Gnosis versus Belief

Why do folk still feel the need to walk on the soil of Scandinavia to walk where Wotan walked? Once you tear Maya-Illusion down, rip it out of your eyes, you will know and not believe, beyond doubt, that the land you are walking on right now is the soil where Wotan walked. The Hyperboreans descended down from the North to the South in the first Exodus or wave, then West to East in the second Atlantean wave, and they spread throughout the earth. Wotan is Quetzalcoatl, he is Shiva, he is Lucifer, he is Kristos, he is Wanka-Tanka and vice-versa. The archetypes are the Gods of antiquity. They have been submerged in the “archaic brain”, which is the Microcosmic Hyperborea. The right hemisphere.

In fact, Hyperborea was never destroyed, it only submerged and disappeared when Poseidon placed a golden cord around it, knowing that the eternal return of the same was approaching. It is still there and can be seen by the Resurrected Initiates. This is not a “Belief”, this is Gnosis.



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