The Resurrection of the Hero ~ Miguel Serrano

For those interested, We still have extra copies of The Resurrection of the Hero and the new Harvest Rain album “Nightwave.” For those who have ordered before, We will get these shipped out to You.

The Resurrection of the Hero is the English translation of Miguel Serrano’s 1984-1986 book written for the Heroic Youth of today who fight the system and the lies. It shows a poetic magical exit from this mechanical universe by esoteric poetry and magical realism.

“Only Poets will Understand Me” – Carl Jung

In this Holy Writ we meet the Gods behind the archetypes. It is the book he wrote in between The Ultimate Avatar and Manu: For the Man to Come. Jason A. Thompkins III and Guy Paul Derby II did the translation and the Forward is a huge piece written by Jason on his journey through Harvest Rain, the recording of ‘Blood Hymns’ and his years studying Miguel Serrano. Presented by The 55 Club.

The Circle is now Complete.

Nightwave is a follow-up to ‘Night Chorus’ and ‘Blood Hymns.’ A personal album from the narc-turnal wanderer. Jason Jason A. Thompkins III andAmanda Maria work together again for the first time since 2005’s “Night Chorus.”

“This book for me, is a second awakening, a life-changer. I have been a big fan of Savitri Devi for years, but I had never been able to “get into” Serrano; works that appear essential are not available in English or only in PDF formats that I find hard to access. I read NOS recently, but I need to reread it now that I have read this book – which explicitly and clearly, yet still poetically and beautifully elucidates just what is going on in the occult warfare now coming to a peak in this Age of Kalki. It ties together Devi’s analyses and insight with the ancient Aryan history of Tilak and the ancient pre-Christian teachings of the Gnostics, as well as the Vedic and Hyperborean forefathers. If you find yourself awakened to What is really going on in our world and still longing to know Who is behind it, this book should answer your questions. Spiritual and powerful, intellectually and emotionally satisfying, this book is the Key.”

“This book is a most excellent achievement. The information contained in here will do exactly that. In- form you toward the eternal vimana. Serrano writes no mere books but rather presents us with spells which alter the life of those who are linked by the cord. A lot of respect and love to the author and especially to the translators!”




3 thoughts on “The Resurrection of the Hero ~ Miguel Serrano

  1. Sitting here with Nightwave and Resurrection of the Hero right by my side. Just also happened to be newly Resurrected as Priest OS as well. Things are going good, and in our favor. May you be the most bleSSed Man on this Martyr’d Earth! Sieg Heil!


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