Defiant Beauty

Beautiful Sadness

When One can stand in God’s Brightest Starlight, in physical and emotional nudity, on the highest zenith, at full noon, for all to see and for that One to not be ashamed of anything, then You, that One, are a Fellow-Traveler of Mine. The brightest, most intense flame of Lucifer jumped into Our veins at such a young age. We, the Experienced, will not ever be equal to the inferior, just as we always knew, so utterly deep inside, that all of it was disgustingly inferior to us all our lives. We, the Beautiful, will never feel “guilty” again for being beautiful, gifted, charismatic and of God. The sick twisted minds of to-day will tell you that beauty is to be destroyed in the name of equality, lude anarchy, social injustice and on and on.

This Soul, it stares out from this monkey suite at the keys on a computer, in the late a.m. hours of a crisp chilled night, seeing every word in which my God directs His Word from behind these words. Beauty and gracefulness are as Autumn Herself. Beautiful man and woman, Aryan Souls that look defiantly and sadly out those beautiful, impenetrable, divine Aryan eyes. Targeted for being Beautiful. Our Beauty goes so deep, so utterly deep. Like the darkest Night when stabbing the very earth with a knife whilst screaming death threats at the Creator. Crying and screaming like a mad lunatic. Men and women of Renown. They walk in a cafe and all inferiors shut their mouths. For their very presence is something Godly.

Bow before Beauty, ye Jewish Deformities. Ye have repaved the mirrored road of your own deformity and ye will kill yourself by putting a gun in the Demiurges mouth and have the deformed molester pull the trigger with his sick deformed tongue.

Beautiful Sadness


6 thoughts on “Defiant Beauty

  1. Yes, Torch Bearer. The Beauty in this world is not of it. We only get glimpses of it in the eyes, the sound of a voice, the weeping of the White Dove ( which creates the determined WILL of the Hero), the aroma (soul) of a flower. It has only been covered up by the Demon. Even so, the Hyperborean “gene”, the blood, creates the most pleasant things to gaze upon in this jewish prison. The servants of Mammon take the best of Beauty and try to bring it to their level of deformity. This is why, anybody who has one little drop of Aryan blood, feels a repugnance when looking at Beauty being turned into a disgraceful act.

    We, the EH, have awoken! Something is in the air!



  2. Beauty and order are intrinsic and inseperable aspects of the aryan/Ehrean soul, that’s why the jews and their slave ziobots ( In their diabolic,spiteful and malicious envy) are so desperate to destroy beauty and to blaspheme against it. This can be shown in modern art ( which promotes ugliness and nihilism), a piece of dung is worth more than the most beautiful and well crafted painting, in architecture, we see souless and antispetic glass, metal and cables. The ziobots are conditioned to think that what is actually beautiful is “oppressive”, “discriminatory” and ” prejudiced “. Aryan beauty is like a powerful illuminous beacon that shine through the darkness of this illusory world. The jews and ziobots are forever condemn to degeneration, decay, hideousness, and finally death itself, for beauty is life, the aryan soul is the ultimate source of life and truth.

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    1. Being beautiful is Defiance, Beauty is a Rebellion. Beauty exists despite the World, the World and Nature Herself do not favour Beauty….Look at all the fat ugly Ziobots in the World, that is want Nature has been working towards for thousands of years, that is Her aim, that is what She wants: fat, shapeless, gelatinous, telly-tubbies, uniformly ugly and stupid! That is what Nature seeks and desires….Beauty is something Nature ruthlessly tries to eliminate, but Ugliness inherently Natural and therefore prodigiously promoted by Her….Mother Earth hates the Beautiful, and in return we now hate Her…Her last chance came in 2012, now its too late. Death is beautiful because Death ends Life. Death is the Beautiful end to this sick, degenerate, ugly Life, Nature is ugly, the World is ugly, and what end could it possibly have accept that which has been designed to end it – Death….The Beautiful Ehrean is the terrifying inner vortex of the Black Sun, where life is finally ended and destroyed, disintegrated within us who have consumed it. What does the World want? It does not know…It is already decided that the World be destroyed within us…


  3. Well spoken. Those are words which carry the Word that only the Few can “silently hear.” For this is Our gift. A sort of telepathic transmission from the Beautiful to the Beautiful. Using the tool of the enemy to stab at him. For example, every post I make on FB is intentionally loaded with Beauty. In my own defiant magical realism I know that every time someone sees the Beauty I post, even hitting the “Like” button, is a blow to deformity, to the Lord of Ugliness. And I like that! It’s how I fight, from within my own world, the enemy. Every song that uplifts my Brothers is a blow to the enemy. Because I use the enemies tool to strangle him. This world is so far below Us that we are now in the process of only reaching the “pre-destined.” For the Death of the second earth is written in the stars. In synch, those of the First Earth will be “sucked in”,through our Path of Beauty.

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  4. Defiant Beauty also characterises our entire history of Western Civilisation. Our many great emperors, kings, warriors, geniuses, prophets have all been men of Defiant Beauty. And our greatest Popes, bishops, priests, monks and hermits too. Not to mention the somewhat quieter but no less Defiant Beauty of our noble mothers, wives, women religious and Valkyries who, in their way, actually are our incomparably magnificent and defiant Pan-European civilisation. Even something like the Aristotelian concept of organic develoment that underlies the intellectual content of Western Civilisation is one of Defiant Beauty. Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, Wagner — all men of Defiant Beauty. Novalis, Hölderlin, Keats, Tennyson, Longfellow, Poe, Hayne, Henry Timrod, William Gilmore Simms …Rilke, René Char, Yeats, Ezra Pound and the too humble Eliot.

    Defiant Beauty is the melody that defines us. It is the song Our Father sings in this His Second Coming to Gerda.

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