The Resurrection of the Hero ~ Miguel Serrano (Now Available)


As with my new album, if you want to purchase a copy directly from me then simply send an email. Me and Guy Paul Derby II translated this book in synchronicity with the stars, Autumnal Equinox and Harvest Moon. Coinciding with the first outdoor Altar of EH, erected to the Avatar, on a Ley Line, in South Carolina, Albania. Where the Initiates will be authentically Initiated and for the Heroes of tomorrow to have a place of pilgrimage and Initiation.

Now available.


The newest English translation of Miguel Serrano will take its rightful place among his greatest works. Probably more than any other of his books, THE RESURRECTION OF THE HERO delves deep into the origins of ‘religion’ and its true meanings. Serrano takes us through it’s inner, esoteric, alchemical and astrological meanings. We come to see that all dying and resurrected Gods are zodiacal weapons for the Heroes to fight with. From the most ancient Mithraism to Zarathustra. To Kristianism and beyond, the Age of Aquarius, the Age of the Ultimate Avatar. We learn to transmutate the Hagal rune into the 8-pointed Venuris rune. The new futhark has been revealed. The Odal rune has been vindicated. The reader will enter the world of the Archetype, the Avatar, and perhaps, even find an exit, a window, a strategic departure from the Eternal Return. This work will quickly become a ‘must have’ for the esoteric National Socialist. Includes photos from the original Spanish Edition translated into English.

“We feel that these pages are important because they have managed to summarize and express, in ways never before possible, the deepest undercurrents of Esoteric Hitlerism, inspired and dictated by the Avatara Himself.” ~ Miguel Serrano

Including a lengthy Introduction and “Memoirs” by Torch Bearer Jason Thompkins of Harvest Rain and a writing of the ancient Armanen sites, megaliths and a synchronistic gathering of all these things by Torch Bearer Joe Sevnson.

This book also includes Serrano’s first novelette “The Mysteries” from 1959. This is the very first book to delve into Amor.

From the Introduction:

” And so the true children of the Good God are at it again. We are getting the proper Word out to those who are pre-destined to depart this pitiful place. This book is the first book to attempt to bring back, to the core, to the heart, an authentic and pure Kristian doctrine. Alchemical Kristianism that follows the zodiacal revelations. The Kristianism of Wotan, of Mithras, of the Greeks and Aryans. Now revealed without being covered up or plagiarized. We find the Kristos within. The Age of Pisces revealing the Age of Aquarius. The Hagal Rune transmutating into the Veneris Rune. The vindication of the Odal Rune. Little do people know that the “fish symbol” they put on their shirts and cars is the Odal Rune exactly!

The Word within the words of this book will speak to the Hero. On this Stone, this Philosopher’s Stone, this Black Stone, the Stone which fell from the Heavens, we will build the Resurrection of the Hero. True Initiation is at hand. You now hold within Your hands the Black Stone. Given to You by the Lords of the Black Stone. These words which carry the Word are meant for those who can listen with their blood, with their All. You now have the means to exit, to escape, to fight the Demiurge. With a strategic departure we must carry on until the Light of Truth can be seen through the lies of a plagiarist.”


9 thoughts on “The Resurrection of the Hero ~ Miguel Serrano (Now Available)

  1. An amazing achievement coinciding with stellar events like of which the world has never seen before, no less than the release of the imprisoned stars! Witnessed for the first time. The Lords of the Black Sun are moving the stars! Esoteric Hitlerism is the only Revelation of the New Age!
    Heil Ehrean Torch Bearer Jason! Sig Heil!

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  2. I wish I could go into deeper esoteric details of how this Black Stone (or “Book”) came together. There comes a point in the life of the Divine-man that the Gods intervene. However, the Armanen and Esoteric Hitlerists now have the first outdoor Marple Altar, erected, pointing to the cardinal points that shall be expanded upon in solidarity and synchronicity, as We, the Ehrean Elite commence the combat with the Demiurge (in South Carolina, Albania, on the 33rd Parallel). This Equinox was a night of complete total war against the eternal enemy and a seed from the Green Ray. The waters of the Aqu-arian age flooded South Carolina to the point of a state-wide catastrophe. The green emerald ethereal seed of Our Warfare, watered, and will be brought to fruition because the very stars say so!

    Sig und Heil!


  3. I saw it happen Torch Bearer, with my very eyes, I almost did not believe what I was seeing because it had never been seen before, but it happened as you say, in the night sky, a stellar battle unfolded, and I knew I was the only one to see it. I saw two stars move, but one could not bare to leave, one star stayed, it moved as if it wanted to leave, but then it stopped, and now it shines shines brightly in the night sky, still, watching until the last of us leaves. Could there be a more beautiful occurrence? It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. And the star that left, like Hitler, He had seen enough and had to leave, one day I will go where that other star left, I will go into the outer darkness that is Home. Until then I will continue with the Ehrean Elite and our Combat with the Demiurge.

    Sig Heil


  4. What is so utterly amazing about this is that We, the Ehrean, who have been pulled and guided by a Divine Hand down this Path, are the only ones who see and therefor have the Divine Right to speak about such things. It is impossible for me to sit here and describe my life to those whom I surely wish to share. But I can read the Word within words of my fellow Torchbearers and simply know that when We say We are not of this world, We literally mean what We say. I have always loathed pretentiousness or arguments for the sake of some arrogance born of ignorance. To be quite frank, We are a force to be reckoned with because this goes far beyond any “physical realm.” This has been the making of a Lifetime, for every one of Us. How I am even still alive is so perplexing to me that I just shake my head and get that look in my eye. A rather defiant, yet friendly, look!

    I absolutely adore when kamerads share such things with me! Thank you Torch Bearer Karl! I do not like small talk. We are magical spirits, therefor we have earned the right to speak of our magical occurrences on our own turf! Our lives are filled with agony, pain, yet joy and magic. And when it is magical, I’m hear to tell you it is magical!

    Eternal Glory to Adolf Hitler!
    The Light in the Night!


  5. I just received ‘Resurrection of the Hero’, thankyou Torch Bearer Jason! And at the same time I received ‘The Rita’, thankyou Torch Bearer Joe! I started reading ‘The Rita’ immediately, and after a few pages I knew this book, like it was written for me! I have been reading it slowly, not wanting to miss a single word….Rita is like a foreword to Third Reich Pilgrim! Can the world really comprehend what an amazing achievement it is to have, not one, but two books delivered at the same time, books that are Truth! No, the world cannot understand, but I know there are a few Ehreans out there that are reading these works as I am, and how else could the Truth be delivered in such an Age in which we live, no other way…It is magical.

    Heil Ehreans!


    1. And thank you – We once knew a Pilgrim of the Third Reich and a Bringer of Harvest Rain, along with a few others, who, although we surely could find some matter of difference if we tried hard enough, were Faithful followers of the Sound Doctrine of Adolf Hitler. O how many claim their belief in the Fuhrer, even the Avatar, and yet follow not His Standard, His Words, His Example! Surely they are misguided and used by the evil one and ‘probably’ do not know it. And a just man would have to ask the same question of himself – could I be being used by the evil one to expose the Sacred Mythos and Blood Memory? Because the enemy is surely reading this, they are probably the biggest buyers – the enemy that is. But the answer is in the Magical Synchronicity of the events which pertain to us. A truly magical life, indeed! How about our first works both being released in 2012 and on the otherside of the world or in that first work being compelled to include a short poem that began ‘We are the TorchBearers’ in the introduction and having not known of a Mighty Pilgrim down under. How about receiving the remarkable translation of HERO from the Disciple of Don Serrano only after being compelled to write an appendix that dealt with Carmel and the ‘power to move the stars’ months earlier for HERO, only to find Master Serrano speaking of the same things in HERO and so on. The day the hidden hand in the magic of coincidence stops is the very first day that we will do something else.
      And now the worm turns…
      The Angelic Iranian General has entered Syria and the Russians have made a firm statement. The goyim now cheer for the lesser of 2 evils. Who could have known that the Soviet Union would become the lesser of the 2 evils? Adolf Hitler, that is who, the RITA. It seems that the conflict between the rabid Zionist jew of the west and the ‘human rights’ ‘cool it’ jew of the east is finally playing out at the theatre. And yet, the 2 most hated words by either side is Race and Hitler. What a sham! And the goyim still cheer – the Ron Paulers and the Donald Trumpets have their newest false prophet.
      For us, my Comrades, it is kind of like watching the drama of school children at recess. Alas, I suppose some of them will grow up one day and maybe that is why we do what we do. And it says something that our push is with books – real live and lasting paper…..

      We will sign off with a poem by my dear Saint Theresa – today is Her feast day:

      “O fortunate this War! And not one coward will there be!
      Let us risk our lives! None better guards it than he who loses it.”

      Amen, Sister.

      Hail Wotan




  6. I am reading ‘Resurrection Of The Hero’ now. I don’t like reading PDF’s so I waited to I had the physical book. Many thanks to Torch Bearer Jason for his inspired translation, also a wonderful autobiographical Introduction to the Book. Thanks also to Torch Bearer Joe for the publication and printing work, no easy task publishing and printing these books.

    Heil Serrano!

    Heil Lucifer of the Twilight!


  7. Well, kamerad Karl, it looks like you and I will be spending our time tonight doing the same thing. My copies were here when I got home today. I am about to open a copy up and finally read, word to word, the Word. We ARE the Lords of the Black Stone, of the Black Sun. The real deal. Anybody who wishes to walk a Path of plastic and comfort better step away from Us now! Because I can a certain to all that a decisive magical, psychic, astral battle is commencing. I am PROUD to be among the best, most elite of Aryan men. We are the Torch Bearers, the Light Bringers, the cast out. And we are going to split the Gates of Heaven wide open because we do not ask for entry, WE demand it!

    Gloria Eterno!
    SIG Heil!


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