Aquarian Threshold

The Age of Pisces will forever be remembered as the Age of Tears, Lies and Deceit. The stench of dead fish is going to linger for many years to come. Many are still walking around, wondering when the end of the world will come, when it ended 70 odd years ago. The rapture has been happening all around you. Men and women are awakening to a new spiritual dawning, a vibrational spiritual frequency, every moment, while most are dying a slow agonizing death in stagnant waters. We are in a twilight threshold between Aquarius and Pisces. The satanic black magicians, the Elders of Mammon, the dead who lead the dead, the blind who lead the blind, the dead who bury their dead, are doing everything in their financial capital, their materialistic weapons of mass control, to make Pisces stretch out as long as possible, so as to prolong the agony of God, while the Sons and Daughters of the New Era are already spiritually woven in the High Vibratory Frequencies of the Water-Bringer. The proper sacrifices have been done in the same ways as time immemorial.


Only the man who has been ripped apart, cast aside, crucified endlessly, day after day, in the most agonizing and tortuous ways, ways upon which I will not even speak of, has the depths within to re-emerge as a Divine Being, Angelic Being, Hyperborean Being. The Christ of Pisces was stolen from the start. And just as they killed God then, they have been murdering Kristos over and over and over in this sad Era. The Greek Xristos was not allowed to make his miraculous appearance as Unified Man and Woman (of which “The Gospel of Thomas” speaks), a Totality within a God-Man who preached A-Mor , upon which the Cross represents. The Veritical, the Masculine, up to down, represents man and the kingdom of mineral. Man and his spinal coloumn. The Horizontal, the Feminine, is the vegetative and animal kingdom. The spine of the animal. The Four Kingdoms of Material Earth according to Plato. Iesous Xristos (Jesus Christ), (I plus X = Hagal), contains within it’s very name the Hagal rune of the original Androgyne. God was stolen from mankind at the very beginning of Pisces.


We can not allow this to happen again. The Age of Pisces does not have to repeat itself. But in all honesty, We, the Esoteric Hitlerist, do not see much hope for mankind as mankind has chosen to die a straw death. Thus, we have come to an ever evolving Gnosis, that we are quite different than the average man. We do not even consider to be of your kind. We know with absolute firm certainty that we chose who to give birth to us, when they would do it, where they would do it, and how they would do it. We are Immortal Souls that have been traversing this earth for thousands of years.  All of this resides in the “Memory of the Blood.” There are men who are born and then there are men who decide to enter here to continue fighting evil because they can not bare to leave their kameraden behind.


Long gone of the safe days of politics. What this world is about to see will be unleashed in a fury of darkened storm clouds drenched in blood. You will witness the Divine Man give his life up for the Divine Truth. You will witness martyrdom. You will witness high school kids more awakened than the average 40 year old, as I have witnessed in the past year. Pisces took it too far. And for this, the Pendulum of Polarity that keeps the Universe in motion must swing, with each little motion towards our side, with more velocity and momentum each tiny bit it moves. There is nothing no one can do about this because it is written in the stars just as it was thousands of years ago. The only difference is, some of Us now have the ability to create new stars at Will and at the moments when the Gods use nature to speak to us.


Only the fresh boreal waters of Aquarius can give life. The Piscean fish-men will drown in their own self-deluded waters of piss and vile.


5 thoughts on “Aquarian Threshold

  1. Being pushed to the point of psychological break down is almost nessecary for enlightment. Being thought insane of by family members just for political views, your family thinking yourself crazy when all you want to do is make the world better for them and all our folk. People wondering why you have a Bible, Qu’ran, and the Edda on the same shelf and believe all of them. It goes to show how far the Synagouge of Satan pushed it; We will show them how far the pendulum can swing the other way.

    Those high school kids often forget their age, they feel acient (;

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  2. In a day and age when the average man can talk about murder, rape, ungliness and sewage, until he froths at the mouth, and then become frozen with fear when the name of God is spoken, a new dawn is fast approaching.


  3. The Astral Waters come from above and from below, a deluge from above and below, crashing in on this Silicon Age, this Age of shifting Sands, like a Tsunami crashing down on the beach.

    “And to Lucifer was given the key
    To the Well of Destiny and
    Fountains of the Deep…
    And he opened the Gates of Hel
    And the deathless arose out of it”

    Sieg Geist!


  4. The Gods will no longer conceal themselves in spurious shapes, no longer will Venus be a fish. What has been woven will be unraveled, but only Immortals can see, thus the Aqu-Arian Ehrean Man is proven by fresh boreal waters, Piscean fish-men will never escape the womb, they will be tired to the womb, forever…Only Ehrean can escape it…But for those that observe lying vanities, they forsake mercy…They do not see true prophets but follow the hooks and harpoons of Jonah.


  5. We have vindicated Lucifer and other prophecies have been fulfilled. We, a very few, the Magi of Aquarius. If there are others doing the proper “bare and essential” work then someone point them out to me. The Hidden Directors are pleased. The Mighty Ones who work through Us. The elite in this vile dark age. We are blessed to have the mind, soul and spirit to come together to put our Ru rune into existence, our Flower, our Circle. Each new day that goes by we are seeing new prophecies being revealed from our Holy Writ.

    History has proven that it only takes a very small minority, whose souls are in the Right, Rita, GODLY tonality of the Melody, which keeps us all together, to do the ACTS, the Actions that transmutate the world. The Aurae Catena. El Cordon Dorado. We, the despised, the misunderstood, the Brood of Lucifer who is the true Kristos. We, what is left from the authentic SS in direct lineage. Before we came to this earth we were preparing.

    “Kristos and Lucifer as one and the same. The Most Beautiful Light. Wotan-Baldur-Apollo. Double Star of Oiyehue-Yepun. Two Brothers. EL-ELLA and ELLA-EL.” – Miguel Serrano



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