can render them to their former loneliness which the Dark Prince of Slavery once took advantage of.

To those who decide to tread this Path of Tears, perhaps at times not knowing what You got Yourself into, it is my sworn duty to warn You that unless You are willing to give up everything, including Your very Life, then You need to turn back. It is not a game. It is not another Facebook Group of Psychopaths trying to show how clever and smart they are by finding words within words. Those of A-Mor know Modesty, Eloquence, Silence, Beauty. Their words are written with care and are not sloppy and loud.

Templi Unam will always accept those who want to learn Esoteric Hitlerism, the Divine Path of A-Mor, the teachings of Miguel Serrano in general, those precious few who hear the Memory of the Blood. However, arrogance born from ignorance will not work. Arrogance is expected, for We are the Beautiful Proud Elite Warriors and Priestesses of the Avatara. Ours is a Divine Arrogance of Light, not a childish know-it-all ego. It simply will not be tolerated. Also, there is no battle between men and women. That is the antithesis of Elella and Ellael.

Learn the Divine Timeless Teachings of Miguel Serrano, stay firm with it, stop with the conspiracy nonsense, or We will simply do what must be done. National Socialism does not know Class Warfare. Nor do We see man and woman as being in competition.

When the Two become One in constant Thought, they must now put everything at stake. Nothing matters but the Exit from this Satanic Universe of constant circling through Divine Loveless Love, through Eterno AMor. She will surrender completely to Him and He must bring Her back to Life with a “Kiss.” He must Awaken Her from Her Sleep.

Together, they will form a Light that will seep in from a wound that they have sliced, together, with the Sword that He gave to Her made from His very Heart. A Sword of Blue Starlight. The Light of Venus-Lucifer. Of Lucifer-Lucibella. This Light will gradually grow, consuming them as they Love One another with All that they Are. The very Mountains will shake from their embraces. Because it has been 700 Long Years of Longing and Nostalgia. But now, as if in a Dream, the Star of Morning and Evening will detach itself from the Sky, and it will appear before them, pulsating, wet with dew, like a moist petal from a sky of Autumn. They will ask a Question. And they will disappear forever with their Star of Origin.

Heil! Sieg Heil!