“Square Pupils”

Those mortals who know, who stay in the Eternal Knowing, have surpassed the human condition. In the eternal now, which shapes the eternal future, which then creates an eternal past, the one who does right and speaks the Divine Truth, creates an eternal celestial sphere around his Eternal All. His Eternal Be-ing. He no longer Be-comes. The Immortal will ‘pass through’ Immortality itself. He is beyond Immortality. Death does not touch this being. Not in HIS Self-Actualized Universe of which space and time does not exist. In fact, no laws or mechanics exist in his Sphere of Eternity. His Mansion with many rooms. Death only appears to those who still remain mortal. His perception belongs to his Self-Actualized Eternity. Other beings perceive through their own universe of time and space. Their universe of laws and mechanics. And this, in and of itself, creates a Multiverse and thus, a window. This is what produces in the Immortal the ability to shape-shift, to be telepathic, pre-cognitive and hyper-perceptive.. He is capable of seeing through the eyes of ALL. He is, now and forever, his Astral Body. Beyond race, beyond religion, beyond language, beyond everything possible and everything impossible. He is the Son of Man.

Jason Alfred Thompkins III


One thought on ““Square Pupils”

  1. Too big for the blogosphere, but still in the blogosphere, a transcendent nature, connected to the One waiting beside the fountain of lost dreams, an extra-demiurgic, extra-terrestrial essence, discovering paths beyond atoms and genes, beyond all paths and streams of consciousness, a stone-like idol from the other side, an Inka ghost from the tomb of his own life, an invisible guide from another world, a Toten Fuhrer of the Werewolfen Shapeshifting Division, a Shadow of the Light of The Black Sun, part of the Non-Existence of the Sphere of the Green Light, possessor of the secret of Immortality through hardening of the adamantine concentration by opening the astral tunnel. Only one of the Silent Brotherhood could leave a comment, until the world ends in ruins, only the slain are elect! The ostentatious shroud of life falters in the face of brooding extreme Death which grips with tenacious power to an original infinite Illumination…Too big for existence, too far beyond to be recognized by the living. Beyond race, beyond man, beyond being – Armanen Kristrian.

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