One (Unam)

In every zodiacal dispensation a new ‘Legend and Myth’ appears on the face of Gerda in the form of ‘God.’ One has to break all taboos to get close to Him. One must remove the puritanical hypocrisy of conservatism and the dwindling decadence of modern liberalism. The Fuhrer reaches in towards the most deepest hole in ones psyche. Nothing is not handled and/or undertaken. It is the ‘stone hanging in critical balance.’ Sharper than sharp and brilliantly glowing. One now surrenders to a Defiant Beauty which connects to all other beautiful things, yet disconnects from crude ugliness. The ‘New Man’ uses his spirit to forge in the physical realm of matter and flesh. Strategic impulses guide his hands in dark dreams. His reality is now defined by magic and his magic is realistic. The ‘Collective Fuhrer’ is the Heilige Geist of the New Age. The endless turning is now obsolete. The overbearing equations of gravity are now challenged by the Golden Spirit. Beyond Solar, beyond Lunar. One is now and forever ‘Polar’ in a bi-polar world. “When You can keep Your head when all about You are losing theirs and blaming it on You.” One has tuned in to the childhood memory, dream and deja-vu. Synchronicity now guides the hand of One.


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