Live Interview with Jason Thompkins


Kyle speaks with Jason Thompkins, who is the current Grand Master of the Templi Unam and the artist behind Harvest Rain. Topics include: Miguel Serrano, Esoteric Hitlerism, kundalini energy, the power of the blood, jewish inversion tactics, the Black Sun, the White dawn, and much more. Jason’s email is

The Golden Chord of Esoteric Hitlerism

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“This Opus is for the “Ancestral House,” an Opus which is not meant to be read, but drank, like the Blue Blood contained in the Stone Chalice of the Gral, the Blood of the Blue Beings of Hyperborea, of the Siddhas of the Golden Chord. This Chalice made of the Philosopher’s Stone is for the Heroes to drink, the Heroes who will be transmuted into Supermen, and saved in the Golden Bird, a few moments before the sinking of the new Atlantis, that will put an end to Kali Yuga. They will be able to travel to the Other, Inner Earth, where the King of the Gral and the Amada, who hands them the Gral and helps them to understand it, awaits.

This Opus is not a book. It is the Song of the Minnesanger, of the Warrior-Troubador.”

– Miguel Serrano, The Golden Chord




Absolute Personality is the ultimate drama in which the Shivaite seeks. It is what our Order seeks. We do not allow our egos to be devoured by God or to have our Self obliterated. We resurrect after the devouring into a complete Persona. Super-Ego. Re-born. Initiated. To be an Individual. In-dividuated. Inward. Implosive. To complete the division of Inner Polarity. To go beyond the Bi-Polar human. To be a Symbol among mere men. When others think or see this person they are reminded immediately of a certain archetype. The human condition is overcome through trauma and suffering. We do not preach humility and then act like degenerate trash the next moment.  We do not talk this way on one forum and then another way on another forum. We simply are. To Be. Taken beyond the condition of human tragedy. To receive the Gral with proud Selfhood.

Men will always need leaders. There will always be leaders whether man wants it or not. Society has it’s un-named leaders because nature works in such a way. We shall not go against nature. We work with nature and help her. In the Center is a Sun. This sun has the most gravity and planets revolve around it. Some close, some distant. Each planet has moons that revolve around it. In the end, they all revolve around the sun. However, the Sun must follow the Black Sun, the Black Hole. All impurities fade as they get ever closer to it’s Light. One by one the impurities fall off the Path.

The Self is lit from inside out as it revolves in its pre-destined round.



The Mystical Warrior Knighthood of the Black Virgin of Carmel, the Sonhood of the Black Sun, the Chaste Pilgrims of the Southern Ices, the final and last initiated  Order of the Morning Star of Chilli-Mapu. Wanderers of the Dawn, Soul-Walkers, the Watchmen of the Aurora, the departing Ghostship of the Aurea Catena, the Temple of Unam. The Surdic Knighthood which serves and vindicates the God of the Losers of Kali Yuga of this Second Earth. We watched as the Window was opened. Opened for a few to Enter and Exit, and now we watch as it is barely open and yet not one more soul can enter. The immense treasure is buried in the Southern ice. Within that ‘Glowing Casket’ which violates all known laws of terrestrial physics. The date and confirmation that all sacrifices performed in this life-time are absolutely not in vain.


The Virgins of the Avatara, the Sisterhood of the Virgins of the Ices of Antarktika, the Mysticae Sorores, College of Vestal Virgins of Unam, the Spirit Thought-Form of the Pale Dove, of Parakletos. The Virgin-Sister Watchers of the Glowing Ark of Antarktika, those who wait deep under the Ice.

“They represented for the participants an act of renewed consecration and a call to enter into a community that surpassed all traditional ties of an old social and familial universe, surpassing caste and class. An absolute devotion, that created a new community with its own laws. ” – Miguel Serrano




The Nahsayers

How do We not partake of the frivolous few who use our symbols and use our Teachers, Poets and even Masters to promote their own indecisive agenda? Well, We don’t. We watch from afar, in detachment, noticing and recognizing the karmic depth they reside in. The ‘Garma‘ of the ones who feel hate and anger faster than they could feel Love and Virtue. That is to say, the obvious. Those who sip from the unnoticeable chalice of Satan, perverting and preventing the ascent of their very blood and thinking they actually have clear minds to write and speak for the true authentic Hyperborean Angels of Pure Light. Those that give more power to the Judengender by the outrageous obsession with the very Juden they claim to fight against. Unfortunately, We must be patient with these few and even help them by occult means. The Phonetic Orphic Cabala must be insinuated, and thus whispered into their vibrations, between the lines of and for those who take notice. Between the shadow and the Kreuz. The Underside of shadows of the blossoming Rose when it blooms in the very Center of the Kreuz. Which is to say, the Aqu-Arian Age. The black Nahsayers swarming like gnats around Our Golden-White “Jah.”

Time is the ultimate remover of impurities for those that link up to things they know only a portion of. When the dough has hardened to a soft bread the impurities are flushed by heat as the eternal Lot remains unblemished and is presented to the High Master and Lord. Only the portion which is Right will remain. It is here the Magi of the Initiate Knights of the Solitary Star, of the Polar Virgin of Carmen, the Hyperborean Queen of Night,  the Watchers over the Aurora, Knights of the Southern Ices, the Alba-Walkers, Dawn Walkers of the Icy Morning Star, take their dutiful and beautiful flight into Forever.


Kaos Pater Ar Lagu

Pontifex Polis

We need to talk about the concepts of Lunar and Solar and where they stand with the Esoteric Hitlerists, the Walkers of the Dawn and Morning Star, the Initiate Knights of A-Mor, Watchers over the Aurora, the Sonhood of the Black Stone/Sun and Sons of the Widower.
First, the One who has surpassed the Initiation of the vortex of the Black Sun, which is the One who has been elevated to the mountainous heights of the Air, of the Golden-White Arr/Eagle, the Sun behind the sun, the realm of Arman, is also the One who now resides in the solace of sobriety and clarity. Beyond the thrones of pallid death has the Initiate gone into what We call ‘Ativarna.’ This means ‘beyond caste and colour’, beyond all human assumptions. His residence is in the Center of all things. Nothing can touch the Magus who has flirted decay and death and illuminated them with clear uncreated light. Taking all negatives and transpolarizing them into positives. The High Magic of the Alchemical solvent. The Mercurial soul that ascends from low vibrations of man and reaches unlimited fuel from absolutely nothing and all. Anti-Gravity. At this point he has attained a position beyond Solar, beyond Lunar. He is now and forever the Polar One. Pontifex Polis. The Unmoved Mover, the Pole, the Center. He will remain a Universe to Himself while watching and moving all other universes within the Central Polar Axis of the multiverse. Untouched by the Gods, he has now created a Mount Olympus for his own Ancestral Castle. He has taken on the karmic dept of his ancestral blood and resolved the matters at hand. He is now the Father and the Son and also the Mother/Sister which is the Holy Spirit.
Ru Mandal Sigos Giblaf