My America is the Land of the White Gods

My America is the Land of the White Gods

New Chapter from El Cordon Dorado


All men are not equal. And those who are to be sought after are scattered through the outer and inner earth, throughout the Universe. Surely, I have more similarities with the ancient Chapoyas – white, according to the Incas, the Aino of Japan, the Uighur of Mu, compatriots of Chile, and among other things, Hvetramannaland, the White land, and the Templars, Albania, the White; My America is the land of the City of the Caesars, of Patiti of Trapalan, of Elelin; the Kontiki, of Virakocha, of Mamakocha and Quetzalcoatl: the Caleuche is the Ghost ship which sails underwater and stops in the inland ports of the Hollow Earth. All these legends are archetypal memories of the unknown soul of Atlantis and Lemuria of America.

They have never been penetrated and lived on until it’s last catastrophe, to its ultimate consequences of it’s existential drama by changing it’s flesh ( “Trial by fire in order to suffer within their own flesh” ), and changing the lives of a very few ; Pedro Sarmiento de Gamboa, who is perhaps me, a Spanish alchemist who came here for the liquid gold (aurum potabile) which resides here, which is drunk and gives Eternity, in the Secret West, where physical golden sunlight gives birth to the Spiritual Light of the Black Sun and Green Ray.

These legends, these myths, they are the essence of America-Atlantis, with which we connect simultaneously with the White Gods of the legendary Thule of the Hyperborean North Pole (even more so after the Earth’s axis tilted and the Poles shifted, the North Pole is now at the South Pole), within the Hollow Earth, with the Cathars, the Templars and the Nazis initiated in the last Great War. What was sought out here was also the fate of the White Gods of America. Because some have moved to these southern regions of the world in search of the Antarctic polar entry. They knew that Hyperborea now resides in the South, the door to the inner world, the “Impregnable Paradise.” No wonder the Master put us in an Esoteric battle during the Great War which is not yet over.

It is in the south of the world where it will happen if it has not already – embodied in the Initiates of the Blue Spirit of the Polar Race of Venus-Lucifer. And from here the recovery of all the seemingly lost, to save what still can be saved, before the catastrophe that will end the dark period of Kaliyuga or the Iron Age.

All our legends have universal value, because its existence is played out on a cosmic scale. The City of the Caesars is Agarthi and Hurcalia is the region of spiritual events, Tir nanog, Land of Youth, and Ogigia, the Sacred Island, is Ariana Vaiji, primeval homeland of the Aryans. The Caleuche is the Wafeln, the ghost ship sailing the Arctic seas, with sails of flaming lights. The White Gods of Tuatha De Danann are of the Icelandic sagas, the Hyperboreans of Thule, the Ases, or Aces, the Caucasus, the mythical Asgard, the hosts of Wotan or Odin, are of the Hohuen Selnam legend of Tierra del Fuego, the South Jon Magicians. Apollo is Abraxas and Shiva, He is Lucifer and is also the god Quenos, or maybe Quanyip in the mythology of the Ona. You also read about the “White Island in the Sky”, so speak the Selnam and the “Celestial City” of Admiral Byrd.

These are mainly stories of an ancient science. Archetypes that are incarnated and reincarnated. Flowers that are nonexistent, but become more real than all the flowers in the gardens this world.

Beneath the waters, or perhaps up where the surface of the planet resides , El Cordon Dorado moves, the Catena Aurea, which connects to all the beings of the same racial Spirit, the same Star, through all continents of the external and internal land and it creates comrades within a war which began with Creation. Here, there can be no defections and surrenders. Do not switch sides in this conflict. There is only a short break in death, because the warriors are eternal, immortal. This book refers to El Cordon Dorado, the Golden Band. (If immense things like this happen, it is because he loves his Star and the depths of Her green light.)


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