Harvest Rain ~ Blood Hymns (Rare copies available)

Blood Hymns

A lot of folks have asked about getting copies of Harvest Rain “Blood Hymns” over the years. I have the last remaining copies of this rare album. Anybody still interested in the original CD version released in 2007 can contact me by e.mail and now buy one. It will be delivered signed and dedicated. These are the very last copies of this album. Recorded during the Winter Solstice and 12 days of Yule in 2002, this album contains an authentic “Invocation to the Morning/Evening Star” read and recited by Serrano himself. Includes lyric booklet.

The Introduction/”Memoirs” of the new book “The Resurrection of the Hero” by Miguel Serano has commentary on this album. The reasons behind it and how it all happened. It’s no coincidence my record label sent me some copies along with the new album “Nightwave” — It’s been a very magical year, especially this Autumn thus far.

Jason Thompkins   { head_of_gereon@yahoo.com }



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