The Aquarian Odal


The rightful rune of Kristos-Wotan, who hung in terror on the Ir-Man-Sol Cross (the Androgynous Solar Hagal Rune), crucified for being a Godman spreading A-Mor, for the sake of giving to mankind Salvation, has been vindicated and put in it’s rightful place in the AquArian Futhork. As the Red Rune of Resurrection, of Rubedo, of the Immortal Red Vajra. We refer the Initiate to Miguel Serrano’s “MANU – For the Man to Come” and most importantly, in this regard, his living word “The Resurrection of the Hero.


The Judaic-Christian church is drowning in the tears of Kristos, which are the pure waters of Aquarius. The fish of Pisces itself is drowning because the waters of Aquarius are pure. The masses who are holding onto the materialistic Era of Pisces and are making no attempt to harmonize to the Frequency of what was conceived in 1888 and brought to a Zenith December 21st , 2012 (Pisces turning into Aquarius), do not know which way to turn. Nor should they. Salvation is only for a few who have earned it through hell-fire, through sickly flu and after flu, through terrestrial crucifixion, through Nigredo, the “dark night of the soul.” Those “black sheep” that this world of materialism spat upon.

The God of the Zodiac remains the same, it simply changes skins at each round. And every time it come for it’s rebirth, the old skin must be sacrificed for the new skin to be adorned. And only by chosen Magi. Thus, the sacrifice of the Bull while Taurus was changing to Aries. Then the sacrifice of the Lamb when Aries changed to Pisces. All, symbolic and real. As above, so below.  Pisces brought Democracy, Socialism, Marxism, Liberalism, Capitalism and all this from the French Revolution and Judaic-Christianity, that all men are equal, which is now being reversed. Because, as we truthfully see with our eyes and intuition, democracy does not exist and no man is equal. Men earn their rank or, in most cases, are simply born with it.




2 thoughts on “The Aquarian Odal

  1. Grand Master,

    The darkness within
    Flying fish
    Look to the port
    Turn to the left
    Hear the S S
    S S
    The sound of death in combat
    The sound of a German 88 coming in
    Let there be light

    Heil Hitler!


  2. The Esoteric SS have been at it for a while now. It took this long to get the message, which is often written in code and subtle poetics, to the right souls who can tune in to the frequency of the “Blood Memory.” This is what all of us share in common. It has now turned into a literal physical “phenomena” as the pendulum now swings, ever in momentum, towards our side. We must all be willing to put all at stake for the new God of Aquarius. The proper rituals, by proper “Magi”, have been done and the Era of Aquarius, now in year 126 is upon this tortured earth.

    For We are the Twilight
    We are ever In-Between
    For We are the Mirror-Image of the Light of the Golden Sun, which is the shadow of the Black Sun.

    And “Sieg Geist” is the mantram of battle in the New Era of the Fourth Reich!

    Alaf Sig Unam!


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