The Collective Kristos, The Collective Lucifer

“The rivers of Babylon flow,
and fall, and carry away…
Jesus is alone on earth,
not merely with no one to feel
and share in His agony,
but with no one even to know of it.
Heaven and He are the only ones to know.

Jesus is in a garden, not of delight,
like the first Adam had,
and whom there fell and took with him all mankind,
but Christ is in a garden filled with agony,
where He has saved Himself and all mankind.

He suffers this anguish and abandonment in the horror of the night.

Jesus will be in agony until the end of the world. There must be no resting in the meantime…”

Pascal “Patripassian”


We want to examine the way the eternal enemy isolates us. In today’s world, which has actually gone a step beyond the “Iron Age” and into the “Age of Lead,” the Psychiatric-Psychological-Pharmacy-Cartel have literally, almost every human soul, labeled with one alphabet mental disorder or the other. So, the innocent, from the beginning, when they trust in their intentions to seek authentic help, are delivered into the hands of the Satanic Golem. This Demiurgic machine has claimed the souls of most sentient beings. If it is not the medications which drive a soul further from the Divine Truth, then it is the so-called “mental disorder” that a soul has been “officially” diagnosed with and placed upon them like a Counter-Initiation, a non-divine inverted initiation, a black satanic ritual. We must put a stop to this now.  

Our Aryan brothers and sisters, being divine in their innocent purity, have received divine gifts of vision, of voice, of the arts, of music, of magic, of the oracle. What we have noticed is that most souls whom we relate to seem to fall into a category where they once would have held such titles as Bard, Seer, Poet, Troubadour, Priest, Magi, Witch, Hexen, Healers, Oracles. But in today’s world they are seen as “madmen”, “bag ladies”, lunatics, stark raving mad. What we find interesting is the sheer level of I.Q. that these noble souls carry. Therefore, we now must fight the eternal enemy within his own psycho-drama in which it has enforced itself upon us. We must unite in insanity! Yes! The Non-Existent Flower, the flower that creates the dizzying colours of the sound of a cathedral bell, the flower that gives the aromatic aroma of the notes heard from antique flute. The flower that is made of yet created colours that makes one see the liquid colours of the winds ice-woven voice. Yes! We must become insane! We shall glory in our insanity. We shall lift ourselves up to the zenith of Holy Divine Arrogance with our self-loving insanity!

Our Brothers, Sisters, Kameraden, who have felt the agony of Kristos, the defiance of Lucifer, the sheer rage of Wotan, must not be made to feel alone, all one (Al-one). Perhaps we should inform the National Weather Service that our weather has become bi-polar manic depressive? Yes! Let us turn the black mirror towards those that would divide the holy children of Kristos. And in our Holy Divine Arrogance, we will continue to save Kristos from His own worshipers. That is to say, the Spiritually Circumcised Christian Church of the United Synagogues of Neo-Conservative Liberal-Marxist America. A God-man that hangs for the Divine Right, the Rita, shall never be a plastic icon in our Temple. A man who hangs in agony, in torment, for A-Mor, for the “Light of this World”, the self-hanging God-man who hangs himself in order to give to mankind a pristine light, the Runic-Kristic Hagal-Christal Seed of Gnosis, of Knowing. Wotan hanging on the tree of absolute terror where he screamed in horror, in terror, before grasping the runes, the Logos, the Word. The misunderstood, the ones out there who are actually the most gifted, the most beautiful, the most charismatic, the elite few, are now and forever on the Path that shall make this inferior world burn with the Hells and the Flus that it tried to massacre our peoples souls and psyches with. Damned be the terrestrial. The inferior animal-man. And damned be all of you who poked fun at innocent souls who wished nothing, but for their minds to stop raping them and all you could do was make it worse. It is our ultimate collective desired Will that you terrestrial beings do not find rest and that you destroy this damned Yahweh-owned planet along with your damned spiritually circumcised souls.



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