The Dates Do Not Coincide


The Dates Do Not Coincide

This translation, for the new/old America-Albania, was done by High Initiate Guy P. Derby.

That which Professor De Mahieu is mistaken upon is in the dates. Tiahuanaco is not so recent and his conclusions overlook the the relief figures of the Puerta del Sol (Gate of the Sun) and its Venusian calendar. There are winged beings and the tradition recounts that Huirakocha and MamaKocha (with a K) arrived in aerial vehicles from Venus. Tiahuanaco is an Andean Temple, or City dedicated to the Morning Star, the star of A-Mor and the Light of Lucifer. That is, the messenger who announces the Light of the Green Ray (as the Emerald of Venus), behind the Black Sun, the Polar Sun of Midnight. The Maya claimed to originate from Tula, or Thule, from whence came their ancestors, the White Gods, the first Hyperboreans. And also the ancestors of the Vikings. Those lines discovered on the Andean highlands, like giant symbolic Runes, written there by giants, and that seem to designate landing sites of ships coming from other worlds, from other times, take us back immeasurable ages, undreamed of by De Mahieu.

With the submergence of Atlantis under the North Sea, the Heligoland of Spanuth, begins the other Exodus of the last polar survivors, rather, of the current extreme distant descendants of the Hyperboreans. And they are to those divine Hyperboreans, as today the Guayaki are to the Vikings of De Mahieu. Involuted beings, degenerated in comparison with the divine ancestry. They spread throughout the world in search of those lands where they can survive, seeking out those places — like America-Albania, where the White Gods, their ancestors,took refuge in times already forgotten. They also went to Asia Minor and are the Hittite Shepherd Kings, or Hethites. They will be defeated and expelled by Ramses II. But all this happens in the periods of 1700 and 1300 BCE, according to Spanuth. And that will be the time when the Nordics come to the Hvétramannaland of the Vikings, that is, to America. Hyperborea had begun to disappear many ages before. It is also possible that thirty thousand years ago, as is believed by O. Menghin, another wave of whites — descendants of the pre-Mongoloid race that occupied Central Asia prior to the arrival of the Yellow race — came to America. Menghin claims that this was via the Bering Strait. Their current descendants would be the white Caiguas, ancestors of the Guayaki of Paraguay, the Guarayos of Santa Cruz, Bolivia, and the Chachapoyas of Brazil. From that legendary white race of Central Asia, from those Aryans of the civilization of the Gobi, descend the white Dropas of Tibet, the Ainu giants of Japan, and the Todas of India. A race of white giants, in turn, descendants of the divine Hyperboreans, who had already disappeared, when the central part of the Polar Continent had been submerged along with their capital, Thule.


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