Manos-God, Hand-God

The Cross has various symbols. For one and most importantly, it represents Totality. The number 5 (V). The Vertical-Masculine and the Feminine-Horizontal. In the Center is the Pole. Where the Two become One. The Unmoved Mover. “When He shall become She and She shall become He then the Kingdom of God will open up.” ~ Kristos from “The Gospel of Thomas.” The Cross is also a Pentagram. The Pentagram itself is in the shape of the Anthropos, the Ur-iginal Man, with his arms and legs outstretched. The hands of the Ur-Man have Five (in the shape of a V/5), the feet have Five (in the shape of V/5, the face have Five (eyes to mouth, the shape of the V/5. 555/VVV – The Polar Thulean Hyperborean number of Destiny. The Cross and the Femestern (Five-Star).

The Vth rune in the Armanen Futhorkh is “RIT-TIR” which stands for the Staff, the Rod, the Pole, the Divine Law, the Rita. The rune of the God-King. The Capitol. The Divine King. People in the Elder Futhark see this rune as a rune of travel, of journey, but it is the Pole in which all else travels around, moves around. It is the Feme, the Holy Vehme. The Divine Law in which all things accordingly move to and live by. I will include the symbol of the Holy Fehm/Vehme below, which is Five. In old times a marker stick was exactly five feet in measurement. The Vehmgraff. This is how they measured Holy Hagaldom Sites, or Sacred Aryan Ancestral Land.

The hand of man, the Manos-God, contains the entire Tyrkreus or Zo-diac (Zoo-diac – Circle of animals) with it. Each finger has Three Houses. Four times Three is Twelve (4 x 3 = 12). The palm contains the planets. The thumb being Venus. The wrist being Neptune or Poseidon and etc. The middle finger to the center of the hand is the Pole.

The Cross enclosed within a circle also has two swastikas overlaid over top of one another in Totality. The Clockwise swastika and the Leftward rotating swastika. Thus, the birth of time and space (The Exodus) and the direction towards Divinity (The Path of Return).. It is also the symbol of the Zodiac, the Four Houses of the Zodiac (the spaces in-between the lines).

We could go on and on about the use of the Manos-God, but only a little must be divulged at a time. However, this is the first thing to know and study in preparation for the “Keys of Manos” that we will expand upon in the future.





Jason A. Thompkins III


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