Night Hymns for a Pale Flower


I have put a good amount of my writings that I refer to as “Night Hymns” on a new page entitled “Night Hymns for a Pale Flower“. On this new page one will find my poetic renderings of my “mental-pictures” that come to me when I am at One with the Divine Muse. They are Hymns to the Nocturnal Wanderer, the Night Roamer, the Friend of Night Wind. Since a young boy I have been nocturnal and have always had a deep relationship with the Night. After the Night I then watch the Dawn. Watching the Morning Star, Oyihue, rise up in the East during the darkest pre-dawn hours has always been a Rite and Ritual unto itself. And watching the Evening Star, Yepun, set in the West right after dusk is also a part of this Night Chorus.


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