UFOs, Disks of Light, Vimanas

The position that the Esoteric Hitlerist and Serranoist take concerning the UFOs, the Disc of Light, are as follows.

Master Miguel Serrano said that the Discs of Light come into this “dense reality” from the pure Aether of the Uriginal First Earth and that is why they “enter” and then “exit”, never staying too long. Because they can not bear this dense atmosphere. If we could see inside that perfect orb, that circle whose circumference is everywhere and whose center is nowhere, we would see Total-Man and Total-Woman. In fact, here is the runic formulae for the UFO. When the 8-pointed rune of VENERIS-SIRENEV is drawn within a circle and when it begins to move leftwards at dizzying speeds then it becomes a Vimana, a UFO, a Disk of Light. This is the formulae for Implosion, anti-gravity, the “other science” of the unpolished stone. The Paleolithic. For those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

It is the Morning and Evening Star, together, now as One, in the chord of A, they have formed a Midnight-Noontide and a Noontide-Midnight. Absolute. Complete. Totality. Elella and Ellael are now NOS. From here a “flash of Green bi-located Light” takes the United in Separation and the Separated in Unity towards an electric emerald green Non-Existence which is more real than any and all existence ever dreamed of by the greatest poets and pilgrims of deep nostalgia.

The Flying Saucer was indeed the technology of the Third Reich. In fact, what most people saw during the forties and probably even Kenneth Arnold were the Flying Saucers of Hitler. This is not a fantasy anymore. This is genuine truth. In fact, it’s old truth. The mistake is to think that the “Flying Saucer” is the same as the Vimana, or the Disk of Lights which traverse the night skies by omitting a melodious music and “reading the thoughts and emotions of man. The Flying Saucer is terrestrial. The authentic UFO, the Vimana or Levitating Stone are not terrestrial. They are Extra-Terrestrial, Inner-Terrestrial, Hyper-Terrestrial and to be quite honest, Extra-Stellar and/or Hyper-Celestial. Beyond this very Universe of laws and mechanics.  And Master Miguel Serrano implicitly says that the Hyperboreans did not need such crude machines to get around to Point A to Point B. The similitude of Thought itself is what the Hyperboreans traveled on. That is to say, they traveled on and within Thought.

The semi-divine Hero will go on to regain his Divinity. He will become the UFO-Man.

Master Miguel Serrano saw his first Disk of Light in 1948 whilst in Antarctica. He claims that time and space stopped as something come up from the ice. From that point on, he does not consciously remember what exactly happened to him or how long he had been “away.”

“Upon seeing MeliMoyu for the first time I trembled. I still have a photograph I took of it’s summit on the cover of our expedition report. Something broke within me, a hope centered on the nearness of the South Pole. Why? I asked myself, am I going there when what I am looking for is here, within this sumblime peak on the horizon? It is there that can be found the “ENTRANCES”. From the center of the two horns or pincers rose a vertigous dizzying light, a Disk that rotated and was lost in the sky beyond the horizon. Never before had I seen anything like this. In those days we did not speak about Flying Saucers among ourselves, nor of those strange happenings. I had to make a great effort to keep maintaining myself in the dream and raise my imagination above the crude reality of that navigation through the inhospitable world and desert of ice that surrounded us. I tried not to see the reality, not to feel it in it’s external respresentation, to try to reclothe reality with my dreams, with my chimeras and mental creations, transmutating reality with the Magical Realism of a Novalis ~ Miguel Serrano ~ MANU, for the Man to Come



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