The Non-Existent Flower and Pre-Destined Divine Morality II

~ Concerning Magical Realism, Poetic Simplicity and the Non-Existent Flower (which becomes more real than all the flowers on this tormented earth) ~

To explain our powers and our ways is to allow the enemy to get in. That is why we can not simply explain everything. What good is it if all is simply explained in a textbook manner. One is to trust, with all they are, their Guru, Torch Bearer, or whatever you wish to call it. If he tells you to jump off a bridge then you do not even question it, you jump! Because you can be certain you are dealing with areas of the Mysteries, the occult, that is earned, not learned in a book. It means the Guru must know a cloud is going to catch you.

Our Goal is to take “Negatives” and transmutate them into “Positives” by a shift of perception, a “click” in time, yet ONLY if and when it can make our Souls move Upward and Forward. But that is just it. That is why a rapist, a psycho-sexual prefator, etc, will never have Divine Magical Realism. If one consumes drugs and robs people then they can not “transmutate” – they LACK the part of the Soul, or brain, that the Gods have given to those who can. The “Calcified Third Eye”, according to Master Serrano. Anybody who truly has Magical Realism also has what I call a “pre-destined Divine God-Given Morality” in which they themselves are not even aware of. It comes with the territory, so to speak.

In other words – We are Magicians, not madmen. We know right from wrong. We are not to be compared to the insane or inferior. Ours is the land where Fairies still exist. Where lightning bugs speak to Us in a flickering language of Light. Where my Beloved talks to the birds and She tells me what they are singing about. We do not have time for the inferior, the ignorant, the stupid, the drama and the fake. The gossip train. We have all done things we regret. It’s time to stop moaning and Fight! With Our Minds, Souls, Spirits and Fist!.


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