Esoteric Hitlerism – Three Fundamental Positions


Excerpts from El Cordon Dorado and, in particular, the chapters of the Three Fundamental Principles.

~ Exceprts from El Cordon Dorado 1977 — Miguel Serrano

The Templars discovered that Christ is a solar entity and was never within a human body nor was he crucified on earth. The cross is a star zodiac symbol known by the philosophers Pythagoras and Plato. They said that “the spirit is crucified in the four worlds.” The mineral and vegetable worlds are the vertical masculine descendants; the animal world is the horizontal feminine descendant. In this way the spirit is crucified to involution. We are forced to find a way to cosmic consciousness. The Rosicrucians teach that when the rose appears in the middle of the cross, we begin to rise up above involution. Those Christians who believe in this Christ are the true Christians of the Greek Hermetic Cross, of the Christ of Atlantis, and not the Jewish Christians or Judeo-Christian faiths. The Templars do not negate the Cross, which is a mystical magical symbol.



What was this extraordinary order of the temple? The initiation of knights? Who inspired Hitler in the beginning and who guided him along these later years? No doubt it was the Hyperborean guides, the spirit of the Druids which were working inside the convents, and the first of these is Saint Bernard of Clairvaux.

Saint Benito was the founder of the Benedictino Order; he died in the year 546. It is believed that his order inspired the Druids. In a convent in Austria, Heilingenkreus (Holy Cross), in Mayerling, the monk Joseph Lanz was sent to study the archives of the convent Benedictino de Lambach in the same town where Hitler lived as a boy and where the swastika was reborn. Joseph Lanz was there for a year. Joseph Lanz then decided to live the life of a monk and he changed his name to George Lanz Von Liebenfels. In the year 1900 he created a new temple order in Vienna and he wrote various books. He also printed a magazine entitled ’Ostara’, the German God of spring, dawn, east and light. He began to speak of Thule, of the Hyperboreans, of the city of Agartha, and Shamballah. It is believed that Hitler was a constant reader of the magazine ’Ostara’. It is even possible that Lanz initiated Hitler during this period. But it was in Munich where Hitler came into contact with Rudolph Hess, Dietrich Eckhart, Rosenberg, and Haushofer. Many believe that these people were also initiated into the Thule Society, but Haushofer was not a member of the Thule Society, he was a member of the Vril Society, founder of which was Von Sebottendorf, one of Germany‘s most famous astrologers. This society was formed in Munich in 1918. Both the Thule Society and the Vril Society had the swastika as their symbol. The Thule Society also had a dagger in their symbol, which resembles the symbol of the SS.

The entomology of Thule, the capital of Hyperborea was Celtic, which is derived from the word ’thu-al’, north, the most extreme point of the known world. The Initiation into the El Cordon Dorado teaches us that Thule of Hyperborea is the sacred center of revelation, of midnight, the first sanctuary of Initiations, the image of light at the pole where divine sages live.


Blood was the first fluid made out of magnetic light. It is the astral soul manifested in human bodies. Blood is a spiritual, hermetic concept. The divine purpose for preserving the bloodline of Aryans is to reawaken the memory banks of our DNA so that we may overcome the process of involution by remembering our origin, our heritage, and our previous great civilizations. The Jews on the other hand will only perpetuate hate and vengeance, based on a criminal God created from their own minds for the purpose of enslaving mankind, their incubated Dracula. This is what has changed the course of history.



When someone is submerged in a myth, a legend, within symbols, in the Green Ray, that person is possessed by the cosmic forces of history. The prophets were not considered anti-Jewish when they called Jehovah the Devil! The confusion as to the SS before and after the war was due to the fact that the SS also controlled the political police, the Gestapo, a branch of the SS. But every member of the SS that we refer to in this book was a spiritual Initiate. Not every member of the SS was a member of the Nazi Party. In these meetings everything was discussed, White Gods, Jews, bloodlines, Germany. The SS had created an order to flourish after the war which was to be separate of the totalitarian state, separate from any other organization or political party. The philosopher Heidegger was a member of the Nazi Party and remained a Nazi until his death in 1976. The pendulum is now on the Jews side and it has not swung the other way yet. It is not the appropriate hour.




Once Germany was conquered in the Second World War, the Jews had won their promised land; a geographical point on the astral earth. Esoteric Hitlerism contends that the Jews have falsified a myth that belongs to the Aryans, the promised land of Hyperborea, the Polar Thule, where the exact point exists to “exit” the earth to other planets of our origin. Since we must return according to laws of spiritual evolution and through the preservation of our race, we will do this by the power of ‘Vril.’

There are those who believe that these myths are purely symbolic and that everything we have talked about so far such as the hollow earth, fair temperature, white men, luminous women with magical powers, Agartha, Shamballah, the Grail, are only symbols within our own beings that guide our evolution. Remember this earth cannot survive the Kaliyuga Age without the help of divine men and beings on this earth. Therefore there is a spiritual change, which comes first on the astral level, then a physical change on this earth. Both are necessary.

It is a grave mistake for the Jews to appropriate the land of the Palestinians and then to say that it is their promised land. This act on an astral level has caused a catastrophe for the future of the people on Earth. The Jews have stolen the Golden Apple from the Aryan Gods and the Aryan Gods will have their vengeance.


The spirit guides from the astral world explained that the Second World War was only the first part of the great World War and that Hitler was supposed to lose the first part or first battle (“Hitler lost a battle, not the WAR”). Hitler knew this and he was ordered to fight to the end by the spirit guides knowing he would lose. He had to comply with destiny. On the 26th of April 1942 Hitler declared the following: “The gods don’t love, they demand the impossible.” The Gods only give their blessing to those who do not falter in complying with their mission. At the end of the war Hitler declared in Berlin “For a people to resist as have the German people, prepare for a new era because in the final war the battle will be won by the Germans” and during the firefight an SS soldier asked Hitler “and who are we supposed to fight for?” and Hitler responded “For him who will come later.” Hitler already knew that in the Astral world the armies were getting ready for the final days and that he was chosen to lead these armies. Fulfilling the prophecy of Enoch in the legend. Hitler left in a Disk of Light in 1945.


The Hermetic Law declares that whatever happens in heaven happens on earth, therefore all myths and legends become reality, the difference is in rates of vibratory energy where things happen quickly in heaven because of its high vibratory nature whereas on Earth everything happens slowly because of the slow vibratory energy. Therefore the land of Thule exists, Atlantis exists and we can recuperate our lost cities. This is what our Templars sought with the help of spirit guides. To recreate those magic moments of the Druids, the Celts, the Germanic tribes, the Hindu Aryans, bringing our earth back to divinity from whence we started. To overcome involution.

In Shamballah one is taught how to use the power of Vril, which brings about an automatic transfiguration. One is Initiated as a warrior. Those who are Initiated warriors are born here on Earth to fight and struggle to bring about the New Solar Age. These warriors make up the great “Golden Cord” through time to guarantee that planet Earth is not abandoned by the spirits.


The third fundamental is that the Earth is a living being.

The same as man, the Earth has an “Etheric body”, which we refer to as the “other Earth”, the “First Earth”, the “Astral Earth.” Within the Etheric body we find the Hyperborean Thule, and the cities of Agartha and Shamballah and they are inside Earth.

Is it not extraordinary to know that the SS talked of the hollow earth and they searched for the secrets of how to enter? As we have said, both the North and South Pole are “entry” points into the hollow earth and the “exit” points to the astral Earth, which we call the parallel earth. The spirit guides work incessantly both in the astral earth and on the physical earth to fulfill their missions knowing that we are suffering from this age of involution. At this point in time within the age of involution the spirit guides are not coming to the physical earth and they expect us to communicate with them to receive instructions and divine messages. One has to be very careful that he is communicating with divine spirits and not semi-divine spirits.

True divine spirit guides are necessary. They must help on both the astral level and on the terrestrial level at the same time, especially at this most critical time on our planet. The earth, just like man, is not immortal unless he makes contact with the spirit world consciously. This is the duty for the great Hyperborean spirit guides.

The third vision is of the First Hyperborea before the separation between Agartha and Shamballah, before the shifting of the North and South Pole. Therefore, our Earth has been spiritualized and the spiritual earth has been contacted by the Druids, the Templars, and the SS. They have established centers of communication with the higher civilizations in the center of the earth.



The concept of the Druids and the Templars was the Solar/Polar Initiation, the Hyperborean Initiation, which intended to establish a divine order where the power was in “service”, which can only be accomplished when in contact with extraterrestrials, or Divine Masters from other dimensions, from the symbolic north and at midnight. Seven hundred years ago an attempt was made to save the Earth from its involution and to transfigure it. The victory of inferior currents and the destruction of the Templars brought this world to humanism and rationalism, the animal-man with animal feelings constantly revolving in circles cutting off all spiritual connections to the universe and as a result has lost all power to connect with other dimensions, cosmic beings, divine beings, and Gods. They have lost the power of “Vril.”

All of civilization is drowning as the slaves of the cybernetic world become more and more human (demonic) and less godly. There is no earthly way to escape from this never-ending spiral.

If the Templars were still here today we would live in a more magical world where superhuman feats would be commonplace. Hitler and Germany had the atomic bomb but Hitler decided not to use it. Germany also had flying saucers. The victors of the war stole many of Germany’s military secrets. It is very probable that the atomic bomb used against Japan was actually of German origin. The Germans had discovered a new technology (used in there flying saucer experiments) where they found it was not necessary to win the physical World War II. They found that it was necessary to lose that war to save the legend. They found the “Other Science”, of the Megaliths, of Anti-Gravity, of Implosion.

If we analyze what the Germans or the SS accomplished in only six years it was nothing less than a miracle, more on the same level as the Templars. It is believed that the SS also found the Holy Grail and they were able to decipher it. If the SS could have imposed their government there would have been no usury, no communism, and no capitalism which are really one and the same and help each other destroy the divine and the divinity, resulting in nothing more than rationalism.



1. Serrano went on in MANU to reveal that in the early 1980s he had a secret meeting with top National Socialist scientist with the help of Rudolf Mund (the new leader of the ONT) and Wilhelm Landig (SS Counter-Espionage), Here he was given direct evidence that, in fact, your United States government stole the atomic bomb from Germany and proceeded to be the ONLY government in world history to use a weapon of mass destruction against another nation. Not once, but twice.


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  1. As I was looking at a picture of the spinal column with the nervous system attached and the brain on top, it ocvured to me that this is the “Tree of Sorrow”. Our very own nervous systems… The cross of crucifixion within the material realm. I was fascinated and disgusted by that image.

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