Hyperborea-Thule, Lucifer-Kristos, The Aqua-Arian Age


“As we have already mentioned, this sign symbolizes the Return to the Boreal origin, to the Hyperborean Thule, the magical transmutation, the Four-Leaf Clover, with its immovable center, polar.”
“Making use of Sanskrit terms, of mantrams, we can grasp the profound metaphysical sense of the two Swastikas, the righward used by Buddhism and which rotates in the direction of the current earth’s rotation and the hands of the clock, and the leftward, the one adopted by Hitlerism, that of the former Tibet of Lamaism and which goes against the rotation of the earth and the involution of the Kali Yuga. The first is of the Exodus, the loss of Paradise and the Solar Age; the second, that of the Return. The first is expressed by HAMSAH, which divides into HAM and SAH, the inspiration and expiration ( inhalation and exhalation) of normal, instinctive breathing, of the current animal-man, of the pasu, involuted. The Leftward Swastika is expressed in SAHAM, the reversed breathing, conscious, spiritual, of the Vira, of the semi-divine hero and the Divya, or divinized, immortal Siddha. SAHAM means ” I am Her”: ELELLA, the Total-Man, with an immortal body made of Vajra.The God-Man. Ignorance and bad faith have wanted it to be believed that the Leftward Swastika selected by Esoteric Hitlerism corresponded to black, demonic forces. Neither one nor the other does. Both symbolize deep, metaphysical processes.”

The Swastika of Exodus

“The future SS were preferably selected from amongst the members of the Hitler Youth. These boys had a dagger with the Leftward Swastika and an inscription upon its steel blade: “Blut und Ehre” (Blood and Honor). When the SS aspirant, after ordeals and services, effectively proceeded forward to form part of the Black Order, he would receive—and not always—another dagger consecrated with the Runic sign of the SS, a Leftward Swastika, and the following inscription in the steel: Meine Ehre heißt Treue (“My Honor is called Loyalty”).
“The etymology of Thule, the capital of Hyperborea, would be Celtic, deriving from Thu-al, North, the endpoint of expedition of which all traces of been lost. But those Thules would be no more than a misleading reflection of the polar Hyper-Thule (Ultima Thule), dreamed of by the ancients, missing and forever inaccessible. The initiation of El Cordon Dorado teaches us that the Hyperborean Thule was the sacred Center of Revelation, in the Deep Midnight, the first initiatic sanctuary, the Image of the Pole of the Light, abode of the Divine Siddhas.”

Mount Segur

“Otto Rahn’s book, “Lucifer’s Court”, to which we have been referring, is a journey in search of the mythic Hyperborean Thule, turning with the Swastika of Return, passing first through the ruins of the Cathar civilization of Languedoc, to go in a counter-clockwise circle, through Germany, until reaching Iceland, the first step in the polar dream of Ultima Thule.”
“When the Aryans are defeated in Central Asia, it is the Age of Aries (Aries), of the Golden Fleece, that comes to an end. And thus the Age of Pisces enters in, Semitic-lunar. But not everything dies. The Ram/Lamb is there in the manger, and eats together with the ox. And the Messiah is a shepherd, a Shepherd-King. Could the descendant of David perhaps be an Ar-yan? Surely Akkenaton, the worshipper of the Sun, was one, along with his wife Nefertiti (the bust of whose head was so admired by Hitler in the Berlin Museum): a Mitanni. Also in the Age of Aquarius the Fish remains, reborn in a way as the fiery Winged Serpent, as Parakleitos, the Third Person, the God-Man, more God than the Sun, because he has begotten himself, in the Self, without the intervention of the Father or the Mother. Like the Bird of Paradise, he is engendered only in their dance. The Winged Fish survives in Aquarius, in an Athanor. The Age of Aquarius is that of the Holy Spirit, that of the Christ of Atlantis. And no more shall anyone be able to save the era of Pisces, nor its Semitic-lunar religion. They have passed away, like Baal, the Two-Headed Ram, and there is no Julian the Apostate who can revive them.”

Templar Graves

“Then they altered the meaning of the Exodus, transforming it into the little exodus of the tribe, thus altering the metaphysical significance of the rotation of the Leftward Swastika, detaining it in Jerusalem, “only place where Jehovah desires to be worshiped” and pouring all the tears beside the remains of the ramparts of the Temple of Solomon and not at the Walls of Ice of the lost Thule, near the Boreal Column, “which united this world with the Other”; with the stars. “
“The semi-divine do not lose contact with them, because only with their help can they become immortal again, transmuting and purifying the astral blood. They will continue being their Guides. The semi-divine are the legendary heroes, the giants of which the old texts tell us. They direct men in the conquest of new lands after the catastrophes that caused Hyperborea and Atlantis to disappear. They are the Giant-Kings, the semi-divine heroes. All of those women who have been conceived of as “virgins” in legend, and gave birth to heroes, being “possessed” by a mythological creature– a bull with horns like on a helmet– from out of the sea, by a swan, in truth they have had amores with an extraterrestrial, with a God, or with an Angel, like Mary, so young and beautiful in the painting “The Annunciation” by Leonardo, where possibly the mystery of a nonsexual impregnation is revealed, telepathic, an astral love, magnetic, with a “genetic transfer” by way of a hand sign, an extraterrestrial love, as it was also with the god Krishna with Radha, the cow-herd girl, the Shepherdess.”


“Thus, the Nibelungen would come from the clouds, from the sky. (Nebel, mist/fog in German; lung, inhabitant). Also inhabitants of the subterranean world, of the Inner Earth. The Visigoths and the Merovingian kings were gigantic, proclaiming to possess a divine origin, like the Chinese emperors and the Japanese of the race of the Ainu, like the Dropas of Tibet prior to Mahayana Buddhism who bore the Leftward Swastika.”

The Swastika of Return

“I remember when I asked Professor Jung, in his home in Küsnacht, what Christ was for him, he replied to me: “Christ is the very Self, the soul of the Western man.” The Gnostic gem of his ring was Christian, but of that cosmic and solar Christianity to which we have referred: the Christianity of Meister Eckhart. A Hyperborean Christianity. Jung added: “I try to make the resurrection of Christ possible for the Western man within himself.”
“At the end of the Age of Aries, the sacrificed one is Rama, Belenus, Apollo, Lucifer. Ancient mystery, which will permit the Archetype to resurrect in Pisces, as Jung would say, on the Third Day and in Spring, with a new guise, that of the Fish, that dies when the waters recede. That is, when the cataclysm that comes to submerge Atlantis comes forth. What Jung feared for the beginnings of the Age of Aquarius.”
“It is claimed that many of these things came to be known by the early Templars in the ruins of the Temple of Solomon. It is said that they were called Templars because of the Temple. It is probable that the meaning of the name is also symbolic, since the Temple has always been there, with the first Stone, even before being constructed in any part. The Temple, in truth, is the Gral, the Stone fallen from Heaven, from the Crown of Lucifer, in an extraterrestrial combat.”

Carnac Menhirs

“It is suspected that the Templars, from their port of La Rochelle, began secet expeditions that reached to the “Other Land” of Plato, America-Atlantis. Quetzalcoatl, the white god of the Toltecs, if not an extraterrestrial divinity who came in a “winged chariot”, is a Templar who taught the doctrine of righteousness and justice there. Quetzalcoatl is represented in some Mexican sculptures with a helmet and crest, similar to the Templar armour. Before them, the Vikings from the North ad the Druids knew America, which they called by other names, already annotated. There are Celtic towers in North America. Breton and Norman sailors would man the Templar ships. “

Macchu Picchu

“They guard this knowledge, like that of the existence of America, the Land of the White Gods, the White Land, Albania, with a symbolic-polar meaning, the Secret Continent, which one seeks out in the initiation of El Cordon Dorado, of the Morning Star, Venus-Lucifer. As we have said, the Star is called Tara in Sanskrit. In Tibet, Tara is the goddess Shakti-Kundalini, the wife of Shiva, Master of Tantric Yoga and of the Siddhas. The South American and South Polar legend of the City of the Caesars hidden in the remote Andes, might have to do with the Templars; without doubt, it has to do with the White Gods, with the White Giants. The Templars wish to guard the secret of their discoveries, because those intimate, private locations could come to be a refuge for their Secret Master and their Science. Tiahuanaco and the temple of Kalasasaya were dedicated to Venus-Lucifer.”


Menhir, Stone Cave, Hudson Valley, Albania



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