Lucifer is the bringer of Light. Light in the sense of illumination, gnosis, wisdom and poetry. Through trials, through initiation and through ritual, this other-worldly Light ascends as spectral brilliance after the dark night of the soul as the Morning Star in the East at dawn ~ Oyeihue


Lucibel is the bringer of Nightlight, Auric Beauty, dew, astral starlight on the moist foliage, humid fields, grass, leaves and trees. The twinkling eye of a snowflake as it swirls through the pre-dawn night air catching starlight and it’s auric brilliance. The muse who whispers on winds, whisping on the dewy leaves of Light like in a sky of Autumn. The Amada, the Beloved, whom glistens in the Evening Star in the West at dusk ~ Yepun

A 24 hour day/night wrapped in each others arms at twilight. The culmination of El/Ella (He/She) as NOS (WE) is Noontide and the culmination of Ella/El (She/He) as NOS (US) is Midnight.

The Initiation of the “Midnight Noontide”, “NOS”, is the ultimate goal of all initiates on this Path.and is found in the symbol of the 8-pointed star of Eterno Amor, Chilli-Mapu. The 6 pointed Hagal rune, MAN:YR (He/She) and YR:MAN (She/He) overlaid on each other. One horizontal, one vertical , to form the 8-pointed Ultimate Flower, the Non-Existent Flower of NOS (WE/US) which becomes more real than all the flowers on earth. Individuation, Total-Man, Over-Man. William Blake‘s “Poetic Genuis”,Friedrich Nietzsche‘s “Midnight Noontide”, Carl Jung‘s “Selbst”.


Jason Alfred Thompkins


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