Black Mirror (Where Shine the White Gods of America-Albania)

Atlantis by Edmund Kiss

Atlantis by Edmund Kiss

The original inhabitants of this Earth were the White Gods of Thule, Hyperborea. They showed mankind civilization and put their genes in the Blood. They came to earth from other planets, maybe Venus, the Morning Star, in some Ancient Age. They all lived in Thule, in the pure virginal white Polar regions. Walls of Ice protected this world of Masters and Supermen. When the first catastrophe occurred on the planet Earth, they went to live in the inside of the Earth. When the continent of Atlantis disappeared, those Masters who had received the “Hyperborean Initiation” joined the others inside the Earth. Many more are arriving who have been Initiated.

The Swansong of Thule - Edmund KiB (1936)

The Swansong of Thule – Edmund KiB (1936)

There are supposedly various entrances to the subterranean world. There is one in Tibet, in the Gobi Desert, Mount Kalias, there is one under the great Sphinx in Egypt, in Guatemala, Peru, Brazil, in northern Chile, under the Polar caps, and the Andes Mountains where I actually have seen the giants. The Sphinx and the Pyramids are called the “Icebergs of the Desert.” What this means is that what you actually see is very little in comparison to what you would find below and within them. They are firmly situated on top of subterranean worlds connected by tunnels and temples, old remote cities, so what we are really looking at from the desert is the top of a mountain, the top of an Iceberg.
What we would find underneath are cities which have been abandoned for ages – the pre- Egyptian ATLANTEAN age. There are also cities and worlds with inhabitants and more subterranean tunnels.

Edmund KiB ~ The Last Queen of Atlantis

Edmund KiB ~ The Last Queen of Atlantis

John Dee, an extraordinary Alchemist and English mathematician during the 16th century said that the Earth was not round, but concentric at the Polar Caps. He said that according
to mathematical calculations the Earth was not solid, but was a series of spheres superimposed which made it possible to communicate between the Spheres. He tried to convince Queen Isabel of England to takeover Greenland because this land gave access to a Parallel Universe. John Dee received these revelations by concentrating on a Black Mirror, a Black Sphere, that is supposedly located today in the British Museum. It is said that John Dee could communicate with extraterrestrials from Hyperborea, with beings from inside the Earth, and beings from Venus, the Morning Star. The “Angels,” according to Dee, could
pass from the present into the past or into the future.
I have thought a lot about John Dee’s Mirror in the British Museum. I suspect that it is the Black Mirror of Princess Papan where she could clearly see the White Gods of Hyperborea. Those who have seen UFOs or the Disks of Light know that they
knew the thoughts within their minds. For the Disks of Light can read the “thoughts and emotions” of man and woman. This is because the UFO materializes from a parallel world. Therefore the UFOs are always present, but we cannot see them. Fortunate are those who are able to see them! If we fly up into the atmosphere 200 miles, satellite pictures will not show the topography of our Earth. If we were beings from outer space we would say that no one lives on this planet. Out of 250,000 photos of Earth taken by NASA, only one shows Earth as an inhabited planet. From this high of an Altitude the Astronauts have been able to see Lost Continents and Ancient Civilizations

El Cordon Dorado ~ Miguel Serrano


3 thoughts on “Black Mirror (Where Shine the White Gods of America-Albania)

  1. Love the photos from Edmund Kiss! Ridiculed by ‘judeo-scholars’, he was true Ahnenerbe. His work was light years ahead – revealing things such as the ruins of South America were constructed by Hyperboreans 18,000 years ago. O the tragic comedy, no one is taught about Kiss, instead their heads are filled with falsified jew dimwits – Einsteins.

    Thank you, Jason.

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    1. Only the very few of Us have access to the raw real truth because we have undertaken the work of the Good God. The Krist of Atlantis. Lucifer~Kristos~Wuotan. Without concern of being slandered in the jew-ridden press. It is Your work, Torch-Bearer Joe with publishing Armanen books that are not filled with anti-Nazi disclaimers such as the frightened Dominion Publishing and etc… It is my work with Harvest Rain which also does not have an “anti-Nazi disclaimer” and my translations, guiding my people towards the most northerly midnight. It is Torch Bearer Karl and his capability of making things happen. And the work of Torch-Bearer Franz with his mighty translations and getting things done. When we awake the Authentic Blood of the “Sleeping Folk” it will be a gradual hurricane. Each little One we win over is a Gift from the most Great God.

      So, many Thanks to You, my fellow Light-Bringer!


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