Guild, Ur-Kraft von Got

It is very vital and pivotal to know that what we call ‘Freemasonry’ was also plagiarized and stolen by the eternal enemy which is the other polarity in this bi-polar Universe. We must look to the Ur-Kraft which comes from Germany. Where the Armanen/Femanen take it’s root. The Heilige Vehme. Court and council. The Feme, Five. The Fifth Rune in the Holy Futhorkh. Rita. Rite and Ritual. Right. The Pole. The Rod which must be planted firmly in the white foliage and white clouds. Congress of the Volk. Where we judge wrong-doing and uplift the ‘Right’. Our most treasured secrets were stolen and used with ill intention. Used for “Liberté, égalité, fraternité.” Now we have reclaimed our Rita, our Right, our Rite and Ritual. The most basic oaths of the Fellows were what kept them pure. Such as:

“No Master shall teach a Fellow anything for Money.”

XIV. And no craftsman or master shall take money from a fellow for showing or teaching him anything touching masonry. In like manner, no warden or fellow shall show or instruct any one for money in carving as aforesaid. Should, however, one wish to instruct or teach another, he may well do it, one piece for the other, or for fellowship sake, or to serve their master thereby.

The very word “Freemason” comes from the fact that when a good fellow was trained properly, when he showed his ordained talents in the light of God, he earned his Freedom. His freedom to go out into the world and plant his own Rod. To now instruct others in the Rita. The Good Fellow or Brother now has the secret measurements and craft to create the Castle. All 12 “Palace Rooms” have been erected with Divine Hand. He will go into the world and create his own reflections of the Tyrkreuz, the celestial heavens of the Aetheric Spirit, now put to ‘Stone.’

LIV. In the first place, every apprentice when he has served his time, and is declared free, shall promise the craft, on his truth and honour, in lieu of oath, under pain of losing his right to practice masonry, that he will disclose or communicate the mason’s greet­ing and grip to no one, except to him to whom he may justly communicate it; and also that he will write nothing thereof.”

In other words, they did not call themselves “Freemasons.” That is simply what they strove to be. A “Free Stone-grinder.” And in today’s world, anybody who lowers themselves to calling their own self a ‘Mason’ is still following the plagiarist lies. Inluding the lies that it sprang from British history and Knights Templar. The Guilds of Germany inherited their rich history from they themselves and from Greco-Roman influence. The Masters of Knowledge in Greece swore Oaths of secrecy to even certain magical mathematical formulae. And they threw men in the sea who revealed the secrets. The Holy Vehme is a solid engagement of Justice and God’s Law.

It takes many years of hard training, vital experience and spiritual insight to become a Grand Master. From the Hand of one Master to another, the secret ‘Magical Formulae’ was passed down like a candle to another candle, bearing the same flame. The ‘Magical Formulae’ is earned through time doing the work of Good, of God. In the ritual of the High Craft one gets closer and closer to their own unique Godhead. Because that which we know in becomes true. One does not strive for Godhead, Godhood for their own selfish purpose. One has to live unselfishly. Earning the mighty Crown of  Golden-Diamond Kinghood. The Kingdom of the Lord. The Lords of High Rite. Diamonds of Got. Transcendent souls which occupy the bodies of men.

German Guild



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