Armanen ~ Thulean

What does ‘Thulean’ mean? We all know where the word Thule comes from. But what does it signify in this Order? Below is the definition of ‘Thulean.’

Men of the High Hidden Sun. The frequency of Divine Stillness. Potent high magic of the aether and air. Leaving the terrestrial realms behind. To be of the highest mountain. Overman and Olympian. Oracle of Uranian wisdom. The Well and Fountain overflow with the sparkling pure waters of Life and Health. In the form of the divine MAN rune. Silent whispers evoke plentiful Gods and Goddesses. Each stream, each river, each tree and fossil have a unique God within them. Traversing the night realm by swimming through the window of Golden Shadows. Turning ethereal night into Polar dawn. Turning wretched daylight into Polar Midnight. The Spring and Autumnal ‘Antique Light’ of Thule. Tall, stoic and pale with icy blue halos. With out-stretched arms to Holy High Armanen. Hari Fuotan, AriKristos, Teubel-Lucibel. Clarity and clear blue skies and the silent still realm of the Noble Eagle. Our glacial refraction cascades Sun Dogs into the aether. The realm of plentiful colours. The Ur-Rainbow of Heimdallr. Pontifex of the Folk. Heaving asunder the resisting lunar waves of night. To walk on water. To create wine with divine Hand. Calm, still reproach. Sons and Daughters of the Antique Light. Venusian butterflies inherit our pale white splendid skin. Psyche and Soul.

We are the inheritance of Arman. We are a Thulean race of Antique Light. Beyond Lunar, Beyond Solar. We are Polar.

Templi Unam

armanen (2)


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