Polar Midnight


Yule ~ North, Midnight, Luminous Blackness. It is represented by the upper arm of the great wheel, the Black Sun. With it’s 12 mirrored SIG Runes that shine inside us, it permeates within us a nostalgic shimmering blackness for 12 nights. The most Northerly Midnight, the darkest night of the year. The lit candles on the “Living Tree”, the Ever-Green, represent this Luminous Darkness. Candles, fires, old traditional stories from generation to generation. The ancestral hymns echoing out in the night air, the caroling – all of this has vast meaning in the blood, in the memory within the blood.The shimmering lights all about the countryside. The night in which the wise old man rides through the air from his home at the North Pole. The star we put at the top of the tree represents this North Polar Ur-Star. The tree being the Irminsul. We are reminded of the great Exodus from most distant Thule that our Divine ancestors traversed. From the Ur-Star of celestial Hyperborea, to the spiraling lights which tell of each turn of the wheel, each epoch. These meaningful things take us to the roots of present day terrestrial man, the roots of the tree. And just as the great Exodus from our Divine Star took place, so will we return back up, epoch to epoch, branch to branch, light to light.
Thule ~ Most Farthest North, the realm of the ‘Midnight Sun’ and the apparition of the Green Ray, the Green-Violet/Purple Spectrum, the “center” of the great wheel, the 13th Hour, the flames made of white crystallized ice,  the unmoved mover, the Pole.

The ‘Black Sun’ has mirrored SIG Runes. This is because it shines inside us from “the other-side of the mirror” – the “other-side of the light” – it shines a luminous blackness – the polar opposite of the golden sun and the red-yellow spectrum. The initiates goal is to eventually unite with the “center” – Individuation. Nos. 


3 thoughts on “Polar Midnight

  1. Thank you Brother Alexander. I am basically putting up all my writings over the past two decades and will eventually synchronize them for a section of “The Resurrection of the Hero.” I never thought the day would come when what was happening in the Fatherland in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries would also happen to Us. But NOW is the time! Please email me at head_of_gereon@yahoo.com – I have something for you.

    Eterno Gloria!


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