The Stem, the Thorns and the Rose

The Stem, the Thorns and the Rose

Another new chapter from El Cordon Dorado


In the second half of the fourteenth century, that is, a few decades after the destruction of the Templar Order, there comes the strange appearance of the Rosicrucians. A mythical character would be it’s founder; He has a symbolic name : Christian Rosen-Kreuz (Rosy Cross). It is claimed that he was born in 1378 and died in 1484. His life is equally significant. In the esoteric Rosicrucian heritage it is discovered to have Templar influence and influence of the troubadours, the Fedele d’ Amore and the Cathar initiation. The Templars considered the symbol of the Rose fundamental. The underground passages of their Castles symbolize the stem of this flower ; the Black Madonna hid within there, Our Lady of Thorns. There was always a Templar Forest of Thorns near the courtyard of the Castle. In the windows of the Cathedral and among its stone walls appeared the Great Alchemical Rose.

The underground passages, or “stems,” where the Black Madonna sleeps, the Sleeping Beauty, are the nadis, which circulate to be awakened by the Knight of the Graal. The Black Virgin is Isis-Kundalini, the astral fire, asleep at the base of the adepts psychic spine. The underground hallways are “psychic channels” of the astral body , the “double” – enhanced by “feminine energy” ; the thorns are the chakras and the Grand Rose is the Sahasrara Chakra or Chakra of Brahma, at the top of the skull ; It is the Polar Center where the meeting with the Eternal Beloved occurs, with the Virgin of Hyperborea. The last section is Thule, the final leap into the Void. This Templar symbolism of Initiation was exposed by me in “EL/ELLA, Book of Magical Love” – especially in its second and third parts

The Rose is a creation of Persian alchemist and gardeners. It has to do with Sufism. Federico II brought the Rose from the East. The rose blooms at the junction between the vertical and horizontal of the cross. The vertical is masculine ; It is heaven. The horizontal is feminine ; Earth. The blossoming Rose opens the way to Magic Love, the Mysterium Coniuunctionis , the tantric Maithuna.

So. the Cross is the final stage of the Sufi initiations of Light and the Red Cross of the Templars. It starts rotating rapidly and becomes a leftward-rotating Swastika – the Return of the swirling light which is not solar, but it is uncreated light, of Venus, of the Pole of Light, the most farthest Midnight. The Swastika is not the symbol of the current sun, but of the Pole, of stationary motion, ; the “Unmoved Mover” of Aristotle (Vowg). It is the Purusha according to Samkhya philosophy

“The Rose Feeds the Bees”


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