A Hymn from the Blood

My personal rendition of a traditional Southern Gospel ballad. Whilst keeping the themes of the original intact I also re-wrote the words to give it a more personal meaning, an Armanen meaning, and also to capture the ghostly haunting elements I have always felt inside this song even as hearing it played in churches in my younger years. This song always spoke to my soul in a very nostalgic way and I always felt it to be chilling, icy and haunting.

Hidden within the old gospels of Christianity are Holy Kristian Whispers that speak to the blood of the Arman. The “seeds” of the Ice Krystal which transcends Religion. Blessed are they who hear the inaudible “whispering”.

Jason Alfred Thompkins III

~ Wayfaring Stranger ~ Harvest Rain ~ The Land of Tears is so Mysterious

I’m just a poor wayfaring stranger traveling through this world below. There is no sickness, no toil, no danger. In that glowing land to which I go. I’m going there to see my Father and all my kinfolk who’ve gone on. I’m just glowing over a river. I’m just flying home.

I see dark clouds gather around me. I know that way is tall and steep. But beautiful fields arise before me. Where candles burn as the Viduals keep. I’m going back to see my Mother. She said she’d meet me when I come. So I’m just flying aboard a river. I’m just flying home.

I’m going back to see my Brothers. Who all died in the war.
And you know their bones are shiny. And you know their bones are glowing. And I see their faces shining. And I see their bones glowing. I’m going back to meet my Sister. She said no straw-death I’d never die.



“Wayfaring Stranger” is featured on the Harvest Rain album “The Land of Tears is So Mysterious”

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