El Cordon Dorado (Two Chapters in English) ~ Miguel Serrano

Here are two chapters from Miguel Serrano’s 1977 “El Cordon Dorado” (The Golden Cord). He speaks of his Initiation and the authentic meaning of megalithic stones. A slow tedious process of translating this book has been a spiritual adventure for me for the past five years.

Miguel Serrano_03


What kind of reincarnation did the Druids believe in? Most of us have heard or read of the theory of reincarnation where one returns to individuality, either going up or going down a zoological ladder, based on the theory of Darwin, or based on the theory of evolution, going back into an animal or progressing until we become angels, all based on the theory of so-called Karma. This concept of reincarnation is completely the opposite of the truth. It is not based on evolution, rather, it is based on involution. Man did not descend from the monkey, the monkey descended from man as a degenerative change, involution. The same thing has happened with man today. He is a degenerative form of the divine world, the God-man. The physical earth of today is nothing more than a degenerative form of a spiritual pristine earth.

Therefore, what we see is the result of the complete breakdown of morals where vice and corruption has become king. But there existed an ancient Earth and there exists an interior of the earth where nature is completely different and will return once again to it’s pristine purity when the earth becomes transfigured. The purpose of reincarnation is for one to return to one’s original homeland, to one’s own divinity, the individual’s place of origin. Reincarnation is but repetitive attempts to repeat the same history over and over until you find your own perfection. Once you find that perfection you are immortal. The memory inside your blood and chromosomes makes it an obsession. This is the memory we have with our own God.

Many times we have premonitions of the future because in our memories we have lived these scenes over and over. The people we meet seem familiar, as though we have met them before, and we have, over and over, in life after life. We also have in our memory banks the memories of all the natural disasters that occurred on this tortured Earth: cosmic disasters, the disappearance of Atlantis, the disappearance of Thule, and also everything that will happen in the future. We already know because we have already lived it time after time. Part of the Initiation is to reactivate your memory banks in proportion to your free will as a warrior, in order to reveal and remember Hyperborea.

If I am able to remember the marvelous city of the golden apples with fruits and animals that talked and communicated with man, because they were our friends, they were part of man itself, then it is because my heritage is from the Celts, or the Druids, or the Visigoths and because I was born at the South Pole. All this is in our memory banks within the cells of our blood. This is also a part of my Polar Initiation. This is my reincarnation, the reincarnation of my obsessive melody, my perfect note. To be brought to it’s highest tone.

Miguel Serrano ~ El Cordon Dorado 1977


I arrived at Santiago de Compostela on the 21st of June. Without knowing it, it was that day they were going to open the “sacred door of the temple” which is done once every five years when the sun is in direct line with the summer solstice. This marks the path to the sacred peak. At this place a spiritual person related to the Hyperborean race, which is semi-divine, should be able to reintegrate alchemically, mystically, to his place of extraterrestrial origin, to his Star.

To go through these mountains and secret passages one has time to meditate, to prepare for the change, and receive divine visions. Inside the Church of San Milagro (St. Miracle) is a Grail and it is said that the other Grail is in San Juan de la Pena where the words ’Parzival and Wagner’ are inscribed. To drink out of that Grail is to drink the blood of the Blue Race of Hyperborea. The Grail is green with the colors of a ray passing through a black sun. But before coming to this place you should stop at the Convent Benedictino de Samos, which is in reality a German name, a Visigoth name, with a Sanskrit history, which in translation means “The Great Hyperborean Forefathers.” The convent was built in the fifth century. I climbed the sacred peak. When I reached the top I was met by a young person who led me to a cave, and he told me that I could enter the interior of the earth through this cave.

I continued on to Noya and at their cemetery I contemplated the strange signs, I remembered the magic runes, for this is the place where many were Initiated. A man suddenly appeared in the form of a swastika. He had a head, arms and legs, with a cup in his hand. The man represented symbols, schematics, that don’t start with him nor do they end with him, showing all the possible changes, alterations. and mutations. They are lines of force, which exist in all the caves of the earth. These formula-signs are atomic numbers, which would mean that even if the man were to disappear, the vibration of the sign and symbol, present and contained within stone, will recreate him over and over. The Divine-man, the Over-man. If one lets his instinct guide him he will be lifted to new heights guided by his Star.

It is 36 miles to Ageitos through a pine forest. It is here that one receives the secret. Three stones hold up the roof. Four stones support the other three. The total is eight. This is the number of the Templar’s Monument. The tension within those stones marks the beginning. Then you will hear the music of underground water flowing, the river of the other earth, this is the door to the other side.

Paul Bochet wrote much about the Druids. He wrote of how they constructed megaliths. Before the arrival of the Celts, the Druids knew the secrets of the invisible magnetic currents that flow within the Earth. We call it the “Law of the Circulation of Blood through the first Astral Earth“. In these subterranean hydraulic currents you should place a stone needle, just like acupuncture, or like those who put needles into dolls to injure some person, called black magic. This is the key to creating a magnetic circle, the contact point between the visible world and the invisible world, between the material world and the astral plane, between two worlds of vibration. Between two currents a mantra is produced, this vibration can be felt in the waters of the moon. These keys are still there to be used by anyone who wants to use them.

If you can hear a current of subterranean water you put one megalithic stone in the form of a needle (wide on one end and pointed on the other end) into the ground. But if you hear two or three currents of water you build a megalithic monument with two or three supports (needles) and then connect them with a stone slab on the top. Many churches have been built upon these sacred grounds and this means that there exists an invisible church where one can enter the invisible world.

M. Serrano – El Cordon Dorado 1977


2 thoughts on “El Cordon Dorado (Two Chapters in English) ~ Miguel Serrano

  1. Thankyou Torch Bearer for the translation of this prodigious work by Don Miguel, I sincerely believe you will be able to complete your translation in the future. Of particular interest to me was Don Miguel here pointing out that churches have been built atop certain subterranean water courses, and entrances. I have pointed out the exact same thing via intuitive dia-gnosis in my own book. There is I could say now a type of geomantic-spiritual acupuncture taking place on the surface of the earth, as if we are some form of specialized invisible needles!

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