Miguel Serrano – Esoteric Initiation

Don Miguel Serrano

It is interesting to note from the manuscripts of von Sebottendorff, the founder of the Thule-Gesellschaft, what were the meditative practices he applied, according to the astrological cycle of the sun and the moon: they are a very faithful reworking of the Islamic mysteries of Initiation taken by the Sufis. The hands represent gestures, Mudras, evoking energies which are then redistributed to various parts of the body. Then, with eyes closed, a sequence of images show the evolutionary path of the Initiate according to Sufi traditions, and Turkish dervishes, that were taken up by the Thule Gesellshaft, which was the first Secret Society within the German National Socialist Party. How did the Initiation rites take place inside the more occult nucleous of National Socialism? Initiation is a BEGINNING, a beginning to a life change, a transformation. But what is its purpose? What must lead? The imaginative use of rituals and symbolic images of “Spiritiual Intermediators” (between Men and the Divine), hence the complexity of Esotericism, in cryptic language, brings the experience of transmutation, in which man experiences, inside the Initiatory itinerary of an ascent to another world, which is understood as a radical transformation of Man into a whole Being. The result is a transformation, a transmutation. According to some it is “Redemption”, to create a different energy, the Prana according to the Hindus, the Vril according to Ariosophy. What was the result inside of National Socialism, how have they made this “utopia”, and what was the ultimate goal of National Socialism in it’s esoteric keys?

“The goal of National Socialism was that of human transmutation. The ultimate goal was the “Sonnenmenschen”, the Sun-Man, a Man who transcended the human part and the physical part. With the arrival of Hitler to power in Germany, passing from a historical dimension to another, I believe that a form of Tantra was practiced by the SS. The process of initiation to achieve transformation through the new man, can be traced back to the Indian tradition, then picked up by members of the SS Ahnenerbe, inspired by the Indian philosopher Tilak, first member of Congress with Gandhi, from whom he later broke away because he was much more conservative. In his book, “The Arctic Home in the Vedas”, he showed how all the Hindu traditions came from a civilization of the North Pole, so, according to his interpretation of the Vedas, the conquerors of India are the ancient Hyperboreans, and then the sources of the SS Ahnenerbe were referred to this concept. The tantric aspect drew from the Hindu tradition of the awakening of the Chakras, plus a syncretic part which concerned the study of the Runes, the transmutation, according to SS, would be achieved through Runic Yoga. Runes were considered like Chakras, through this meditation they awoke the Kundalini, they made it arise along the Spine to the Crown chakra Sahasrara. The goal was to create the “Sonnenmenschen,” Sun Man, the Enlightened Being , the immortal man, the attempt to transform the Man into Übermensch , Overman. I am convinced that there are people in this world, who are immortal, immaterial Beings, everywhere, even here now. It is not easy to explain, it sounds like science fiction, but many things that happen sounds like science fiction but they are not. We are speaking of the “mystical death” in particular. At Externsteine, there is a tomb, it is not a tomb for the Dead, but a tomb for the Living, to be reborn. The Aryans are those who are born twice, Arya means reborn a second time, this is very interesting because to cremate the body of a dead man is in the ‘Air tradition’, the Arya want to get in touch with the Spirit, the soul, the “etheric immateriality” . The burial, however, it is not the tradition of the Aryan people, it is of those who await the resurrection of the body. Even in India, the Yogis are not cremated. For example Aurobindo Goshe is mummified. Instead Taoism teaches us that the Wise, the Magician, when he dies, he resurrects in his own grave, and you do not find a corpse inside the grave, but you will find a sword. The Sword is the symbol of the physical spine with the Ida and Pingala, and Sushumna in the center, as the Yggdrasill of the Runes and as the Tree of Life, the Irminsul of the Odinic Germanic tradition.

Life, initially only for the SS, then for all the inhabitants of Germany, was punctuated with a new annual cycle, for example, the first day of the year was January 30th, the day of the takeover by Hitler, April 20 Hitler’s birthday, May 1 Labour Day, following the Summer Solstice which was celebrated with bonfires with Swastikas and Solar Wheels on the geomantic pagan hills. The most solemn of all feasts was November 9, remembering the fighters of the putsch of Munich in 1923. In Munich, in total silence, in front of hundreds of thousands of people, Hitler using the flag drenched in blood of the dead martyrs, performed a sort of baptism of all the flags from Germany. The final celebration of the National Socialist year, was called Yule, it replaced the Christian celebration of Christmas, which in turn had replaced the celebration of the Winter Solstice. So Germans returned to represent the ancient ceremony of the lights of Yule. In December, 1936, Himmler sent a message to all the leaders of the SS ordering that these Lights of the Yule feast had to be celebrated becuase the dying “Law” of the old year would be recovered by the flames of the new year, so this symbolized the continuity of German life from ancient times to the future.

Himmler’s SS was based on the hierarchical scheme of the Jesuit Order rather than on an ancient military model. Himmler came from a family of profoundly Catholic faith. His father had been the tutor of the noble Bavarian family of Wittelsbach, by whom he was honored to call his son Heinrich just like the young Wittelsbach. The founder of the Jesuits, Ignatius of Loyola, established for the Order of the Jesuits a command structure and initiation that Himmler followed by wire and signed after being able to retrieve a particular document, the “Vera acta Jesuit”, a text written in 1700 by an ex-Jesuit. This document was a detector in so many aspects, even misunderstood to the Jesuits of a non-grade level. Just as the Jesuits had become the religious wing of the Spanish Empire, Himmler saw in the same way his SS into the Reich of 1000 years. Although they were ostensibly orthodox, the Jesuits had studied in detail astrology, sacred geometry, geomancy and symbolism, as did the SS, even following the Germanic classical themes as shown by the internal magazine “Germanien”.

SonnenmenschenSonnenmenschen, Sunmen, Armans, Aryans, the Elite

“Just as the Jesuits, Himmler also established his own Inquisition: the Gestapo was a useful instrument to get any kind of information, even in the occult world, the Jesuits had shown what an armed organization could do acting with some kind of secrets over a conquered land such as California, for example. To occupy a nation, and to exercise spiritual power was the same goal of Himmler’s SS in an attempt to control mentally and physically the conquered lands. However, the parallel between the Nazis and the Jesuits is much deeper: the Jesuit novitiate lasts two years, followed by several years of studies and verifications by tutors, then finally the priest professed his vows. The SS were structured in the same way as the Society of Jesus, some Jesuits professed simple vows just as in the SS they were the soldiers of the Waffen SS. Other Jesuits profess special vows and considered themselves elected, they are the Elite of the Society of Jesus, in the SS this group was formed by the inner priesthood of the “Order of the Black Allgemeine”. The steps of the nomination of the SS were ritualized and formalized as those of any religious society: on November 9th, the 18 year old candidate was accepted as a postulant, on January 30th he became a cadet, on the 20th of April he became an SS permanent, with this oath:

“Ich schwöre dir, Adolf Hitler, als Führer und Kanzler des Reiches, Treue und Tapferkeit. Ich gelobe dir und den von dir bestimmten Vorgesetzten Gehorsam bis in den Tod, so wahr mir Gott helfe.”

“ I swear to you, Adolf Hitler, as Führer and Chancellor of the German Nation, loyalty and honor. I vow to you and to my superiors designated by you complete obedience until death. So help me God.”

By October 1st, he had to memorize the catechism of the SS, upon tracing the Catholic one, it showed with simple questions and answers the messianic role of Hitler. The hierarchical structure of the SS, like all occult and religious orders, were divided into three degrees of Initiation: the simple brothers, priests and high priests of the Black Order. In the Order of Himmler, in fact, there were three insignia: the lower symbol was in silver, a ring with runic symbols and the signature of Himmler, instead the dagger was the symbol of the Obersturmführer command, at the head of this Elite there was another interior Elite.

Himmler was influenced by the archaic rites of the Teutonic Knights of Barbarossa and of King Arthur, and even imitating Christ when choosing his top 12 for them to become his Disciples, only the Best could symbolically reunite with Barbarossa, or sitting at the Round Table or at the table of the Last Supper. More than masters of martial arts, they had the knightly virtues of honor, strength, loyalty and obedience to a higher authority, as well they had intended to create order on earth as medieval knights, that is to create a feudal system over what they considered a lower form of humanity. Himmler sought to find in the East, feudal domains for the SS, just as the Teutonic Knights wanted to suppress the non-Germanic peoples of the East. Another similarity between the Teutonic Order and the SS was meticulous bureaucracy that collected all the data of each member, financial records, legal and doctrinal. The headquarters of the Teutonic Knights, such as those of the SS, were at the same time, military and religious centers. In Italy, Castel del Monte, of Frederick II of Swabia, and Himmler’s Wewelsburg, were strongholds that the geomancers had determined being the most favorable locations. All the Knights were Mystics, even Himmler also had the same rites of Initiation of the Orders of the Eastern and Western Traditions.

As for Hitler, I think he is the Ultimate Avatar, the latest incarnation of Vishnu, for Hinduism. We are at the end of Kali Yuga, the dark age, the age of decadence. The end of this time is coming, and before going back to the Golden Age, the reincarnation of a God, Kalki, riding a white horse, will free every one, eliminating the differences and abuses of power. I would like to summarize my opinion on this topic. I like to think that this could be Hitler, just as Islam awaits the thirteenth Imam, our Redeemer will be Hitler, because Hitler is not dead, he is still alive.”

Miguel Serrano anos 97 (1986)


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