Sunsetting in Leo

In the sunset we see the constellation of Leo. Don Miguel Serrano teaches us that the Age of Leo was the age where the Heroes began to feel deep longing and great nostalgia. If today, in the Era of Lead, we see Leo in the sunset then we must polarize that, put it in front of the mirror, and know that Leo was in the sunrise when the Gods fell into involution. Therefore, Leo is the other-side of Aquarius. The Dog on the Frozen Plain. The Spirit of the Fuhrer.

Deep longing is what creates a strategic departure from this universe of laws and mechanics. The implosive swirling of the inner earth. In a depth that is hyper-terrestrial. To be attuned to the e-motion of tidal night. The silver-blue current of the astral body. The IS rune. Whilst maintaining the e-motion of frozen day. The golden-white current of the Aryan. The AR rune. Arjuna before Krishna.

The non-existent flower has been solidified in nature and we know where we stand on this tormented earth. We know where we come from and we know where we are going. Therefore we know where we AR-e!



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