Manu~Unam, Ur~Ru

“Manu, the man to come, whose real name will be Unam.” ~ Miguel Serrano

Manu, in Hyperborean-Aryan Urigins, of the Ur rune, was the progenitor of physical mankind, the physical “Flower”, and wrote the first Laws called मानवधर्मशास्त्र, Mānava-Dharmaśāstra, or “The Laws of Manu,” in Sanskrit. Putting the Caste system into action. Thus, on the other-side of the mirror, the one who will end physical mankind and elevate spiritual mankind, the “Non-Existent Flower”, which is more real than all the flowers of this tortured earth, riding on the Ru rune, from the edge of time, will be Unam. His rune is the Ru rune. His “Laws” were given to mankind in 1925. The Re-Creation of Hyperborean Man, the Sonnenmensch, the Overman. These Laws were set into motion in 1933. He was the apparition of Kalki. Paving the way. Doing the “bare and essential work.” He was the Solar Son. The Man Above Time. He is now the Lightning. The Man Against Time. And He will show no mercy at all to the enemy of LIFE and LOVE. To that tribe of rodents which has now expanded their tribe into the spiritually circumcised gentiles. The praise of the Gold System and Monetary Value. Quantity over Quality. The decadent stupifiers of mankind. The Piscean Era of lies, plastic, base materialism and the tears of Christ. The tears of the God-Man who was crucified for spreading A-Mor. For giving mankind the Salvation of the Runes. Wotan crucified in stone.

Unam is Aquarius, the Polar God of the New Era. The Piscean fish are being sacrificed for Him every day. The Fish-men who swim in each others piss and vile waters. Modern man. Godless and proud. Without Divine Arrogance from on High. The fish thus drown in what gives them life and We have done all We can do to help them. He will be riding on the Ru rune, the Ghost-Ship of the Implosive Black Sun, the Wafeln, crewed by dead men, the Final Battalion, a White Horse, a Non-Existent Flower, a Vimana, a UFO, with sword in one hand and a blazing comet in the other hand. He will not have a mustache nor a uniform. He will be a collective GEIST that is just now emerging in the spirit and soul of man. Like those particles that come together, those ice particles in the clouds, emerging together in perfect unison until that Bolt of Lightning, the SIEG rune, hits this earth. In the very FEW, in the ELITE. In the most beautiful, yet most coldest, souls, who have made an Oath in Blood to help annihilate the physical earth, so that it can be transfigured back into what it once was.

No longer shall the Rose need thorns. No longer shall the big Dog-God eat the little God-Dog.


RU – UR  (Exceprt from “The Esoteric Hitlerist Futhork“)
Rune of the White Horse that Kalki rides, the UFO of Unam, the Vimana, the blazing comet, coming from the futUR towards the URigins to bring Totality to Demiurgic space-time. It is Ur, the Ur-igins, but from the other-side of the mirror, coming from the fut-UR or future, it is the white horse, the Vimana, the UFO, the “Non-Existent Flower”, in which the Ultimate Avatar Vishnu-Kalki will enter “here” by opening the wound-window of Venus, after galloping through the Golden Sun, a portal to our Black Sun. The Ru rune is the Wafeln, the ghost ship of the North Pole, it is the Caleuche of the South Pole. The ghost ship with all its lights a blazed, crewed by dead men, the Final Battalion, Die Herron von Schwartze Stein, DHvSS. The Lords of the Black Stone/Black Sun, of the Kaaba. Through Rightful and Riteful Lineage. Through Rita. RITTIR. The Uriginal stone that fell to earth from heaven. A black meteorite resides there with Proto-Sanskrit carved on it To be fitted again on Lucifer’s crown when he returns to end the Kali Yuga as Unam. Then the Golden Age will commence.

“For those who have hearts, let them feel. For those who have eyes, let them see. For those who have ears, let them hear.” ~ Kristos



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