Sacred Love and the Son of Man

Images are used as symbols. Nature speaks to us in symbols and a language without words. This “whispering” does not end for some. It is always there. Although we feel more inspired at times, this is due to what frequencies any conditioned environment is giving us at any given moment. This is True Poetry and not the hideous definition of a Poet being someone who writes poems. That is insulting to authentic poets. The poet is a modern term that replaced the shaman, the Magi or Magus, the Priest-King, the Divine Man, Celestial Man.


We have organs for various things. Eyes to see, ears to hear and mouths to taste and so on. What then can We rightfully conclude as the organ of Sacred Love? Without doubt it is the eyes and heart in conjunction with synchronicity. The genitals are only there to procreate more flesh bodies and to release bodily waste. However – those who are able to make Love using their eyes, heart and genitals in synchronicity are those that have achieved a great mystery. That of Sacred Love among profane love. They are using the upper chakras, starting at Mani-Pura (Solar Plexus) and up, within the most powerful thing given to humans – the ability to create life and souls. The soul is seen “through the eyes.” The closest two people can possibly be on the face of this earth is when they are literally two bodies as One, eye to eye, soul to soul, heart to heart, breath to breath.

In the Initiatic Path of Amor the sacred feminine impregnates the male. She has the orgasm whilst He becomes impregnated. It is “through the eyes” and chakras that She will impregnate Him by Parthenogenesis.The Poetic Inspiration that is attained from these sacred mysteries are the greatest secrets and most profound moments in the Magi-Poet’s life. He becomes “girt with the Spirit” thanks to the Soror Mystica. The Mystical Sister is the one who hands the Alchemists the metals that He will transmutate into gold. She puts Her feminine energy into them. The metals are the chakras. “The Divine Feminine leads us to heaven” wrote Goethe. Leonardo’s painting of The Annunciation is perfect. The “Messenger”, the Angelic Hyperborean (which is neither MALE NOR FEMALE!), comes down and, by telepathy, “through the eyes”, by the “gaze”, by Parthenogenesis, does the Holy Mother of Kristos become impregnated.

The Kristian concept of the “Son of Man” is precisely what we here are speaking of. It is the Art of Sacred Amor. A man who has not overcome his animalistic urges and has not tamed them can not achieve the Son of Man. There certainly is a time and a place when the male will need to be the wild buck, the roaring lion or the howling wolf. But it must be tamed. Only through Divine Poetic Love can He be impregnated with the Son of Death. A Son born from the man. The Son of the Spirit (polar opposite of a son of life or flesh). The Astral Body. The Astral Body is nothing more than a Celestial Poetic Dialogue that eventually retains itself within the terrestrial body and realm of the Magi-Poet. For it is always there. It can be tapped into whenever the Magi-Poet needs it. Two very distinct bodies living in one body. This Astral Body, this Subtle Body, is also the body that leaves the dense terrestrial body at night or during twilight and defies gravity itself. Some call it “Out of Body” experiences. But for those who have learned to tame this subtle body, this “wholly other living consciousness outside the flesh body”, it becomes the Magi-Poets greatest tool.


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