The Kristic Eucharistic Mystery


The Kristic Eucharistic Mystery

In the ancient Solar/Polar Kristianity of Aryandom there were Priest, Kings and Magi who fulfilled a life of Initiation in order to attain various colors of Initiatic Light – new colors of their robes, new Mysticum Nomens (mystical names), and many sacred things that came with being re-born, re-surrected and being re-noun for holding more than the five senses. That is to say, Supra-Human.

The Priests, Magi and Kings of ancient Aryan-Persia first started the tradition of the Eucharist. Trans-substantiating the wine into the blood of God, the bread into the flesh of God. We are to believe, according to Judaic-Christianity, that the Eucharist was to only be a partaking of God in order to feel a blessing from God, to be One with God. All men are allowed to be a part of Almighty God because all men are equal according to the modern world of plastic. However – in the Initiatic mystery schools we must now come to terms that at each new zodiacal dispensation a God died and a God was re-born. The God of any era gave his celestial message by route of the stars and by changing his skin, his mask, his robe. The God uses the archetypes to send the secret message, the Logos, to the Heroes. This message is a dialogue which is a direct transmission of energy. A though unthought. Telepathic. Thus, we have Taurus the Bull, Aries the Ram, Pisces the Fish and now Aquarius the Water-Bringer.

Each new born God was far too huge, far too terrible and too awesome to be inside one terrestrial body. The God always decides who and where to enter into this world to fight the demon, the devil. He became symbolically recognized in that loaf of bread and that bottle of wine. Each Initiate, by trial and baptism through fire, became a little part of that God. Only then did the collective Intiatic Family of Priests, Kings and Magi eat of the Divine bread and drank the Holy Blood. It was their own flesh, their own blood. A tradition carried over from the rite of Minnetrinken where the Hyperboreans drank their own blood. The fiery blue blood. For the terrible and awesome God can only fit in this world by entering into various vessels. The Initiated. The Initiated Magi, Priests and Kings always saw the Divine in everything because they were/are the Divine.

Therefor, the Ur-iginal meaning of the Eucharist was preserved only for a select pre-destined few. Each Initiate knows when he is being called by the Almighty God. Many hear the call, but a very few are chosen. The Bread represents the Almighty God. The Wine represents the Almighty God. Just as the bread is broken into various parts, so to is God broken and put into the Initiated Few. Each vessel that the Initiate drank from had various colors and symbols which represented his place in the Family and Hierarchy of God. The Blue Blood of Hyperborea. This custom has been passed down from a time that blows through faint mist. We must bring it back into the new Aqu-Arian Age.


5 thoughts on “The Kristic Eucharistic Mystery

  1. And another key to add here is that “Aryan Persia” = ancient land of Prussia. As the ancient Hyperboreans descended down from the North into Northern Germany, known as Prussia, and have never come from the East, as is commonly taught to the masses.


      1. Yes, “Persian history” was transcribed from Prussian history, with Biblical elements mixed in, of course. The East does not have a history, at all, and they know it….Persia and “ancient Persian” culture was artificially manufactured from the 18th Century onwards, still is to this day, just like all Eastern “cultures” and “histories”. This was done by European Corporations for mainly economic reasons, i.e. the expansion of markets needs a “genuine” distinct rationale, so for example if a group of corporations want to bring tourism to a certain geographical area, they create an artificial history for that area, which includes written works and “cultural artefacts”, and the people themselves, which are easily bred, like one breeds cattle. It is more profitable to create these false markets, or false cultures, in remote areas, where the expansion via economics can extend its tentacles the furthest… When creating a false culture it is easier to take an existing one and just rearrange it, that is how “Persian history” was created, a group of scribes took Prussian history and rearranged it, transposing it to Iran and the East….Biblical literary elements were always to be mixed in because that was the point of reference for literary works, as if the Bible was a real history, LOL! If one is going to believe in the history of the Bible one might as well believe in Dinosaurs and Americans walking on the moon! LOL…


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