Serrano – The Resurrection of the Hero (excerpts)



On the 20th of April, 1986, in this fateful Christian era, on the anniversary of the Birth of Adolf Hitler, marking 97 years of his birth, in the year 97 of the New Hitlerian Era, be prepared and read, my comrades, the fundamental ideas in this document, which I now give to the movement, to make it more widely known. I do this before the visitation to Chile of that fateful character, the Pope of the Jewish Church of Rome, whom, together with the Great Synagogue and the Masonic Lodges, have been preparing for the coming of the Jewish Messiah, the “King of the World”, for which they created their own Messiah, Jesus Christ, convincing his flock, “his flock of sheep”, that he will bring about the return of Christ in glory and majesty, as told by the Gospels and awaited by Christians for nearly two thousand years.

John Paul II! Besides the symbolism that the Church gives to this name we must think of the fateful meaning of the following two words together: ” Apocalip sis” (Art that Unveils – Translator) and the realization of the deepest aspirations of the Jewish Saul of Tarsus, also called Paul, or San Pedro, the true creator of Christianity, as we have seen, imposed and enforced in the twenty centuries of its bloody history. All of this will be explained in these pages. The current Pope is intending to carry out among Christians the most recent plans of Judaism (S/Paul), the “Revelations”, the end of the world (John). The service of a Demonic Beast whose number is 666. The Demiurge and his “Electronic Messiah.” (See my book : National Socialism, the Only Solution for the Peoples of South America)

The ancients knew full well the secret and magical power of words. In my work, NOS – Book of the Resurrection, in the Chapter “Orphic Music”, I refer to this fundamental issue. Real words, initiatory words, were kept secret because true power was granted to those who knew the occult meaning behind words (Mantrams). And this happened in towns, which were founded by wise men and magicians, in secret ceremonies, held in the utmost secrecy. The magical esoteric name of any given city (Nomen Mysticum) were known only to the priests, magi and kings. By the Pharaoh in Egypt and the Emperor in Rome ; by the Dalai Lama in Tibet ; there began a ceremonial delivery of this knowledge of the Mysterious Name (Nomen Mysticum), to the new ruler, or the new high priest, the Pontifex Maximus. The SS also had the secrets of this knowledge in occult structures within the Castles of the Black Order. And Hitler, in his grandiose plans of magical architecture.

I’m certain the Spaniards, the founders of the cities in the New World, also gave secret names, laden with powerful meaning and symbolism to the cities they built here. They were repositories of Visigoth and Roman tradition (building upon the magical square , the “apple”). Don Pedro de Valdivia, for example, apart from giving the name Santiago, Chilli Mapu, from the name given to the capital, was provided with a Nomen Mysticum, known only to him and his successor. The name Santiago already withholds a deep meaning. Santiago is the Patron Saint of the Visigoth Spanish Cavalry, a kind of Kalki ; the Ultimate Avatâra , whom also appears riding on a white horse and brandishing a sword to help his warriors in combat. The Secret Name of the Chilean capital will go from one ruler to another in the greatest secrecy. And it would never be revealed. Who had been the last Pontiex to go to Chile that I know of? Did he lose consciousness of the Nomen Mysticum?
If that is the case then that is the worst of evils that would await us ; even worse is the possibility that the occult name has come to the attention of our enemies, because in that case they would have gained a decisive power over this country and its inhabitants.

Let us hope that the secret name is still unknown to the corrupt rulers and is guarded by Masters, kept in secret and magical archives within the City of Santiago, the city of the Nueva Extremadura. It would be a tragedy of incalculable proportions if the Nomen Mysticum were to be delivered to the knowledge of the Pope – whose very visit is near. Because if he utters it, that sinister Pasu, the greatest misfortune will fall about us.

If knowledge of this Magical Name is stored in a chest of gold and silver which is made of precious wood from the Arauco Forest of Reche and is still offered to a Leader of Chilli-Mapu, ancestrally born of this Sacred Land, the sublime Andes, that Leader will invoke it as a means to neutralize the spell of this dark presence, which soon will be felt in these areas of our mystical homeland.

For the educated reader and comrades of Esoteric Hitlerism, they will come to the understanding that the following pages are not Anti-Kristian, but are, in fact, Authentic Kristianity (with a K), of the Aryan, in whom it has been preserved with its esoteric and magical meaning, it is the Kristianity of Wotan and the Greeks.  However, these pages are also deeply anti-Christian, the Jewish Christianity of Saul, of Paul of Tarsus, the Christianity which was invented and controlled by a Jew all the way until our present era, just like Marxism.

We feel that these pages are important because they have managed to summarize and express, in ways never before possible, the deepest undercurrents of Esoteric Hitlerism, inspired and dictated by the Avatara Himself. Published now, because of the dire situations in Chile. They are also, and above all, a tribute given to Adolf Hitler, marking 97 years since his birth, issuing in the Foundation of a New Era in this world, running parallel with the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, that is to say, the Hitlerian Age.

Heil Hitler!
Miguel Serrano
April 20th in the 97th year of the New Era



The Gods came to fight that strange force which has corrupted the Ur-historical purity, risking contamination of their fiery blood. Materializing, being imprisoned in the “Concentration Camp Universe” of the Eternal Return.

God is Goten, or Gott in German and God in English. It comes from the German Gut meaning Good in English. That is ; God is Good. The Good God. It is also Güeno ; in archaic Castilian, the Visigoths of Spain. And good man is Gutman in German and Guzman in Castilian Gothic or Visigoth. Therefore, Philip II of Spain said that “the war against the Araucanians of Chile had cost them the best of their Guzman”, meaning the best of his Visigoths, his “good men ” or Warriors, the Goths. And it remains curious that the Cathars of the Gothic Languedoc, also occupied by the Visigoths, called themselves Bonhommes ; good men. Because God is Good.

Therefore the name of Wotan, the Germanic God, is also Gutan (Güatan, including the Vikings of South America), must mean something common, the village of Goths, the Gutanes ; ie , the whole pantheon of gods who entered into combat with the Demiurge and his hosts in the visible universe, trapped in the cyclic sign: the Beserker Warriors, coming from Asgard, the holy city of the Asen. Asen, Axe, the Polar Axis before it disappeared from the catastrophe that engulfed Hyperbórea and its capital,
Thule. ( See Annex I).

Gott, God, Godo. The Gods are the Goths, the Gutanes. The people of the Goths divided into several branches. Some of them came to Spain. The Ostrogoths, the “Bright Goths” (God’s Bright Ones), the Visigoths, the “Gothic Sages” (Wise Gods).

In Spain, the Visigoths called each other Asen to remind themselves of their divine origin, of another world, Asgard, or Asgarten, Garden of the Asen, The Garden of the Hesperides, of the Apples of Gold : The Golden Age. Aryana Baiji, or Ariana Vaejo ; Hyperborea. The Sign of Wotan is Sieg, the Sieg Rune, of Victory. It is also the emblem of the Gothic town. The Jetta, or Getas, one of their tribes were considered “Gods chosen people”, God himself ; because “The Son and the Father are one and the same”, “A God”.

In India, or Gauthama Godo, is Gotama the Buddha.

They call themselves Asen because of Asgard, the Abode of the Olympian Gods, whence they descended to fight the Demiurgic forces before the involution of the heroes and before the Polar Axis deviated. Before the Gods “mixed with the daughters of men” and involution set in, turning the Gods into Heroes.


On the Continent of the North Pole, the semi-physical First Hyperborea is lost. With the lose of Hyperborea, the center of power, the Runes are also lost. They are the symbols of the Zodiacal Gods, originating in another Universe, which in Sanskrit are called Chakras. The first symbols of an unspoken language, the Word, the Logos Spermatikos. The words of modern language are like an equivalent to a decline in communication between modern day humans. The superior language does not consist of words. The Word, resembling animals, birds and trees, is a pristine instantaneous transmission of energy. A thought unthought.

To recuperate their losses, the Gods will materialize, Wotan/Gutan crucified, symbolizing the descent into matter. Wotan is crucified on the Yggdrasil Tree of Terror. On an Ash tree, Asche in German, almost equal to Asen, the name of the Gods descending from Asgard. Ase, Achse, Axis; both terrestrial and polar. Therefore, we must understand the mystery: the Asen, the God, will depend on his own Axis, his Column, which has deviated from Pole to Pole, being suspended by Nine Nights, according to the Norse Saga of the Edda. Nine is the magical number par excellence, for in its multiple it is repetitive; Moreover, it is sacred because it has “trans-polarized” the Demonic Number of the Demiurge, of the Great Beast! Turning the involutive spiraling 6 upside down, transmutating 6 into the upward spiraling 9.
This is the symbolism of the Triumphant departure. Wotan has changed the Axis of the Astral Pole to it’s former position. The column which puts Heaven within Hyperborea and holds onto the Cosmic-Man, the Cosmic-Creator. He straightens his own Column, his Pole and returns to the Golden Age by way of the Left-Rotating Swastika.

The Runic Kristos, the Kristos of Atlantis

We have said that this is a sacred history. It truly is a Sacred Autobiography written by the Gods themselves. The Gods are born, die and are resurrected. They love Fresno, Esche, Asche, because it is the Asen, Axis, Ash. They adore one another. But the truth is that Wotan was crucified on a stone. On the rocks of the Externsteine, in the center of the ancient forests of Germania. There I have seen his gigantic figure imprinted within the “cosmic plasmation”, with a bowed head to the side, hanging in that position to draw the Axis of Heroes, his Axis, diverted to the left side and only working from that position (from the left, with the Lefthanded Swastika), where the recovery of Time and Eternity can be traced. ( “Eternity is Time in Reserve”, as defined by Knut Hamsun ).

Wotan retrieves the Runes and is liberated on the Ninth Night, sacrificed by himself to himself. The New Futhark, under foreign influence, was modified in a failed attempt to be Christianized. Indeed, the Odal Rune, the Rune of Wotan, has been subtracted for the Hagal Rune. Therefore we are not surprised to see Judaism appropriate this sign of magical and alchemical androgyny in their six-pointed Star of David.The Hagal Rune also symbolizes the Fish, the Age of Pisces, and is also the Greek monogram of lesous Xristos (Jesus Christ), an Aion, a Solar entity. Fish in Greek is Ixtios with an I; just as Iesous, resembling the word Xristos. The I of Iesous (and Ixtios) – crossing the X of Xristos (I over X equals Hagal), forming the Hagal Rune. This entire astrological symbol is also alchemical, representing the coming together of man and woman, the Androgyne; Unified.
The Hagal Rune of Esoteric Kristianism should symbolize the Age of Pisces, delivered by Wotan to break away from the “Tree of Terror” (the Cross of the Left-Hand), during the Ninth Night. The Religion of Absolute Man, Celestial Man, the Androgynous Kristos. But 9 was changed into 6, of the Jews, into the Star of David and into exoteric Judaiced Christianity. 6, Involution, spiraling downward. 9. transmutation, spiraling upward.

The retrieved Odal Rune appears on the cover of this book. It is the Kristianity of Wotan, of Esoteric Hitlerism. The Hagal Rune does not have to exclude Odal; on the contrary, they are complementary. It should again be included in Odin’s Futhorkh, to be Wotan’s Rune. Within the Aquarian Age, when the Hagal Rune is extended into the eight-pointed rune-star of Venus, the Hyperborean Star of the Aryans. The Star of Amor, also of the Reche Araucanos and found in the first Flag of Chilli Mapu. (Today stolen from the National Historical Museum of Santiago de Chile). The eight-pointed star I call the Venuris Rune (Ven-Ur-Is) (Venus), the Green Rune of the Green Ray, is composed of two Hagal runes and can not be removed from the Futhorkh of Aquarius, as it has fulfilled the sign of Pisces, which has already passed. And because the androgynous is not the end of which Esoteric Hitlerism pursues, but that of Absolute Man; Absolute Man and Woman, united and separated forever. The Two Hagal Runes cross-linked (together and apart) represent Absolute Man and Woman. The Eight-pointed star, which is already a Star, which has the shape of a Star, the Seventh Sun. of the Maya, of Total Man: the Venuris Rune enclosed by a circle, turning within it’s Circle. When this happens It becomes a UFO, a Vimana.

The ultimate goal of the war waged here, with the entry of the Warrior-Gods, of the Divyas and Vîras, in the universe of the Demiurge, is symbolized by the Venus Star, the Venuris Rune, that of the Asen, the Frisians and the Araucanians. The Absolute Man, individuated, together with his Ella/She, united in separation. ELELLA and ELLAEL – HIM-HER and HER-HIM, in my own terminology. Because the way out of this Universe is by the Window of Venus. The Morning and Evening Star, which in itself is a double Hagal Rune, a Double Star, Absolute Man and Absolute Woman, Two Stars in A chord, the Double Star of Amor: Baphomet, Quetzalcoatl, Abraxas, Lucifer. From there to the Black Sun, which takes us, successively, to the nonexistence of the Green Ray; the Universe of Absolute Man and Absolute Woman. The Non-Existent Flower.
The enemy attempts to corrupt the Futhorkh of Odin, the most powerful weapon the Gods are given – within the changes that also operated in the F Rune (with the ‘A’ following), once symbolizing the Asen. Now it symbolizes the Ash. A simple trick, almost childlike, to make us conform to the ‘Curia’ of the ninth century; because, as we have seen, Ash in German is Esche. And Ash is the Yggdrasil tree of the hanging Wotan. Thus the Germans will have gone to Tree worship; Ash first, then the Oak.
However – Runes are inseparable from the cult of Wotan and the Asen, the Anakim giants, born of the union between Gods and the “daughters of men”, “Goths”, “the greatest enemies of the Jews” according to Ezekiel.

But the truth is that Wotan was crucified when he entered this world – first into Stone, in a rock, as seen in the Externsteine, “captured” in the first mineral. (He will be crucified in the tree, then the animal, and this will continue in man). He was born here on a stone. And on that transfigured Stone “build the Resurrection of the Hero”. The Lapis Alchimicum Philosophal . The Alchemical Philosopher’s Stone.

Translation by Jason Alfred Thompkins III


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