From the Black Sun into the Ray of Green Light

Pilgrims of Great Longing

Pilgrims of Great Longing and Nostalgia

For those few souls who have been heavily inspired by the writings of Miguel Serrano a certain question may arise from the onset. What is this “Green Ray” after one goes through the “Black Sun“? I can remember wondering about this “Green Ray” the first time I read NOS – Book of the Resurrection and it struck a chord (or perhaps a cord) in me. I asked Serrano about it one day and was told to look into Sufi Mysticism.

So we will look into Iranian Sufi Mysticism (Sufi-Sophia – both common-connected Aryan words which translate as Wisdom). I will be quoting from Henry Corbin’s book “The Man of Light according to Iranian Sufism”. Sufism is an Initiatic mystery school of training. Going through various degrees of Initiation one goes through various colors of light (see below). There are seven colors of light just as there are seven chakras. It is significant here to know that the last two are “The Black Light” which is also called “the Light of Night” or “the Midnight Sun“. We call it the Black Sun. When blinded by this “Light of Night“, by this “Shimmering Darkness”, by this Midnight Sun, this “Blood-Memory”, one ultimately reaches the Green Ray of Light (the “Son of Man“, the “Astral Body“).

“We enter into another kind of Darkness called by the mystics the “Night of Light,” the “Luminous Blackness” or the “Black Light.”  This other-worldly light is the light of the soul, the light of consciousness rising over the Darkness of the subconscious in which the divine Cloud of Unknowing gives birth to an interior burst of Initiatic light — the light of the “Midnight Sun.”

The Black Light (or the Black Sun) into the Ray of Green Light

Just as the black light precedes the green light, which is the ultimate theophany, the highest spiritual stage, the Black Sun precedes the Green Ray which we know as the final spiritual dwelling place of our ascended Masters and our ‘Exalted Guides’.

The black light . . . a light without matter . . . is the light of the divine Self-in-itself (Selbst). . . the hidden Treasure that aspires to reveal itself. . .  The black light is the light of revelation, which makes one see.  Precisely what makes one see, that is to say, light as absolute subject, can in nowise become a visible object.  It is in this sense that the Night of lights, that by which all visible lights are made visible, is both light and darkness, that is, visible because it brings about vision, but in itself invisible. . . The black light is the source of the epiphanies of light.”

“On the mystic journey there is a well corresponding to each act of the seven acts of Being . . . When you have risen up through the seven wells of existence, the Heaven of the sovereign condition and its power are revealed to you.  Its atmosphere is a green light whose greenness is that of a vital light through which flow waves eternally in movement towards one another. . .”  

“The black light is that which cannot itself be seen because it is the cause of seeing; it cannot be object, since it is absolute Subject.  It dazzles, as the light of super-consciousness dazzles.  Only a knowledge which is a theophanic experience can be knowledge of the divine Being.  . . . This knowledge is a not-knowing, because knowledge presupposes a subject and an object, the seer and the seen, whereas divine Ipseity [Selfhood], black light, excludes this correlation.”

“The “Traveler’s”  penetration into the black light is a kind of death (fana, dissolution of the ego). Either the mystic is about to become swallowed up in dementia or he will rise again from it, initiated in the meaning of the theophanies and revelations.  This resurgence is translated [by some mystics] as an exaltation from black light to green light

From the Black Sun into the Green Ray. We know our Black Sun as being the implosive left-turning Swastika – the way back to Hyperborea-Thule moving against the current of time and against the direction of this involuted earth. The way back towards the Sonnenmensch, Ubermensch (the Sunman, the Overman, the Arman or Aryan). This Initiatic Path is both Upwards and Forward. From Chakra to Chakra, Rune to Rune, City to City. It is a synchronistic journey from within and without. One foot in the world and one foot in the Astral. Both terrestrial and celestial.

The great Sufi mystic Saint Semnani (1280-1386) says that the final mystical station is marked not by black light but by a green light.  The following are the colors he associates with each of the seven mystical veils (archetypal and synchronisticly with the seven chakras):

1  Muladhara/Earth – Darkness, the stage of the subtle body at the level of its birth, still very close to the physical organism; a blackness sometimes turning to smoke-grey

2  Svadhishthana/Water – Blue light = soul

3  Manipura/Fire – Red light = heart

4  Anahata/Air – White light = superconsciousness

5  Vishuddha/Ether – Yellow light = spirit

6  Ajna/Mind – Luminous Black = arcanum.  The black light; the Luminous Night

7  Sahasrara/Void – Green light = the Divine Center. 


Also, in Serrano’s “Hyperborean Polar Cosmogony” one can sum up that the “Green Ray” is a sort of perfected paradise, celestial Asgard, celestial Hyperborea, first Hyperborea, before the “Big Bang”, the “wound-window”, the splitting of the Orhic Egg (Elella-Ellael) and the plagiarism of the Demiurge. So the Green Ray exists outside of time and space. In this view the Black Sun is often called a ‘Black Hole’ by Serrano, which could possibly be an “exit”, a “window”, “doorway” from this Universe and back into the perfection of the Green Ray.

“There is nothing more mysterious than blood. Paracelsus considered it a condensation of light. I believe that the Aryan, Hyperborean blood is that – but not the light of the Golden Sun, not of a galactic sun, but of the light of the Black Sun, of the Green Ray.” – Miguel Serrano

Black Sun/Kalki Altar

Black Sun/Kalki Altar


Jason Alfred III Thompkins – Dawn 12-7-13




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  1. I would like to thank you for the efforts you’ve put in writing this website. I’m hoping the same high-grade website post from you in the upcoming also. Actually your creative writing abilities has encouraged me to get my own site now. Actually the blogging is spreading its wings rapidly. Your write up is a good example of it.

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  2. I entered your site by searching sufi siyah ışık– black light. I experienced this 1 year ago. I leaved my body and graudually i entered void- a conciousness that is eveything and nothing at the same time. It was blackness radiate light. I think it is thehopany of god. İt is strange to read an article like this. Doctor said it is a hallucination.


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