The Astral Body, the Subtle Body


For a couple of years now I have slowly, through my astral experiences, realized that one does not go into the astral body as much as one “taps into”, “clicks into”, and/or “flips into” something that is always there. A frequency that is always flowing. When one has an orgasm they are not creating nothing new. One is simply “tapping into” that which is always there, always present. The  “ecstatic orgasm“, the “never-ending orgasm“, as it is called by Serrano. Recently I have been able to feel myself fall to sleep, and have been cognitive of both hemispheres of the brain at the same time, thus “falling into” the Astral Body, the Astral Aether. This has been a work I have been pursuing for a very long time. “Clicking” or “flipping into” the Astral is not easy and it does not seem so real, so easy, so believable, when one starts on a basic yoga technique. My situation is different. I have had out-of-body experiences and Lucid dreams since puberty. Therefore I studied this phenomena in-depth and this phenomena is what led me to my first teacher. Lama Geshe Dakpa Topgyal was/is a Tibetan exile living here in South Carolina. His teaching on Rlung, or “Wind Technique”, breathing techniques, were very influential on my early path. His teachings still stay with me to this day. However, I still can not access the Astral Body “at will” – it happens only when I am prepared and the right moment washes over me.

I am convinced that it has a lot to do with the Schumann Resonance. When in this state of non-gravity and awareness at the same time I am sometimes “shocked” or “jolted” out of it. There are times I literally bounce off the couch by my muscles receiving an electrical shock, The static shock seems to occur at the Manipura Chakra. This happens in a most profound way when someone touches me. Here I am reminded of the mystery of Don Serrano’s statement on why Kristos said “Noli me Tangere!”, “Do not touch me!“, to Mary, after he arose from the dead.

The Schumann Resonance has everything to do with Lightning, the Aurora, etc, and it is the “Frequency” of the earth. 7.83 Hz. This exact same frequency is found in the human brain when we sleep at night.

When I say one “taps into” something that is already there I do not mean “in the body” as such although the body is used as a “vehicle“. The “frequency” that is the Astral realm is running throughout space-time and beyond. When the Aryan brain is electrically pushed, stimulated, etc, thus creating so-called “chemicals“, then one can “click into” and feel this vibration, this frequency. Think of someone who jumps in a flowing river. They become “submerged” – they are now a part of that river until they get out, until they “jump out” and back onto “earth”, land. Whilst under water one may see others who are “submerged“. This is precisely how Astral projectors ‘see‘ other people while in the Astral Aether. In my experience it is like the negative of a photograph and sort of monotone although I truly believe it is of a non-colour and it is more of a ‘substance‘ of sorts – like the way a bat or other animals with radar “see“. This is where Kundalini comes in. Tantric Yoga can, without question, open dormant areas of the spine and put one into their “subtle body“. Below are the actual frequencies of the earth’s “aura” and more….…


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