A Worthy Review of “The Resurrection of the Hero”

It is when I read reviews like this that a surge of power comes over me and I stand proudly in the Light of Lucifer, knowing the Word of God is getting to predestined souls. Humanity as a collective is no different than the local retard. I have no more time for the sick, disgusting, degenerate, froth at the mouth plastic souls who “think” they have this ship on course. If a “white comet” doesn’t hit the world (which I welcome it), then maybe a literal White Vimana, crewed by the dead heroes, the Wafeln, el Caleuche. Either way it will be done, Sleipner is racing backwards through time, like a ghost-particle in quantum physics, where the RU rune will collide with the UR rune, leaving nothing but beautiful destruction upon the Virtual Cybernetic Plastic Demiurgic Daymare-Nightdream.


I read many books every year, and it is very rare that I write reviews. I would have paid triple the price for this book for the sheer power and intensity of the book’s Foreward. As a man on this same (or perhaps similar) initiatory path, one often encounters the works of many novices who lack the intensity of being that makes their words real. The degree of suffering and struggle in ones life is often the measure of their wisdom.

Admittedly, I am somewhat new to Serrano. I have spent barely a year in his work, but it has been illuminating and synchronous to say the least. This book is a most excellent start for anyone interested in the writings of Miguel Serrano. Jason Thompkins and Guy Derby have done their fellow pilgrims a great service with this book.

Resurrection Of The Hero is not about a sentimental union of a seeker with the godhead, which is the path of oneness-death–the essence of every religion and philosophy of our present era. It is not about meditating on your chakras and spiritually “letting go”. The real initiatory path, the path described in this sublime work by Miguel Serrano, is the brutal path of self-purification and total war against the demiurgic mundanity we are trapped within. It is not about becoming a sage or an “ascended master” it is about becoming an individuated God, and tearing holes in the very fabric of reality that bind us inside this chamber of horrors. This book is most certainly not for everyone. It is for the few who through great struggle and victory are overcoming the world.

~ D.M.


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