Esoteric Hitlerism, the Path of Amor, Esoteric Kristianity is ultimately what we now call Serranoism. It is not Anti, it is not Gnostic, nor is it Dualistic. Esoteric Hitlerism or Serranoism is Tantric (see below). Also, we can safely say it is Jungian, even though Serrano found himself disenchanted with Jung after finding out Jung was a Mason. Nonetheless, we feel Jung has given modern man the best verbal vocabulary for tapping into the archaic brain where Hyperborea and the ancient Gods reside. Where as Jung could not take it to the next level because of his “Scientific” career, he did hand his legacy on to Serrano who claims the Archetypes ARE the Gods and not just racial memories collected in the “Collective Unconscious.” This is a valuable lesson for todays cold rigid scientific athiest society. We must also see Serranoism as a deeply poetic Magical Realism. The concept of the “Non-Existent Flower,” which must be created, invented, until it becomes more real than all the flowers of this earth. This is the best weapon modern man has for any future salvation. Each day that passes sees the spiraling effect of Kali Yuga’s transition getting out of hand, where, at the end of a downward spiral, things move so fast and quickly with each new inward turn, it can be overwhelming. This Non-Existent Flower is created by “the most powerful weapon delivered to us by the Gods – Great Longing and Deep Nostalgia.” Without this High Magic, this writer would have been locked away many years ago.

The ego is not to be immersed or fused with the One. We do not allow Our-Selves to be swallowed by the Eternal Return, to be food for this Devil, or Demiurge. This is the way of a non-warrior defeatism that we can not accept. The so-called “Nothingness” of the All, the One. The Brahma, who is, in fact, the Demiurge. In Jungian terms we must lose our egos in a “dark night of the soul”, accepted by our rational self, allowing our Self to die, to Die and Become, our inherit Be-ing, that which we know as our “I”, to allow it to be devoured to the point that one must “let go of holding on” and ultimately implode. This is what it means to be immersed in the Black Sun. The confrontation with the Black Sun. Sucking one inward, implosively into a Singularity and from there, into the Green Ray of Light, the Green Thunderbolt, the “Flash of Green Light.” This then gives the Twice-Born, the authentic Aryan of yesteryears, a means to attain the most sacred resurrection into the Supra-Ego. An Individuated Persona, an Original Personality, a King or Queen of their own Self-Created Universe where no fear exist. Supra-Humanism. Forevermore. There will be no death when the physical body of this life is done. The New Man will Resurrect into an Immortal.

Do not fall into the trap of modern day Buddhism where they preach “feel at one with all”, or the trendy new age spirituality that offers only a “white light.” If a man or woman ignores the Jungian “Shadow” (the Gods), then it will slowly birth inside you and take over, creating madness and disharmony. The Shadow and the Light (the Gods) must be used as a means to attain this High State of Being. Of course we are speaking to the Serranoist. And not to the modern day man and woman who have no idea of what we are speaking of in the first place.

In Serranoism it does not matter whether you are a Christian, Pagan, Hindu and so forth. Serranoism is for the ones who take the Heroic Path of Immortality. Those whom seperate themselves from this satanic kingdom and find Unity in Seperation. In the Total Man and Total Woman. The Unity of the Morning and Evening Star – which is the same star. He and She become WE. Day and Night become Twilight. Summer and Winter become the Autumnal and Vernal Equinox. As Serrano himself stated: “In these realms of slavery, this shows to us that the visible Demiurgic universe is not entirely his own possesion…, the visible eyes of this Universe, that of the stars and constellations, hold behind it a Pristine Universe.” The Gods deliver to us a message within the poetic dialogue of nature. Of the stars, the zodiac, the seasons, the times of day, circles within circles.

Tantrism. Nowadays most folks immediately get the image of sex magic, the Kama Sutra and so forth. This is not Tantrism. Tantrism is the use and manipulation of male and female powers, their inherit abilities and energies, to achieve a Union. In some Tantric Yoga we do use sex as a means to make a powerful energy move higher into a Divine State of Being. In short, it is called El/Ella and Ella/El (Him/Her and Her/Him) in Serranoism. Since modern man can not be spoken to in the ways of old, we have had to speak “in code.” Those who are familiar with Serrano and with Elella and Ellael know what authentic Tantrism is. There are more things we could talk about that Serrano has given us through his poetic musical books and words, but all in due time.

Jason A. Thompkins
November 20th, anos 126
South Carolina, America-Albania


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