New Harvest Rain Songs/Videos

The latest songs/videos by Harvest Rain (2016). Recorded during the Planetary Alignment of the 20th and 21st of January, during the coldest, darkest, pre-dawn hours of the night.

A mirror and me, Alone and wiped clean,
A mirror and You, It may seem like two.
Refracted starglow and subtle moonbeam,
Numb Narcissus and serene Echo.
A Cathedral of Mirrors, Musing on Ice White,
Brilliant chandelier casts ghostly pallid light.
And from the colors of the antique chiming bells,
An apparition riding ocean wave casts symbolic sea shells.
But from the corner so crisp, clean and clear,
The Mirror broke itself, Now a Broken Mirror.

A Broken Mirror makes You less alone.
Thousands of “Me” now do I see.
Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall.


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