The Black Sun of Our Beloved Brotherhood


Have you also a human heart, dark night? What do you keep under your mantle, that, invisibly powerful, reaches my soul? Novalis

The Black Sun of Polar midnight is the emblem of the Pilgrims of Great Yearning and is also the origin of our Brotherhood, the hallucinating emptiness that names and creates our Circle of the Faithful of A-Mor. The Black Sun is the supreme symbol of the suppression of the visible order, of victory over Demiurgic reality, “luminous,” deceiving: Gateway of departure from and entrance into this heavy universe. In the “Prayer to the Morning Star,” our Maestro Miguel Serrano invokes the arcane sign:

Oh, Black Sun! Draw me into your maelstrom Hallucinatory, In your mystic death…

The Black Sun absorbs, kills, inverts and reintegrates the visible universe to its beginning, therefore, releases the subtle bodies trapped in dead matter, saves the Gods imprisoned in the space-time universe of the Lord of Darkness. Nocturnal sun of the travelers, visible only to the “magic formula,” the enchantment of the night, giving life to realities unknown to the light of the golden sun, the world terrestrial and profane. The night is sacred, feared by the weak hiding before its mysteries in dreams. For us it is the hour of the Secret Rite, Revelation of the Mysteries, Initiation, Loyalty. The night has her own bright sun whose “nonexistent existence,” like the Flower of the Maestro, is more real than the sun of gold. The beloved is there waiting with her ritual gesture, invisible, in the center of the Black Sun, where we find “the eternity of the worlds,” where space and time dissolves. Novalis would say the “secret sacrifice of Love” burns in this eternal center, eternally consumed, “alive” forever. Symbol of initiatory death, death and resurrection, the “dark” way of A-Mor, deathless love, timeless, perpetual ecstasy, the path of immortality. And from that point there gazes an eye, a glance…

You come, beloved… The night is here… Rapt away is my soul… There far away the earthly day And you are mine again. Novalis

Beyond the symbolism, descriptions of illusory reason, the Black Sun is above all Nostalgia, the Nostalgia of A-Mor, because “perhaps the lovers also yearn for us as well and send us a breath of nostalgia,” and that Sun of a thousand lightning bolts, Wotan’s Mill, inspires us and calls us to return, to meet her again, with him. The golden sun seems to reveal another reality beyond his suffering daily transit. Helios in his circular shape, also a prisoner, wants to point out to us the contours of the Other Reality. An error from our view gazing directly at the setting sun, showing us the contours of the Other Sun, as could be seen through the hole drilled in the rock of the Externsteine, in that strange chapel in the midst of Germany’s most sacred place. This essential Sun of Hitlerism is shown in the whirling cross, axial, which is the Swastika, bringing good to the Aryans, the only symbol of protection, combat and transformation, redemption and liberation.

The Black Sun has appeared to us in the form of the Cross, understood as a crack, a chance to reintegrate what was dispersed into the light, in the ecstatic and silent confluence of the male and female, sky and earth; the four elements in the aether, subtle, sublime, uncreated, the horizontal and vertical and all visible oppositions against the light of the sun of gold. Also the absence of a colour never seen by the eyes of flesh. The representation that we have received from the SS Castle of Initiation, in Westphalia, no doubt revealed to the high guides of the Black Order and drawn on the marble of our ancestral Swastika in an infinite irrepressible movement, elusive, impossible to understand, only felt and taken into unknown areas of our being. The visible Swastika has accompanied men since the remotest times, now decomposes into the double Sieg rune of the Black Order, the most powerful of the runes, the bolt of Victory over the “natural” order, the bolt of Shiva that destroys the demons and also the “Asuras,” the “godless.” And the double Sieg rune of each initiate forms to the end of their path the UR Swastika, with help from Isis, an absolute I, the undivided egg. The concentrated multiplication of Sieg runes forms this mysterious symbol, as the sum of several Absolute I’s, several reunited eggs, He-She and She-He, Gods and Goddesses converging in the unnamed center, absolute silence.

From this we can distinguish through these subtleties a difference between the Swastika in its traditional representation of four arms projected from a still center, ecstatic, and the symbol shown on the SS initiate castle, not seeking to express the movement or the speed of the Swastika, but the confluence of infinite possibilities returned to the origin, as absolute being, absolute men and women, the mystery as such of SS initiation, with the 12 initiates, the polished stones guarding the center, central fire, Shiva and Parvati, Frater and Soror and high atop the dome the symbol of the black sun, broken at its ends as four Sieg runes or their reverse. He-She and She-He. Everything is intuited, because we know nothing of what happened in the secret crypt, underground, stony, nocturnal. Above, the marble floor reveals to the light of the sun the symbol without light with its 12 Sieg runes forming 6 full swastikas focused on the Void, Black Hole beyond every Pole. Six Initiates and Six initiators and at the center the “secret sacrifice of A-Mor.”

This symbol can nevertheless trace in antiquity in a manner very similar to that used by the Black Order, though doubtless already split from its possible origin. We see this as a duplicate swastika, in a bell-shaped feminine figure, decorative or ritual. Surely there must be other archeological expressions of the symbol for now unknown, but its existence in antiquity is attested by this figurine. We know the Black Sun refers to a reality beyond the visible, and therefore difficult to assimilate through our reason, but we know and believe it is in the darkness of the night, when we are guided only by instinct and the innermost impulses, that it is possible to glimpse this reality that remains hidden from the sun of gold and then the symbol left in the North Tower of Wewelsburg reveals to us as an offering of our Hidden Guides.

We descend down into the altar of night, To the soft bed… The veil falls, And lit with warm pressure, Burns the sweet offering: The pure fire. Novalis

Right, Rite and Ritual

The incredible things we do in life. The profound things that karma can unleash. The mysterious depths of the unknown grasp the ones who linger in dramatic emotional repose. Like shadows that reach out and grip ones neck as they find their heartbeat going up. Chills run through their arrogant body. That unholy arrogance born from ignorance. They feel the Holy Cathedral of Clarity about to ring the Bells of Absolute Brutal Truth. Alas, they find that they are emotionally nude in supreme sobriety. And in this, in this supreme sobriety, the One who can stay true to their Sister and Brother in the face of absolute adversity is the One who has achieved the merits of Goodhood/Godhood. Because they are True to the Truth, to their Self. Supreme light await the Ones who have been ripped and spat out in pieces over and over again and then they use this experience as the ultimate weapon to spread only Love to all sentience. Without complaining, not once. And in Divine Arrogance, in pure unadulterated Truth, the Sons of Right hold Court and Council in psychic Midnight. They hold the Rite, the Ritual, the Thinge. The Holy Judge is the collective conscious of Arman, of Ariman. Of Irman. Of the Aryan. 
We can no longer worry with the dramatic emotional ones who flicker in the dull light of self examination and cowardly falsehood. Their drunkenness defiling the sacred Holy names of our Guides, our Poets, our Teachers. At the cusp of every single decision that one makes on this maniacal planet of supreme suffering, there must be a solid over-glance into what is right and what is wrong before an action is sentenced. The weaponization of Eternal Light. Flawing those who are caught in deluded perceptions of what they may daydream they might actually be.

Who and What is a Magi?

When the world of ‘longing, daydreaming, poetry and nostalgia’ is brought into solidification and becomes just as real as this Demiurgic world, it means One is now capable of fighting the enemy within their Astral Body. One can fight from the First Earth, which only went ‘inside’ (Hollow Earth), after the loss of Hyperborea. So very “deep inside.” This is the strategy within a loss. Cause and effect. One will have to bring this magical world into a certainty. It is an invention that a Magician has brought into Be-ing. Just like a Son or Daughter. Only in the Reverse. It is the Son of Spirit. Astral Son. The Lady has impregnated the Hero. All things that supposedly “do not exist” are now a certainty and in existence. The Subjective world is now interfering with and manipulating the objective world. This is classic esoteric occult work. The occultist have sought this for time immemorial. The North Pole of the powers of Thule, the purity within the ice, was switched to the South Pole, when the fall took place. But the Magi has trans-polarized his South Pole of the Muladhara, the base sexual powers, into the North Pole of Mind again, the Ajna, third eye, the crown chakra of Immortality. Reversing and transversing the power of Sex into supreme brain-mind power. The power within, the sexual primordial power, is transmuted into an absolute clarity of Love and Light. The true danger in this work is criminal doubt. Doubt must be extinguished by the Magi of Esoteric Hitlerism. By the newly born God-Man of Eternal Be-ing. His world of “stars and clouds” has now become more real than the world of computer buttons, which turn to Light-Bullets that he shoots out, as he types.


The Hand is the Weapon of Will

This is the Salvation that the Hero seeks. He has tamed and slayed the Bull. He is now Mithra. He is Siegfried which has slayed the dragon known as Libido. He turned it into A-Mor. He is also a Kristos. A High Priest of the Black Sun. Those who do not personally know him will think he is a madman. They will only know of him through a purposely self-induced mislead perception. They will envy him. They will speak only ill will towards him. They will try their best to dig up old trash just to see if he ever made a mistake. And alas, he is part human! These men have shamed themselves into a dark corner where no redemption nor salvation awaits and that they truly know it in the sober clarity of light. But what they do not realize is that his ego was shredded light-years ago. It was torn to death and then re-emerged as a Continent of Antique Light among the Polar Ice. He has no rewards left to obtain. His only concern now is getting his Family and Comrades to the Zenith of Existence. Those who actually know him also know his powers. Because he must claim his powers and also prove them to these beings. The ancient powers of the Lords of Night. Of the Siddhas. A Tantric Master. He is in complete control over his Orgasm. The highest force that creates Life in this Universe is now his to use at Will.

These powers, which Don Miguel Serrano calls ER, or IR, are the primordial powers that the Magi will utilize into weaponry and fight with. These same powers are unleashed in a Demiurgic way in Serial Killers, in absolute complete destruction and chaos. In the rage of an elephant toppling over armies. In the whale when it leaps from the mighty ocean. But in A-Mor it is a Weapon of Love and Light. Of the pure flowing wave-forms of completeness. He is now Anti-Death, with Anti-Gravity, literally flying through vast worlds of colours, sounds and spheres of Eternal Blissful A-Mor. And where a negative of this world is pushed, he pulls a Positive from it. He does this for his Family and his Comrades. He will not enter the departing UFO-Vimana until they are there with him. His Honour is his Loyalty. The ‘Ego’ that was once inside him was ripped out and now the Vajra-Ego has been clothed.

Heil Unam!
Sieg Geist!

Holda and Mary of the Snows

Maga FAL on the Goddess of Winter and the Snow.


In Jacob Grimm’s Teutonic Mythology, he describes how many of the aspects of Holda – also called Holle, Hulda, Frau Holle –  the sacred things associated with her, became sacred to Mary after the introduction of Christianity to the lands where she was worshiped. Holda is a goddess to whom weaving, spinning, lakes, springs, forests, are sacred – those who wish to reach her dwelling place must do so by passing through a well, where she is said to live (268). She is the beautiful, fair lady, who suddenly appears, like an apparition, in the lake, and then as suddenly disappears. Holda is also closely linked with the Winter time of the year. In this aspect, she, “like Wuotau, can also ride on the winds, clothed in terror, and she, like the god, belongs to the ‘ wiitende heer'” (268). In this guise, in more modern times, Holda can be counted as the…

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The Resurrection of the Hero ~ Miguel Serrano

For those interested, We still have extra copies of The Resurrection of the Hero and the new Harvest Rain album “Nightwave.” For those who have ordered before, We will get these shipped out to You.

The Resurrection of the Hero is the English translation of Miguel Serrano’s 1984-1986 book written for the Heroic Youth of today who fight the system and the lies. It shows a poetic magical exit from this mechanical universe by esoteric poetry and magical realism.

“Only Poets will Understand Me” – Carl Jung

In this Holy Writ we meet the Gods behind the archetypes. It is the book he wrote in between The Ultimate Avatar and Manu: For the Man to Come. Jason A. Thompkins III and Guy Paul Derby II did the translation and the Forward is a huge piece written by Jason on his journey through Harvest Rain, the recording of ‘Blood Hymns’ and his years studying Miguel Serrano. Presented by The 55 Club.

The Circle is now Complete.

Nightwave is a follow-up to ‘Night Chorus’ and ‘Blood Hymns.’ A personal album from the narc-turnal wanderer. Jason Jason A. Thompkins III andAmanda Maria work together again for the first time since 2005’s “Night Chorus.”

“This book for me, is a second awakening, a life-changer. I have been a big fan of Savitri Devi for years, but I had never been able to “get into” Serrano; works that appear essential are not available in English or only in PDF formats that I find hard to access. I read NOS recently, but I need to reread it now that I have read this book – which explicitly and clearly, yet still poetically and beautifully elucidates just what is going on in the occult warfare now coming to a peak in this Age of Kalki. It ties together Devi’s analyses and insight with the ancient Aryan history of Tilak and the ancient pre-Christian teachings of the Gnostics, as well as the Vedic and Hyperborean forefathers. If you find yourself awakened to What is really going on in our world and still longing to know Who is behind it, this book should answer your questions. Spiritual and powerful, intellectually and emotionally satisfying, this book is the Key.”

“This book is a most excellent achievement. The information contained in here will do exactly that. In- form you toward the eternal vimana. Serrano writes no mere books but rather presents us with spells which alter the life of those who are linked by the cord. A lot of respect and love to the author and especially to the translators!”



Guild, Ur-Kraft von Got

It is very vital and pivotal to know that what we call ‘Freemasonry’ was also plagiarized and stolen by the eternal enemy which is the other polarity in this bi-polar Universe. We must look to the Ur-Kraft which comes from Germany. Where the Armanen/Femanen take it’s root. The Heilige Vehme. Court and council. The Feme, Five. The Fifth Rune in the Holy Futhorkh. Rita. Rite and Ritual. Right. The Pole. The Rod which must be planted firmly in the white foliage and white clouds. Congress of the Volk. Where we judge wrong-doing and uplift the ‘Right’. Our most treasured secrets were stolen and used with ill intention. Used for “Liberté, égalité, fraternité.” Now we have reclaimed our Rita, our Right, our Rite and Ritual. The most basic oaths of the Fellows were what kept them pure. Such as:

“No Master shall teach a Fellow anything for Money.”

XIV. And no craftsman or master shall take money from a fellow for showing or teaching him anything touching masonry. In like manner, no warden or fellow shall show or instruct any one for money in carving as aforesaid. Should, however, one wish to instruct or teach another, he may well do it, one piece for the other, or for fellowship sake, or to serve their master thereby.

The very word “Freemason” comes from the fact that when a good fellow was trained properly, when he showed his ordained talents in the light of God, he earned his Freedom. His freedom to go out into the world and plant his own Rod. To now instruct others in the Rita. The Good Fellow or Brother now has the secret measurements and craft to create the Castle. All 12 “Palace Rooms” have been erected with Divine Hand. He will go into the world and create his own reflections of the Tyrkreuz, the celestial heavens of the Aetheric Spirit, now put to ‘Stone.’

LIV. In the first place, every apprentice when he has served his time, and is declared free, shall promise the craft, on his truth and honour, in lieu of oath, under pain of losing his right to practice masonry, that he will disclose or communicate the mason’s greet­ing and grip to no one, except to him to whom he may justly communicate it; and also that he will write nothing thereof.”

In other words, they did not call themselves “Freemasons.” That is simply what they strove to be. A “Free Stone-grinder.” And in today’s world, anybody who lowers themselves to calling their own self a ‘Mason’ is still following the plagiarist lies. Inluding the lies that it sprang from British history and Knights Templar. The Guilds of Germany inherited their rich history from they themselves and from Greco-Roman influence. The Masters of Knowledge in Greece swore Oaths of secrecy to even certain magical mathematical formulae. And they threw men in the sea who revealed the secrets. The Holy Vehme is a solid engagement of Justice and God’s Law.

It takes many years of hard training, vital experience and spiritual insight to become a Grand Master. From the Hand of one Master to another, the secret ‘Magical Formulae’ was passed down like a candle to another candle, bearing the same flame. The ‘Magical Formulae’ is earned through time doing the work of Good, of God. In the ritual of the High Craft one gets closer and closer to their own unique Godhead. Because that which we know in becomes true. One does not strive for Godhead, Godhood for their own selfish purpose. One has to live unselfishly. Earning the mighty Crown of  Golden-Diamond Kinghood. The Kingdom of the Lord. The Lords of High Rite. Diamonds of Got. Transcendent souls which occupy the bodies of men.

German Guild