The Law of the Pendulum ~ Miguel Serrano


The Law of the Pendulum by Miguel Serrano

A chapter freshly translated from El Cordon Dorado

Absolutely nothing from historical times may be understood, especially the age we now dwell in, if one does not take into account the vision of the drama we are outlining here. By Universal Law, by Solidarity, when the Pendulum reaches one side, it reaches the same distance as the other side. This is it’s fatal movement.

In contrast to Judaism, Esoteric Hitlerism is exacerbated in the Pendulum effect. The result of Judaism in it’s political action is to secretly oppose all racial laws and principles and to dominate. It affirms what is at the other end of the Pendulum: “One Folk, One Reich, One Fuhrer.”

In Judaism’s initiatory action there is found a counter-initiation. It’s internal racism is the product of race with the difference being that his time, according to the Pendulum, will last less. The trends and the objectives are different only because their Gods and Guides are different. We must conclude then that the animal-man, looking at these issues with purely terrestrial eyes, is in no position to condemn Esoteric Hitlerism without condemning the Jews equally. You can not. Both racial codes are based upon the Initiatic mysteries of the blood and it’s chromosomal memory within.

Thus Hitlerism, momentarily defeated, at one end of the scale, becomes a precious instrument and very favorable for Judaism, which exploits it in it’s favor, using the sentimentality and weaknesses of “mixed villages“, “bastards” of “impure blood“, of the “weak at heart“.

The events which precipitate from the end of the last world war not only confirm the Jew and his faith in the Covenant and the Loyalty of their God from their unwavering loyalty and blood. It also gave them the Promised Land, the city of Jerusalem, the “one in which the lord wishes to be adorned.” Where will they take it from here? We know how difficult it is to deal with these issues today even if they are dealt with on higher levels, which is probably impossible because of the gregarious times we live in.

After years of serenely searching we were able to confirm old visions. At such a crucial point in history we have arisen by knowing these things, also knowing that they go against the current of the abyss which drives Kali Yuga forward. An era ended and another one began in the closed Universe and of man. It is taboo to be involved in the vortex of these precipitating facts. We wanted to go back thirty years and be with those Higher Beings who courageously took the God of the Losers of the Kali Yuga to start a Polar revelation in the youth of El Cordon Dorado and Esoteric Hitlerism.

We have returned to tread over those flaming territories, those plains covered with corpses, bathed in the blood of Heroes, discovering that we never left there. The guiding Hand of the God of the Losers today will be the victorious one tomorrow and long before seven hundred years.


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