Hyperborea and Atlantis (El Cordon Dorado) ~ Miguel Serrano


“There are various brain-centers in man, within the physical body and outside of it. My books also reactivate those other brain centers and therefore must be understood outside pure rationality. Superior women will especially find themselves capable of this….”

M. Serrano


In Plato’s “Timaeus and Critias” there is a story of three sisters who guarded the Garden of the Hesperides. One was Black, one was White, and one was Red. This garden was located in Atlantis. The colors of black, white and red are used in Alchemy. Alchemy was used in Atlantis. In “Timothy” the phrase is used “One, two, three. Where is the fourth?” Also in Montsegur four knights escaped with the treasure of the Grail, but only the names of three knights are known. Where is the fourth? In the process of Alchemy the yellow color appears between white and red and in reality it is actually white or red in a state of indecision. Therefore the fourth element is actually the third. What we must look for is not the fourth but the fifth, the philosopher’s stone, the Holy Grail. What color represents the fifth element? It is probably Blue, the color the kings used in their sacred ceremonies in Atlantis. What happened to the blue race? The blue beings from Thule, Hyperborea and Venus? According to Jurgen Spanuth, who wrote the book “Atlantis,” the missing continent of Atlantis is at the bottom of the North Sea and it disappeared 1300 years before our age.

Plato said that Atlantis reached the other side of the ocean, where we find today North and South America. According to the legend Hercules went to steal golden apples from the Garden of the Hesperides and he had to fight against the giant “Anteo.” From here the legends speak of Hyperborea, land of the giants, of supermen, from the North Pole, and they lived in cities constructed of materials clear as glass. The white skin of these beings were almost blue; their hair was of a pale golden color. The women were beautiful and they had magical powers which permitted them to communicate with other worlds. They received their powers from Vril energy.

Hyperborea was connected to all the continents and it was situated in the Arctic before the Earth became transformed during the Second Glacier Period. Iceland, Greenland and Spitzberger were actually parts of the continent Hyperborea. Atlantis was actually a peninsula which extended out from Hyperborea. From there extended Thule – North and South America. Some people think that Atlantis was actually part of Hyperborea on the same continent.

This continent existed throughout various glacier periods as evidenced through the discovery of ice walls which were built 4500 years before our age. According to the legends Hyperborea can only be accessed by a secret tunnel through the ice which runs right up to the Euphrates. It is said that some of the Hyperborean descendants still live in Iceland and Greenland and also the Island of the Dead (Dead island). There exist legends that Irish monks and Vikings explored some of the northern islands and found them deserted.


The legend continues that the Hyperboreans migrated first to the Gobi then to India. They also migrated to the Caucasian mountains and Europe. They were only small colonies. By this time the divine knowledge disappeared. All the extraterrestrial power that the Hyperboreans possessed, a product of Vril Power, where they could travel faster than a thought, where their Flying Machines needed no pilot or steering mechanism. According to ancient Indian lore these flying machines (Vimanas) were fueled by “music” and “sound” and could read “the thoughts and emotions of man.”

In Hyperborea every fifth woman born within a family had magical powers. The number 5 symbolizes Hyperborea, the polar cap. Today, the use of current philosophical teachings, astrology, astronomy, and science correspond to a different reality. The real astral science, the real cosmic knowledge has been lost. The only thing we have left is El Cordon Dorado, the “Golden Cord.”

On Viking Island they had an advanced civilization that practiced Alchemy and the secret sciences. They came very close to our original inhabitants. Iceland is filled with Solar magnetism and special terrain close to Ogigia, the Fabulous. It is here we remember the secret of the celestial City of the four masters with its entrance of 12 revolving black crosses (the Black Sun). As it was told by Joseph Lanz, who would be received by the Supreme Lord at the End of the Sixth Age.

What happened to the survivors of Hyperborea? To those who fled to Iceland and Greenland; are they all gone? Have they returned to the planet from which they came (Lucifer-Venus)? To another constellation closer than the Black Sun that reflects the Green Ray in their UFOs which can travel faster than thought itself? We do know that some of theses survivors remained here on Earth to help guide selected Earthlings with their great powers. But not on the surface of the Earth but from inside the Earth. They formed the cities of Agartha and Shamballah within the Hollow Earth.

Thule was the capital of Hyperborea. It is said that the teacher of the philosopher Pythagoras was a Hyperborean. In the sacred texts of the Hyperboreans the White gods would one day come out from within the earth and return to the stars in the eagle of gold on a white horse. The rest of us would be judged at the end of the Dark Age, Kali Yuga and the beginning of the Golden Age or Satya Yuga, when the axis of the earth is changed through a catastrophe. The poles would become one in a perfect axis, the same as when the First Age began on this planet where man could live to be a thousand years old.


The Initiation into El Cordon Dorado, the Golden Cord, teaches us that Hyperboreans came from heaven. They were Gods and semi-gods. Apollo and Lucifer were Hyperboreans. Every nineteen years they left Greece to live in Hyperborea rejuvenated and feeling fresh. In the age of Pisces Apollo and Lucifer were chained to the ice in the North Pole. The sun left our world and all Extraterrestrial knowledge vanished.

It was Apollo and Lucifer whom initiated the secret of the golden apples in the Garden of Atlantis. Lucifer is the carrier of knowledge and light. In the age of Pisces the world falls into the well of profane knowledge, with no contact to the transcendental world, falling into a world of technology without a soul, based on rationalism. In the next stage of Kaliyuga, the age of Iron, we go even lower. This all happens because Lucifer and Apollo were tortured and made victims of defamation.

Who were the first to come here and teach the inhabitants? Without a doubt it was the Gods. All the myths and legends attest to this fact. When the world is no more, our myths and legends will live on. We have lost the ancient science, the superior technology based on transcendental magic. All we have left is El Cordon Dorado, the Golden Cord.

It makes no difference how long man has been living on the face of the earth. All knowledge has come from outside. The Gods have brought the Grail, the treasures; fallen angels remain here on earth to keep all the treasures under their custody. They have lost a Celestial war. A fallen angel falls in love with a woman here from earth and creates a race of semi-gods. After that, the angel leaves. Would Osiris-Lucifer be the angel? The woman is left a widow. The descendants of the semi-gods are called Sons of the Widow.

For those who have doubts about Esoteric Hitlerism, you will soon learn of Its credibility. When the Gods purified the Earth by covering it with water, only the mountain sheep herders, the ignorant and a few others who knew the truth survived. One great wave that passed during the night destroyed Atlantis. The land on the opposite side of the ocean was elevated miles above the water level.
Our current science speaks of the precision of our equinoxes. Because of the equinoxes every 26,000 years the polar caps experience a spring, a summer, an autumn, and/or a glacial winter. In the glacial winter the glacial ice gets extremely packed and heavy, increasing the weight on that end of the earth. This causes the water to rush towards the equator and increases the speed of the planet’s rotation at its center (the equator).

In the polar summer, the ice melts, and the water runs towards the equator. The centrifugal force of the earth is increased. When the centrifugal force of earth increases it speeds up time. Today we see things happening very fast, where as before it would take 20 years to produce some of the phenomenon we see today. This is a sign. The Hyperborean Thule existed during the polar summer. With the increase in speed of the rotation of the earth the water covered the extremes of our planet and Thule disappeared. All that was saved were the legends and Myths, El Cordon Dorado, The Golden Cord.

During the 26,000 years we see all kinds of natural disasters. Those who live on the face of the earth have their legends, their myths, and their traditions. Within the center of the earth they live and experience those traditions, legends and those very myths become reality. The radiant door is open to an invisible world…..


I have thought a lot about John Dee’s Mirror in the British Museum. I suspect it was the Black Mirror of Princess Papan where she could clearly see the White Gods of Hyperborea. Those who have seen UFOs know that the Disks of Light knew the thoughts within their minds. For the Disks of Light can read the “thoughts and emotions” of man and woman. This is because the Disks materialized from a parallel world. Therefore the UFOs are always present, but we cannot see them.

Fortunate are those who are able to see them!

The original inhabitants of this Earth were the White Gods of Thule, Hyperborea. They showed mankind civilization and put their Genes in the Blood. They came to earth from other planets, maybe Venus, the Morning Star, in some Ancient Age. They all lived in Thule, in the pure virginal white Polar regions. Walls of Ice protected this world of Masters and Supermen. When the first catastrophe occurred on the planet Earth, they went to live in the inside of the Earth. When the continent of Atlantis disappeared, those Masters who received the “Hyperborean Initiation” joined the others inside the Earth.

Many more are arriving who have been Initiated.

Miguel Serrano – El Cordon Dorado


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