There comes a point when We are shot through the forehead with an Apotheosis. We are lit up with the Light of Knowing. Knowing that We entered into this world wearing the skin and body we currently reside in. We were not born. We “entered” into this world from Our world, Our Star, to fight for the sake of what is Right (Rita). We chose where, who, why and when. “Let Us now go into battle with Our Swords in Hand!” said the Master of my Master. This means, by any means possible, to transmutate and spread Gnosis, Amor (Eternal Love), Honesty and TRUTH, with Divine Purpose and Meaning, to those who seek it. The Final Voices calling out in the Wilderness. When One reaches the point when they are capable of standing physically and emotionally nude on a Noontide rock, at bright Midday, under the brightest Summer light of the Golden sun, when they have NOTHING more to hide for they are PROUD, then One has walked this Path of Tears, this Land of Tears, and they now are Complete. This Path can make a soul very tired, but the sheer Light that permeates through the thickness of Illusion is a most sanctified blessing from a Good God.


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