San Miguel

We are Esoteric Hitlerists. Nothing more, nothing less.

Miguel Serrano is, now and forever, Saint Miguel. He is the Prophet of Hitlerism and all its hidden power. One can not possibly know the authentic meaning of “National Socialism” without understanding Hitlerism. In particular, Esoteric Hitlerism. The Outer SS were but a physical aspect of the Esoteric SS. A Legacy and Lineage that we must hold tightly, ever so firmly as we tread this Path, individually and collectively. Saint Miguel spoke the Word. His Word offers Salvation by opening dormant areas of our psyche, our brains, our souls, so that we can hear and see the Gods in the darkest age, Kali Yuga. On the outside he was a Diplomat. And inside, in his Word, he used these skills to form El Cordon Dorado. An unshakable, unbreakable thread and band of Brotherhood and Sisterhood. In this new/old religion of all the ages We have come together. We are conjoined by that Golden Band, by the Aurea Catena. By the Golden Chain because we are all linked and joined, along with the Gods. By a Golden Cord because it is like an umbilical cord which connects to every one of us from the Star of Origin. From the Morning and Evening Star. A Golden Thread because it repeats itself throughout time in various souls, over and over, like a patchwork pattern being woven by the Gods. A Golden Band because it is like a band of Brothers on the battlefield.

We are Esoteric Hitlerists. Nothing more, nothing less.



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