The Two Days of VENERIS and more on the Green Ray

We know that Totality exists in the “in-between,” in the Center, the Pole. In-between Day and Night, Sleep and Wakefulness, Dreams and Reality, Hot and Cold, Summer and Winter and etc. We have made that clear. If the light of the Golden Sun is the shadow of the light of the Black Sun, then we must conclude that within Twilight, and especially twilight during the Equinoxes, the Light of the Black Sun can be detected, harnessed and felt for the hyper-sensual and hyper-intuitive being. This is when the Gods give to us, by using this mechanical Demiurgic universe, an in-between state. In the color spectrum we find that green falls directly in-between the color-frequencies of the Golden Sun (Density/Materialism/Physical – Red to Yellow) and the Black Sun (Subtle/Ethereal/Spiritual – blue to violet). Thus, the green in this regard is seen as the color of Totality. Of the Immortal State of Be-ing. Total-Man and Total-Woman. United in Separation.

color spectrum3

There is another phenomena in nature which can be grasped for a very brief moment and we clearly see the Gods at work here. We are referring to the Green Flash, or the Green Ray. This phenomena happens exactly at a pristine perfected moment, when day turns to night, when the sun literally sets on the horizon. Barely seen with human eyes it is often picked up by using cameras and so forth. One again, we see the state of “In-Between.” It is a brilliant flash of emerald green which last less than a second. The Gods speak and sing to us of the lucid beauty when the two become one. When He and She are together.



In a more esoteric sense we wish to point out a phenomena that would converge two Hagal runes overlaid over-top of one another in nature. There are only two times in the year when El/Ella and Ella/El can merge. First, in the 24 hour time period we see Him, the Morning Star, at dawn and then Her, the Evening Star, at evening. Twilight. In-between. But each twilight is only Him or Her. How can we have the Hagal rune expand into the Veneris rune? How can Him and Her be together at once. This can take place during the Vernal and Autumnal Equinox. This is truly meant for the more esoteric minded beings who can look from the other-side of the mirror to see this holy event take place in nature. During the precise time of twilight, of in-between, under the Evening Star of Her, of Ella, does she lay Herself over top of Him as the Vernal Equinox. If we put the mirror up to that then we get the Autumnal Equinox, which is Her. So, it would be at Dawn, under the light of the Lucifer, the Morning Star, superimposed on Her, the Autumnal Equinox.


We repeat:

The Morning Star-EL, The Evening Star-ELLA, Vernal Equinox-EL, Autumnal Equinox-ELLA. The Morning Star with the Autumnal Equinox is Veneris. The Evening Star with the Vernal Equinox is Veneris. The 8-pointed rune-star of Chilli-Mapu.

These two days will become Sacred Holy Days in days to come.





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