Atlantean Remnants, the War Continues

~ The swastika above was found carved in stone at Puma Punku ~

In the forty years of wandering in the desert, ten Hebrew tribes disappear. What happened to them? In the end only the tribe of Judah endures, which has been mixed with the Semites, losing their primordial Minne. The Jews have appropriated the tradition, modifying it to suit their own personal interest; they have adulterated, exfoliated Genesis, wiping out the extraterrestrial and divine origin of humanity, because of the guilt for their own particular fall. The numeral science and the science of names from Atlantis, the Aryan Kabbalah, will be used towards the personal power of the tribe, and still does to this day. In the astral plane it has produced the transformation of Jehovah. Man eventually comes to have no more than six thousand years of history, and his origin is declared to be exclusively of this earth. Then they altered the meaning of the Exodus, transforming it into the little exodus of the tribe, thus altering the metaphysical significance of the rotation of the Right-rotating Swastika, detaining it in Jerusalem, “the only place where Jehovah desires to be worshiped” and pouring all their tears beside the remains of the barricades of the Temple of Solomon and not at the Walls of Ice of the lost Thule, near the Boreal Column, “which united this earth with the Other Earth”; with the stars. They have tried to cause the Star of the Origin to be forgotten, turning against the heroes and gods, adulterating everything, allying with those who have killed the giants, the Giant Kings, making David a murderer of his ancestors. ~ El Cordon Dorado, Esoteric Hitlerism – Miguel Serrano


All ancient civilizations on earth are but a decline, an inferior representation of a superior civilization. The one that goes by several names in this world of the lost science of the Paleolithic and Megalithic. Ours is a world with amnesia. We use names such as Atlantis, Thule, Hyperborea, Shamballa, Asgard and Argartha as archetypal names of this forgotten and hidden civilization, which was much superior to Eqypt and all the mighty civilizations of America-Albania. The Incas themselves are an inferior civilization to who was once there, but disappeared. Although, at times, some investigators find remnants of the ancient Atlantean Giants with long blonde and red hair, with Nordic skulls and features, hidden away in Universities and Museums. These are the remnants of the White Gods of Albania.


All over this world, on every continent, there are traces of the post-Atlantean God-Kings who retained the science of the Gral, although it had already been diminished within the blood. Before the Atlantean wave we had the Hyperborean wave. This is symbolized by the right-rotating swastika. The first wave were the post-Hyperboreans moving North to South. The second wave, also represented by the right-rotating swastika of “Exodus”, were the Atlateans moving West to East. All Divinity comes from the North. The North is where the Ur-Home of our extra-terrestrial lineage resides. The North is where the True Light comes from. It does not come from the East. And now, with the left-rotating swastika of “Return”, we are moving from West to East and South to North. However, the first, the “Hyperborean Exodus”, was a physical movement. The Path of Return is a Spiritual Movement. Because our Worldview is based on the “Mirror” Effect, or “El/Ella” Effect. The Unification of Opposites.The physical follows the Spiritual. We, the Esoteric Hitlerist, the Serranoist, started moving this swastika leftwards with our Spirits after the Physical/Exoteric war. Hitler moved his armies in the direction of the leftward-turning swastika. Back to the Origins.

Aryan Migration 1st Wave 10,000 BC-2000 BC Map

If one does not think that this was set into place, thought of, blue-printed by the Esoteric SS before they “won by losing”, then one has not been paying attention to anything that has been going on in the esoteric underground since the, supposedly, “end” of the Second World War. A “battle” ended, but the War carries on in the depths, in the “Hollow Earth”, in the “Inner Earth”, the “Other Earth”, where the Losers of the Kali Yuga actually are the Victors.


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