The Cold Light of the Black Sun


Divine Magnetism, Vril and the Cold Light of the Black Sun

~ Jason Thompkins

All forces in the Universe have a unique polarity that keeps them in a constancy, in a means and reason to carry on, a will to power. The great Ur-iginal Urge. It is the eternal cause and effect of Yin and Yang according to the Hyperborean Dropas, of HIM and HER losing and finding one another from within and without an infinity of black mirrors. The earth has a North Pole and a South Pole. Together, in accordance with divine harmony (Arman-e), a magnetic field is produced around the earth which shields her from dangerous space weather. The Aurora is produced when the earths magnetic poles are permeated with cosmic weather. The green glow of the Aurora is the Black Sun dreaming and longing for the Green Ray. This sings to Us a great nostalgia and deep longing.

The human body also has a magnetic field. We know it as the aura. People who have attained a divine state of awareness produce a brilliant aura that can be felt worldwide, perhaps even through the various Universes. Sickness can cause the human aura to deplete. In fact, someone with a healthy aura can and will feed someone with a sick aura. Magnetism also has a repugnance. In various people we either feel a cohesiveness or a repugnance. The more healthier ones aura, ones Divine Magnetism, ones Vril, the more they wish to remain alone and out of public places. They only surround themselves with others whom they flow with, feel comfortable with, pre-destination.

In yesteryears we see paintings of Holy men and women surrounded with an illuminated disk or halo-glow around their bodies or head. We feel that this exceptional ability to see and feel the aura, the Divine Magnetic Field, was shared among more humans than one may think. We feel it is an ability that was lost in the era of Pisces which brought about a sinister overcoating of ignorance. Today it is a miracle to find someone who can see the human aura. Thousands of years ago mankind had the science of the unpolished stone. With Divine Will he lifted boulders, cromlechs and hurled great pyramids to the aether. Monumental cities that graced the earth on geomantic points of celestial synergy.

Green Flash

The three main instruments of the body that produce the aura are the genitals, the heart and the brain. Each one charged with electrical activity. The constant beating of the heart produces around the chest area a halo effect that one can feel and see. The brain also produces a great glow, a halo of colors. Those who have attained the supra-human state of be-ing have an aura that goes on through-out the infinity of the Eternal Return and beyond, where “one is waiting as if on the edge of a fountain.” They are the Bodhisattvas, the Poet-Warriors, the Heroes, the Pilgrims of deep longing and nostalgia, the Magical Realists.

Everything is held together by magnetism. Magnetism also takes on the character of sound. Vibrations or frequencies are the particles which hold the Universe together. Magnetic vibrations are now being researched in Quantum Physics as “String Theory.” We feel science is only taking the long route to the Godhead whilst the Magical Realists and their divine Poetic Simplicity reach the Godhead through infernal flames. Through authentic trial, alchemical initiation. The vibrations, or divine mantrams, used in esoteric rituals harness the Divine Magnetism or Vril power of the various Universes. All galactic bodies give off radiation, thus they give off vibrations. And although we are trapped in the eternal recurrence of the same, we harness the ability to hear and sing along to the Harmony of the Spheres. It is within this synthesia and synergy that sounds form colors and colors form smells. Where the taste of a snowflake sounds like the color of the dawn’s chorus. Where the sound of a distant cathedral bell is see-through blue which is also the aroma of the morning dew.

Various colors represent various stages of the aural body. Divine Magnetism, Vril and the Initiatic Light of the Krist Electron is at the end of the color spectrum and yet holds them all within and without. It’s color is seen as an electric blue glow in the night or day. The Violet Flame. The Cold Flame. The cold divine light of the Black Sun. The implosive inner spiral of a strategic departure, an exit from space and time. The UFO-Man, the Vimana, in his Chariot of Fire, the Disk of Light blinking in and out of our skies while “reading the thoughts and emotions of man.

Just as the Golden Sun shines heat down upon the physical corporeal realm, the Black Sun shines cold light into the ethereal non-corporeal realm. The light of the Black Sun is a shiny glistening blackness. A dazzling darkness. A black flame that is burning bright in the darkest night. A cold flame, a cold light, a frozen light. Light that is frozen in time and space. The green-purple end of the color spectrum. The anti-thesis of the yellow-red spectrum which represents the golden sun and reality. Fana, the annihilation of the rational self. A departure from all that is real. The triumph over pain and madness. The Divine Victory of every flu and hell that this tormented world could through at You. The Night of Light. From here, from this highest vibration of Divine Magnetism, of Vril, of the Electron of Kristos, of the cold frozen purple light of the Black Sun, one finds One-Self in the immortal existence of non-existence. Separation in Unity and Unity in Separation. Beyond this Universe of mechanics and laws where Polarity exists. No more good or bad, no more day and night, no more him and her, no more of anything of every-thing. Only an emerald green flash of light echoed through the other-side of the mirror of the Black Sun.


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