CROMLECHS, DOLMENS and MENHIRS (Ancient Earth Science)




Cromlech is a term no longer used in current archaeology or academia. However, the old men who own the farms where these Cromlechs reside and are dug up by current academia still use this term to describe stone circles or more elaborated megalithic sites so we can be certain our tradition lives on in the culture of men. Blessed be the old farming man with no shoes! A Cromlech is a major site with many stones such as Stonehenge. A most Holy Sanctified circle, a portal, a terrestrial place which puts one in touch with the Hyperborean Gods.



A Dolmen is the stone structure which uses two or more stones to hold up a flat stone “roof.” These can often times be “portals” and are more ritual in nature. Possibly graves, possibly sites of significant importance. “Portals”, nonetheless. They resemble chairs for giants. They are “Thresholds”, doorways into and through the other side.

A Grove of Menhirs

A Grove of Menhirs

The Menhir is one single slab of stone stuck in the ground. This is the one which resembles the “acupuncture of the earth.” In many cases an unhealthy plot of land would be investigated by the Elder Counsel or a Healer, the “Wise Medicine Man or Woman” (what we today call a High Priest) of any given Tribe, and if the “flow of water”, even “water of the moon”, “astral water”, was disturbed then the earth was treated accordingly by treating it’s veins, arteries with acupuncture. This must be seen as being beneficial for all sentient life. Because if the earth is well then mankind, as a community (thus a whole), is well. In fact all life is well including psychic life. It was work that had to be done. And that is why we find so many slabs of stone around the world, especially France, Spain, Portugal, England and Germany.

Carnac (from from sky)

Carnac (from from sky)

A sick unhealthy earth means a sick unhealthy mankind/womankind. I can only imagine what was going on at Carnac back then for them to align Menhirs in such geomantic fashion as that. Anybody with geometric knowledge can investigate the “formulae” they were using. My personal hypothesis is that the ancients (which, by the way, were far more superior in magic, ritual and supra-natural phenomena, by far, than the modern world of today) were healing the earth through authentic techniques we know little about. The rational brain of today can not comprehend the type of technique and “science” we once possessed. They are even taught to immediately “refuse” it when it is brought up. For it is not based on Einsteinian Rationality.Their amnesia of how we raised stone with sound (mantra), how we made stone “soft” (Fire Magic), how we literally felt the underground water running through terrestrial veins, is a science of the Mind, Spirit and Body, both Left-side (Rational) and Right-side (Intuitive, Magical, Astral, etc).

It is only recently that mankind/womankind have activated both sides of the brain again to gain access to the “amnesia” of the glory days of when mankind had, within us, this Super Science. Once again we can perceive the ley-lines with hyper-intuition. The earth is covered with lines of potential energy that intersect one another. These areas that intersect are still known to this day as Holy Sacred Areas. The ancients built there most sacred sites on these convergent lines. The only difference is that one culture may have (and still) put their culture on top of another. Regardless of how mankind treats one another, we still have the ancient stones ready to heal again when they are embraced and called upon. When the “other science”, the “ancient science” is retrieved from our current amnesia.


6 thoughts on “CROMLECHS, DOLMENS and MENHIRS (Ancient Earth Science)

  1. Sounds like someone has been reading Philipp Stauff. Those old Siebeners who knew where to place the Stones – what a beautiful, Quiet Wisdom!
    And I certainly concur with you – there are those today who are drawn to those Sacred places – Spiritual in nature, Cosmic in origin…..

    Excellent article, my friend.

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  2. I recall not far after the Sandy Hook many people were connecting dots and trying to find connections with the occult. Well one person connected the Temple of the Sun to Stonehenge. This line just-so-happened to pass through Sandy Hook Elementary school. I remember growing up hearing stories about the place(Sandy Hook) being considered sacred by the local Indians and there is a strong masonic presence in the town as well as a hub of the Church of Satan. The area has special properties which make it receptive to satellite signals and so the military set up a Comsat facility across the river in Southbury which has since been acquired by Telenor. This in itself seems like it may be a coincidence, but what struck me as peculiar is that I myself created this ley-line on Google Earth to see what it passed through in the area. It also passes through a hotel and road called “Stonehenge” in Ridgefield. This may seem like a far fetched coincidence but nearby Stonehenge road is also a road called “Druid Lane” which also seems to allude to something. Not far away is a rock in North Salem NY would they say is the result of glaciers deposting rocks, but to me it is clearly man-made. It is called “balanced rock” In my opinion the forces of darkness work through state and fraternal organizations using these ley lines and arrange their mind control deceptions in these ways.


    1. The way you write, how you word things, etc, ab infinitum, is very similar to someone I know in England. So, I do not know your name, and I am, by nature, trying to make an example to people by letting them know we can use the enemies tool as an antidote. For now I’ll call you “A”. My name is Jason. And I can a sure you there is a human SOUL that types these words.

      The horrific acts of what the demiurge and his willing, unwilling and, for the most part, his clueless characters have done is turned this earth into a bi-polar, manic depressive, rather demented soul of an earth. A Freak Show. As much as it can get dark and ugly I feel we can still use our gift of “Magical Realism”, Blake’s “Poetic Genius” — to Transmutate to the best of our ability, the ugly into the sublime. Kali Yuga Alchemy, if you will.

      I am not surprised at all with what you just said. I also use similar maps and etc to formulate where the Hallowed sites are. The nadis of the earth have been misused and abused. There will be debt to pay.But, even collectively, we are NOT of the same star as the Eternal Enemy. I refer to this as the Pendulum Effect. We strove, and still do, to Transfigure nature. The Enemy is a rapist. They’re time is coming to an end.


  3. Interesting subject matter,

    It is true that our Hyperborean Ancestors first shaped the stone circles and such everywhere in this world – the ‘exodus’. A sort of acupuncture of the earth, a Divine Science (Thinge) that the golem will never truly understand.
    And it is true that the enemy keeps his slaves busy defacing and deforming the Sacred Science, superimposing an electronic nightmare of slavery, sickness and death.
    And it is also true that the Good God will use all of their own monstrosities against them. In the end, all of their technology and destruction will destroy themselves and it will happen the very moment that the Father decides to stir from His rest. Its that silly – its kinda like a bunch of retarded, unruly kids making a mess in the back yard, building eyesores, not cleaning up after themselves until dad comes out the door and put his foot up their ass. Its his yard, his materials, his tools. In their delusion they did not know that they never stood a chance.

    Anyhow, for anyone who may not know – the world is kinda like a chessboard and there are certain areas from which each square receives its life, its power. These places of energy have an appearance of being neutral, as in they can be used for good or bad purposes. For example one may have a Cathedral on top of it and another a strip club – it really is that prevalent. If the enemy and his slaves were successful at deforming all of these such places, it would destroy the earth. God will only allow them to destroy themselves, He will not let them destroy the earth. The only question is how will God activate His Justice….. A secret that I do not know and would not tell anyone if I did.

    Another tidbit is that most of the slaves of the enemy know not what they do. They are only compelled and know not the plan of the evil one. How could they, he knows that his robots cannot be trusted. He rules by fear. It is as Master Serrano expressed again and again – we are fighting the evil one, the rest are his cannon fodder, who are actually quite clueless. They just, out of fear, know to follow orders.

    Let us, out of Love, search out those places, let us reactivate. Let us do the Good Lord’s work. 88


    1. Torch Bearer Joe,

      I always feel rejuvenated after reading your wisdom when you do and decide to “lay it out there”, so to speak. I feel less alone on this tormented earth. The Great Work that the few are doing is a seed. When one plants a seed that does not make them a Creator. They can only shape and transfigure natures own. Only when one creates a seed and then plants it in the “other earth”, the “Hollow Earth,” does the Great Work Become. Seeds of Light. Humid, moist and dewy.

      I see a future where, slowly, other men begin to stand up and take hold of the ancient science. A collective gathering of Beauty that pushes back the veil of plagiarism. May we be a shining example. The earth needs healing and yes, we must do our best, with the help of Him (and Her!), to put an end to torment and sickness in all things. It’s always good to hear from you.



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