First Earth ~ Second Earth (The Poetic Ur-Blood)

The soul of man yearns to fly “Home” on the wings of A-Mor (Eternal Love). When we “fall in Love” with someone, it is in this state of being that man and woman have the ability to, literally, Exit all laws of this Universe. The chemicals shared between a man and a woman is the intoxicating Liquor of the Gods. It is a Sacred Divine Act. The average man and woman these days, do not realize, that when making Love, a deep chemical exchange is taking place. You now run through each others veins like a drug. The woman leaks out a substance that will go into the pores of the mans skin. The man will usher out a substance that gets absorbed by the woman. Making Love is a chemical discharge of a multitude of “spirits.” It is a Tantric Art. Making Love is Poetry. The woman is forever “pulling Him in” whilst He is now “pushing Himself in.” This act is a symbolic reference to mankind struggling for Totality. Him and Her, seeking Re-Union, within their-SELF.
The blood is a condensation of the Ur-Sun, the Original Sun of Non-Existence, of Black Sunlight, of Green Wind. Twilight, where night and day embrace and hold one another in their arms. It is neither day nor night. Neither male nor female, good or bad, hot nor cold. It is NOS. In-between. The twice-born feels, within their pulsating veins, a deep nostalgia, that something is not right. Something has happened and that every act we do on the face of this earth is in earnest, to bring back, from the deepest depths, this lost state of Totality, of that “most sacred memory.”
2013 © Christopher Martin

2013 © Christopher Martin

From eating to making Love. Every act is an act of returning to the Ur-Man. Original Man. Without mass and substance. The Original Angelic or Hyperborean BE-ing. That which he lost and he can now only feel as a deep thirst, a hunger, the desire to hunt. To be with a woman. Nature is like a Sleeping Beauty that has been ravaged and taken prisoner by something Unholy. The twice-born can actually see and feel this when looking at the eternal poetic dialogue of nature. From the smallest of critters to the most distant galaxies. The beautiful sadness of looking into the crying out eyes of a young deer, a fawn. The aroma of the Rose. The Ur-Essence, before the Rose had to make thorns to protect Herself. The howling winds of Winter whispering through the bedroom and asking one to listen to its tender song of Nostalgia. All of this is tangible to earthly man after the great ejaculation of the Devil. The actual object one is seeing and can touch and see is but the “second version” of it. The “second earth” after the disappearance of Hyperborea-Thule, which is the “First Earth.” It is now the “Other Earth”, the “Astral Earth.” Beyond its material form lay the “Ur-Version” – the Original Purity of things. The Hyperborean-Thulean essence, the Ur-Version, still lay there when one rips Maya, illusion, from their eyes. When a man has become impregnated with the “Son of Man” – with the “Siegen Geist”, Parakletos. When a man has put a Face on His soul. The Face of His Eternal Beloved.
ab Aeterno ~ ab Antiquo ~ ab Extra
a Caelo Usque ad Centrum

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