Poetic Simplicity as an Exit, a Strategic Departure (Part I)


Although one may come across the term “poetic simplicity” in reviews or writings, this is not the same thing we are about to reveal at the time when the exit and strategic departure from the Universe of laws and mechanics, the prison of the Deimurge, is at a decisive point. The exit-widow is getting thinner and thinner. What we are here to point out is that Poetic Simplicity is a gift, a phenomena, a magical system, esoteric in it’s occult nature and also a genuine scientific way to behold true magic. Many come into this world with this gift of transmutation and divine imagination. Some acquire it after life-changing events. The Magi-Poet often treads a thin rope between madness and divine poetry. He or she is able to tap into the mind of those who “perceive things from another world.” Some of Us have even explored our souls by route of psychotropic Initiation. The years of being Psychonauts. Travelers of the Psyche, the authentic Soul. Whether that world is fear and paranoia or a world of metamorphosis it is ultimately a world of eternal poetry. Where “one thought fills immensity,” whispered Blake. It is the divine gift of Poetic Genius that causes a simple walk through the morning grass to become a swift glide over a liquid emerald sea. It is up to the Magi-Poet and how he or she uses this Divine Power. The Ur-iginal Word, the Logos. The Ghost of God, the Breath of God, the Word of God.

Simplicity is for the Wise. Quiet, undisturbed and resigned to ones own inner world is the path of the Magi-Poet. The poetic path of the unpolished stone. That is to say, too see and appreciate nature untamed and in it’s simplicity. The stone is where it is supposed to be – therefore it is allowed to BE, eternally in it’s Be-ing. The Autumn leaf falls exactly where it was always meant to fall – therefore it has every right to be there. To be there in it’s divine simplicity. Just as the harmonious celestial bodies revolve around their eternal marathon, we too must do our daily actions without too much mental effort or mental strain. We must accept and learn to simply do them. Not to think and strain oneself about what to do, but to keep ones spirit, ones poetry, in the celestial realms whilst revolving around the terrestrial realm. If I sweep the house out then I am doing that which is Right (Rita) while also perceiving each little grain of dirt as all bad things that must be swept away into non-existence. If I clean the table then I go to the waterfall, the sink, wet my weapon and clean the sacred space out upon where my family eat.

This way of Be-ing is not meant for the ordinary person who worries about what others may think of them. This discipline is for those who have gone beyond madness and have conquered it. It is for the Magi-Poet who was not born, but decided to enter this world to fight evil and help the innocent. It is for the misunderstood. The one who has been told all their life that they “have a way with words.” The black sheep, whom, in all truth, is a Wolf from another world dressed in sheepskin. Some of Us “lose our minds” as they say, when truly, a few of Us win a million more minds and lose nothing, no thing. To everything that this plastic world of the Demiurge tries to put Us in, we can flip a 6 into a 9 in one thought unthought. A direct transmission of energy. The 6 spirals downward as the way this world wishes Us to go, but the Divine 9 spirals upwards against this world of Laws and mechanics.

Poetic Simplicity is an authentic magic within the so-called world of “reality.” It is being in control of chaos because chaos itself is Order. It is a dynamic Order. Everything in this Universe is a mental creation. Everything. Therefore we are here to say that we can create any and everything through the mental discipline that we have now come to call Poetic Simplicity. If I want to make someone feel good then I will look directly into their eyes and give them a truthful compliment, looking directly at them, soul to soul. This will flood their brain with endorphins according to modern science when, in fact, it is Vril energy. From that point, when they smile, not only are the muscles in their face producing more feel-good chemicals and dopamine, but from there I would make them laugh and produce a massive cohesive moment with this Power. The Power of words, of the Word behind words. Like I said – Magic is Real, it is not “hocus pocus.” The authentic Magician knows what he is doing at all times.

The way of the future holds a divine simplicity and also to give Meaning and Purpose to things once again (fut-UR, fug = to fly, Ur, the Original Primordial Urge, or Ur-ge, Logos. To fly backwards against time on the Ru rune towards the Ur rune, of the Ur-rigins, which has been revealed in the new futhork of Aquarius to the Initiated). The Demiurge has almost succeeded in making all things lose their meaning, much less their Divine meaning. We now must strive towards simplicity in all ways. To bring back to Our strategic departure a Divine Poetic Simplicity. A simple grace before a meal. Helping others who deserve it. Saying “Good Morning” to someone and actually mean it. The most simple things in our lives must become meaningful and hold Divine Purpose. To get rid of the cell phones, the beeps, the sheer evil that causes mistrust among beautiful souls and simply have one phone for one house-hold. To get rid of all unnecessary Demiurgic baggage that will prevent the pre-destined soul from exiting the world of the plastic anti-lord. The anti-God. What we call the Demiurge.

We, the Ehrean on this Path of Amor will not tolerate all too human ideals. For example, We reject Patriarchy and We reject Matriarchy. Because We do not need a word to give to Us the Word of our Natural Ur-Being. Woman is needed by Man just as Man is needed by Woman. Each One knows exactly what their duty is because it is in the Ehrean Blood (the Rita). Neither one shall prevail over the other in Poetic Simplicity. In fact the concept of one being on top of the other is foreign to Our Blood and to Our High Magic. There is no Patriarchy, there is no Matriarchy. There is Ehrean man and woman, El/ella and Ella/el in cohesive unison because the outcome of Poetic Simplicity is to bring back Purpose, Meaning, Sacred Divine Purpose and Sacred Divine Meaning. To give meaning to things. Truly, if something lacks purpose then why would one wish to engage with it? Either give it a divine purpose or do not accept it.

Poetic Simplicity is earned. Through a Life of great trials and brutal Initiations of seeing through Maya, or seeing through the sheer “Illusion” of so-called “Reality.” It is for the human being who has tasted the Supra-human. Most of Us fall off and either end up in prison, in mental wards and physical terrestrial death. A few go beyond, survive and shape their every day Existence with Divine Poetry and Divine Will, Absolute Will.

In Part II we will delve into the possible “Outcome” of Poetic Simplicity in a world that has taken the sacred, the simple, the tradition, things with purpose, the culture of many men and women who exist here and have complicated ALL things to the point of all beings on the earth having being “diagnosed” with one alphabet disease or the other.


3 thoughts on “Poetic Simplicity as an Exit, a Strategic Departure (Part I)

  1. Like Goethe for the 21st Century, but unlike Goethe, in fact I cannot find a comparison, other than it follows, with a pure simplicity, from Serrano.. .The “Krystalization of Armanic Kristianity”… So it is….Heil Ehrean!


  2. Poetic Simplicity resisting the breaking down of all things into several components, “meaningless” substances and floating debris. Demiurgic bursts of equalization designed to destroy inspiration and purposefulness is done with such precision but also predictability that it cannot be from a Soul but from a robot, from a mechanical source that attempts to murder Love and Beauty on an algorithmic scale.

    The Demiurge hates symbolism because it creates or molds together several concepts into a Divine Inspiration, rather than breaks down all that exists into dry, lifeless parts to be analyzed.


  3. Absolutely correct. I have gone over Serrano’s writings, little by little, listening with all that I am and what We are finding is a voice that beckons us to bring back meaning, sacred meaning and divine purpose. The creation of a flower only for an Elite Few. We have no more time to try to explain these things to the world. As Torch Bearer Karl has said, the world has made it’s choice. And I am delighted to see a Sister here commenting on my/OUR writings and Knowings.


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