The Esoteric Hitlerist Futhork of the Aqu-Arian Age

Everything in this non-perfect Universe has a Polarity. An “El” and an “Ella.” He and She. Yin and Yang. Day and Night. This now includes the expanded Ehrean Futhork of Esoteric Hitlerism and Polar/Solar Kristianity, of the new era, the Hitlerian Era, the Aqu-Arian Era. Master Miguel Serrano whispered this in his books. The carving of these runes in stone, which contain the Logos, the Word, the Geist, was done in the presence of Master Miguel Serrano. They were carved by Grand Master Amal del Amalos (G.M. 2009-2011) in the high peaks of the most southerly Andes.

Hermod, the messenger of the Gods, returned to the South Pole to reach the North Pole and the 33rd Parallel. There, He whispered the “Words carved in Stone.” And as the Sieg Geist came from His breath, the runes were received in the first kingdom of mineral, just as the crucifixion of Wotan, within the Star-Stone (Extersteine), upon entering this tormented earth of dense matter. Now the Prophecy has been revealed for a new celestial race of Heroes and Frauschillen of the Black Sun. Each rune now has the ability to become a Totality. When the runes are transfixed into their absolute Totality, the Golden Age will commence.


These runes are being whispered to me as I go forward and upward in service to Unam, the Avatara, the Man to Come, so I occasionally add to them as I read the works of our Master, Miguel Serrano. The basic Armanen meaning remains, but now the Gods have revealed the expanded new Futhork, with more esoteric meaning, through Esoteric Hitlerism. Each rune is Tantric and has a mirror-image. The rune in its El/Ella effect. The completion of this Futhork will be done when Unam decides it to be.


Grand Master Alfred
Templi Unam

El  Místico Guerrero Hermandad del Sol Negro


FA  –  AF

The Asen Gods. The rune of the Gods. Fa-Tor Wotan crucified in stone as the Asen Hyperborean God came to this earth to wage war with the Demiurge, in “plasmic emanation”, hanging on the fourth star-stone pillar of the Exter-steine.

UR  –  RU

The rune of Urigins. Ur-Fatherland. Hyperborea. First Hyperborea is located under the thick dense coating of Maya, the pristine Universe of ghost particles which was plagiarized by the devil Jehovah-Yahweh.


The sword called Blood-Memory. The fire-needles that surround the “Sleeping Beauty”, the thorn that guards the Rose. The “difficult test once again”. Rune of the battle in Maya. Of wieldinthe sword called “Blood Memory”.

OS  –  SO

The “Word”, the Log-OS, Logos, the breath of God. The “Geist”, the spirit, wind, the Utterance and the Uriginal-Urge which the Demi-urge is always plagiarizing. A direct transmission of energy. A Thought Unthought. Telepathy for the High Initiates.


Rita, the Divine Right, that which is Right, Rita. Divine Rite, the Divine Right of Kings, Nobles, Lords. The Knightly rune. The Law. Divine Truth. Feme. Five. The Holy Vehm. The Rod, the Staff. The Rite and Ritual. Rune of Kings, of God-Kings.

KA  –  AK

Rune of Esoteric mysteries. The Path. Phonetic Orphic Ka-ba-la. Kaa-ba. Cave. Yogini. The stone which fell from heaven. The Black Stone. The Gral. Ar-Ka. The Ark. Arcadium. Arktos. Antarctica. Arm raised in salute. Sieg Heil. Nigredo.


The rune of El/Ella. MAN rune, of Him. IR rune, of Her. The androgynous. Kristos-Krishna. The Blood of Kristos. Symbol of the tormented Age of Pisces according to Esoteric Hitlerism which was stolen by the Eternal Enemy as the “Star of David”.


Rune of deep longing and nostalgia. The Ur-NEED. The weapon the Gods give to Us. The Mission of Esoteric Hitlerism. To slice open a wound-window into demiurgic space-time and create an exit, a strategic departure.

IS  –  SI

Rune of the Black Virgin, of IS-IS, Isis. Rune of the Soror Mystica. She who impregnates the Hero with the Son of Man through “Cold Birth”. The cold light, frozen light of the Black Sun. The rune of the Astral Body. 

AR  –  RA

Rune of the Aryan, the Arman, the Ar. The noble spirit. Herr. The Lord. Ar-Hari. The loyalty, fidelity, highest flight and watchful eye of the Eagle. Arr. The Sun behind the sun. The Priest-Warriors (w-Ariors). Orion. The Eternal Flame of Zarathustra. Hvareno Ur Farr. Albedo.


Rune of Lightning. The Morning and Evening Star, the Double Star of Esoteric Hitlerism represented by the double Sig runes of the SS. Victory. Solar salvation. Polar divinity. The rune of Wotan’s war, thus our war. Two SIEG runes facing inward form ODAL, the rune of the Esoteric SS. Thus, the ODAL rune is the rune of Resurrection.


Rune of Magical Realism, Poetic Simplicity, of High Magic. Tuisko, the Sky Father. Tuis, Zeus. Zeus projected Athena out of his head. The rune which opens the exit, the strategic departure. Sacrifice. The Divine Will of the Hyperboreans who sacrificed their immortality to transfigure the enslaved earth.


Rune of esoteric warfare. Bar-Bar-Os, Operation Barbarossa. Barbarian. To lose “here” so that one wins “there”. The sleeping King. The rune of Adolf Hitler, the twice born God (Bar-Bar), the Man to Come as revealed in Operation Bar-Bar-Os. Rune of the Losers of the Second Earth of Kali Yuga and victors on the First Earth.


Rune of High Initiation. The Way, the Truth, the Light. The rune of the Immortals. The Guides who watch and conduct us from the Green Ray. The body of Kristos. The Eucharist. The daily bread. Life, Loaf.


The man with his arms upraised to heaven. The rune of Will. El, Him. Rune of magical re-birth. The rune which gives the Hero his means to depart this tormented earth. Life rune.

IR  –  RI

The man hurled downward and into Demiurgic space-time. Rune of the fallen Lucifer. Rune of the Hero, wielding a sword, entering into combat within enemy grounds to save Her, to transfigure Himself, Her and the enslavement of nature in solidarity and synchronicity. Rune of mystical death. Ella, Her. Death rune.


Rune of Nos, of Esoteric Hitlerism, of the Ehrean among Aryans. Rune of Elella and Ellael as NOS. Totality. Sacred Amor. Magical Coitus, Heiros-Gamos. The magical rune of Elella and Ellael. United and Separated, Separated in Unity.


The rune of the left-turning swastika. The re-turn to Hyperborea. Implosion. The Black Sun


Odal, the rune of Wotan. The rune of Resurrection, Rubedo. The red rune of immortal Vajra, of the diamond body, hard as rubies. Also, the Solar Fish, the great “Whale” that swallowed Jonah in the Kristian myth, perhaps the boats that carried the Priest-Kings to all the various continents after Atlantis, to resurrect the Odinic/Kristic mysteries of the Ur-Homeland. With elevated monuments, man-made mountains, man-made caves, dedicated to the Sky Gods, and also, the Goddesses of the Kaaba, the Cave, the Center. Ancestral Ur-Lands.


The rune of Venus. The Morning and Evening Star. Lucifer-Lucibel. The absolute rune of Totality. The green rune of the Green Ray. Nothing beyond this exists. Two Hagal runes, one vertical-masculine, one horizontal-feminine, overlaid in the Heiros-Gamos, in the Magical Coitus, Lingam/Yogini, the rune of Nos, of the Morning and Evening Star, in the chord of A, which is in fact the same star. The goal of Esoteric Hitlerism is seen within this symbolism of the Morning and Evening Star.

RU  –  UR

Rune of the White Horse that Kalki rides, the UFO of Unam, the Vimana, the blazing comet, coming from the futUR towards the URigins to bring Totality to Demiurgic space-time. It is Ur, the Ur-igins, but from the other-side of the mirror, coming from the fut-UR or future, it is the white horse, the Vimana, the UFO, in which the Ultimate Avatar Vishnu-Kalki will enter “here” by opening the wound-window of Venus, after galloping through the Golden Sun, a portal to our Black Sun. The Ru rune is the Wafeln, the ghost ship of the North Pole, it is the Caleuche of the South Pole. The ghost ship with all its lights ablaze, crewed by dead men, the Final Battalion, Die Herron von Schwartze Stein, DHvSS. The Lords of the Black Stone/Black Sun, of the Kaaba. The Uriginal stone that fell to earth from heaven. A black meteorite resides there. To be fitted again on Lucifer’s crown when he returns to end the Kali Yuga as Unam. Then the Golden Age will commence.


2 thoughts on “The Esoteric Hitlerist Futhork of the Aqu-Arian Age

    1. Torch Bearer, Magi EHE! The Piscean Era was full of torment, it was one long drawn out Crucifixion of the God-Man, Kristos-Lucifer-Wotan. Now the Aqu-Arian age is when the tears of Kristos wash the vile smell of rotting fish away from this place. The silver bolts of Lucifer are wielded wisely and wielded ruthlessly. The Log-OS/Logos, the Breath, the “Geist” (Sieg Geist!) of Wotan is in our collective SPIRIT. We are ONE as the Ultimate Battalion entering that “other world” on a higher vibratory frequency.


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