Sacred Amor, Magical Realism (the “Exit” from this tormented world)

Isis, Dawn, Resurrection

Dawn, Estrella de la Manana

Can a being truly penetrate into the depths, the deepest depths of Sacred Amor and thus, magical realism (or what we call the Non-Existent Flower), in a world like today where Love is on sale, murdered, raped, imprisoned, 24/7? Where Love is spat upon and not even known just so inferior subhuman undermen can practice depravity. If one is born without the conscious (and conscience) knowing of what True Love is are they to be condemned? The condemnation means less to us than the fact that they most certainly will forever be inferior to us and we must remain as far away as possible from such profanity and to know that they are far, far below the rarefied souls who have Sacred Amor and the Non-Existent Flower in their eyes, aura, behavior and thus, SOUL.

The Divine Feminine


What can be said about the world of to-day. I, myself, solemnly know that the “Nadir of Kali Yuga”, the lowest point in the so-called “end times”, the infection, began to spread after 1945 by route of flu shots and any other government injection. Constant chemical warfare and the murder of our very food and water supply into “dead food”, “dead water”, has slowly caused an involution in the authentic beauty of human beings. Go to a public place this very day, take a close look, and tell me what you see. Only, at the most,10% of humans have the most rarefied authentic true BEAUTY which is NOT ALL to be seen on the outside, but is both in and out. As Above, So Below, As Within, So Without. Their Body matches their Soul. This is not to say everyone. Some ancestral blood is ALWAYS protected by Our God/s and Celestial Ur-igins. When the memory within and of our blood awakens we begin to go through a transmutation into Beauty just as the lead is rarefied into Gold. Both outside and most importantly, inside. Fate, destiny, the stars, the “Black Hole”, the Center, the Pole, moves everything accordingly. This is to include the chemicals (and even new scientific rarities that we know nothing about yet) they add to food supplies, to soft drinks, to any and everything that goes into a human body (possibly even the vegetables that we grow in our own soil – the nucleus, the infestation has been involuted at the atomic level), to city water, to expensive “hipster water” in grocery stores and et cetera. No one is spared. Do you really think just because you do not eat at McDonalds you are somehow not included in this Demiurgic Blue-Print? I do not write such things out of desperation or spite, for I have excepted the inevitable COLLAPSE of this world many years ago. Thus, the only thing I see left is Sacred Amor. Divine Love and Magical Realism (what William Blake calls “The Poetic Genius/Christ”, Jung calls “The Selbst/Self/Christ”) and so on). Medicine/drugs will and can not bring Salvation – for I am The One who can testify to that. We do things “we love”, but that is not enough for actual Salvation, for the Consulamentum (the ancient Cathar ceremony of being cleansed and purified of all worldly ills) .

White Window of Venus


Old fashioned Sacred Amor must be adorned and made a Holy Temple once again. The worship of the Divine Feminine. Let US embrace our IS-IS without even thinking or acknowledging the Zionist induced disgust that is going on in the Middle East under Her Divine Name. It is a sacred Mantram, a runic formulae. The Ziobot can NOT have it by Divine Authority and this anti-race will pay cosmic debt to the Good God. This is a Law written in the very Stars. We must invoke Her name, Isis, IS-IS. Two :IS: runes from the Armanen Futhorkh. Isis, Ishtar, Mary, Maria, Eostre, Ostara, Freya, Venus, Lucibel. She IS our Soror Mystica, our Mystical Sister. She IS the Soror Mystica of Osiris (OS-IR-IS — another Armanic runic formulae and an example to live and die by). She IS the one who puts Us back together, readying Us for Resurrection (Re-Erection). The rising up from a grave towards the Ka. The devouring of the self in the shiny blackness of Fana and rebirth in the green immortal light according to ancient Sufi/Sophia tradition.The “Glorious Body” of the Gnostics. The “Rainbow Body” of the Tibetans. The “Astral Body” of Krist. “Noli me Tangere!” ~~~ Clothed in the immortal Red Vajra. The Diamond Body. Immortal. Shimmering, Celestial, the Alchemical Squaring of the Circle (to be reborn with “Square Pupils”). The authentic Resurrection of the Flesh. To be surrounded by walls of Eternal Ice in an eternal Spring/Autumnal twilight softness, like a soft petal falling directly where it was always meant to fall, perfected. Being able to ride on a Ray of Green Light as if it were mirrored through a Black Sun.

The Resurrected Osisris


Sacred Amor is the Divine Love of Him and Her. The Two who are capable of dying in each other’s arms without any worry, anxiety nor sadness. To “exit” here, through a “wound-window” that has been sliced in the fabric of Demiurgic space as if slicing an enemy with a most sacred blade. From this “wound” opens a “window” in which the Light from another, more Pristine, Universe, pours out. The Light of Lucifer/Lucibel. That is to say, the Morning and Evening Star, Oyeihue/Yepun. Because Day and Night wrapped in each other’s arms is Twilight, the Dawn or Evening, where shines Lucifer/Oyeihue early before morning and shines Lucibel/Yepun at eve’ning. NOS! “The Leap!”, the “Exit”, the “White Window of Venus”.

Magical Realism is the ever evolving soul guided by Divine Love, or Willed Poetry, Willed Power, Willed Anything, of the Magi-Poet-Warrior. He who uses his pen as a sword and receives his ancient fury from the sacred Amor of his Amada, his Beloved. He is capable of transfixing and transfiguring nature through his Will, his “Poetry” alone. He is the One who can, literally, make mountains crumble. His Magic is Realistic, thus TRUE, and his Reality is Magical, thus DIVINE. HE brings HER with HIM to the Sacred City, back to Hyperborea, to the Center, the two as One, the Self, Thule. The Dot that is located in the absolute Center of the ever fluzuating Circle.

Magical Self Realization

Magical Self Realization

:EH: or the Path of Amor see the Path of the Magician, the use of a real woman as being the Ideal Left-Handed Path of Tears and the one we prefer although this can also be achieved through the Right-Handed Path of the Saint with the Adoration of the Ideal Divine Sacred Feminine Archetype. We think of the Master Vincent Van Gogh in this regard. Either way, within Sacred Amor (Eternal Love, Divine) and Magical Realism can be found the “exit”, the “wound-window”, the “the leap into the void”, the “departure” from this tormented world.

Jason A. Thompkins

5/25/2015 ano 126


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